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  1. Yeah I'll wait on the next one. But it's just crazy to think I did all this research to decide on ASMED that supposedly had great results and were one of the best in the world only to have their reputation come into question a few months before was scheduled for surgery and went into it hoping this wouldn't happen. If I had gone to the right surgeon back in 2017 for my first surgery I might have only used 3500 grafts and had a better result than I currently do with 7000. And now I have limited donor supply. Although my donor at least seems thick still
  2. Basically No improvement. Seems to be almost a complete waste of precious grafts by ASMED. Included before comparison pic
  3. I drew it right below the transplanted line to see exactly where it was
  4. Just this little bit being filled in would make a world of difference.
  5. OK. With that being said, what do you know about the future of cloning hair follicles? I know I can just do a Google search but I'm curious if you have any insider info being a rep for a top clinic.
  6. It wasn't a failure and I'm aware I still have 6 months before I see a full result so obviously I wouldn't be doing another surgery until next year, if I do one . But I'm just brainstorming what my next move will be. I want my hair during my youth, fun, and mate selection period of my life.
  7. I tried Rogaine but wasn't j to the idea of applying the liquid to myself twice a day for the res of my life. I tried finasteride for 11 months and experienced sides so stopped and when I stopped I had a post finasteride crash that lasted quite a few months but finally recovered so I won't go on it ever again. I also bought the capillus 272, the one you use 30 min every other day but I didn't like that to be added to my lifestyle either so I sold it on eBay. My hairloss became noticeable after I tried pro hormones for 4 weeks back when I was 20. They supposedly can cause you to lose hair faster than you normally would have if you had never taken them but not supposed to make you go any balder than you would have if you hadn't taken them. But I'm not sure how accurate that statement is. I've also noticed I don't shed as much as I used to nearly at all. I used to see lots hairs in the drain and my hands when I wash my hair but I don't see it anymore really. I'm hoping the worst of my baldness has already occurred.
  8. I know you're not trying to be a hater lol. And ugh I know that's possible. I'm just really frustrated that I've spent 30k and used 7000 grafts and I'm still thin and have a high forehead. Especially after going to asmed which was supposed to be a great result. I want to thicken up my current hairline because it's still so see through with many gaps between hairs. I'll see what H&W say in an online consultation 6 months from now
  9. Yeah I'm not going to use them again because it'll likely waste more grafts. However, since they offer free touch ups, it would actually be financially better for them to offer me a small refund as opposed to taking me for a free surgery because they could fill that surgery slot with a full paying customer rather than me, a customer they will be generating 0 more revenue from. They would net positive a higher amount by giving me a small refund and giving surgery to someone else who will be generating revenue for them. I considering going to H&W next year Edit: oops I'm in so many threads I thought I was replying to one in mine. Sorry lol
  10. In person it looks completely normal. Its just cuz of how I get my hair cut. It's shorter buzz cut where it looks light and then I have my barber leave a longer section that drops from my vertex to about half way down the back of my head. That's where you see it being darker and thicker, contrasted by where I have it shorter.
  11. Of course. This won't happen until most likely 15 months post op. But at least 12. Probably more though. Just getting ideas and planning ahead How come I don't see many forum results posts from H&W though? But I'm definitely not going back to asmed with their slipping track record. I'll just waste more grafts with low yield. Unless suddenly I see over the next 6 months my hairline suddenly become dense with similar density to before the grafts shredded, 1 week post op
  12. 6 months post erdogan. Also view of donor area. So would H&W be a solid bet for the next clinic?