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  1. Asmed does still get good results like someone who just posted their 10 month results yesterday. I'm still considering taking them up on their 90% yield warranty
  2. A lot of surgeons do turn away potential clients when they don't think an elective procedure is reasonable or they don't need it. I saw it happen when I was at asmed and experienced it at the other first surgeon I went to
  3. Well regarding the price, I think it's natural and normal to charge fair market value for anything. If supply and demand allows them to charge it then it becomes a fair exchange because of the value it provides the person getting the procedure. It can be life changing. And they studied and worked hard, it makes sense that they get compensated. Plus it's a business and has high costs to run. Also, even when I was at asmed, I saw a patient get turned away for a procedure because they didn't think he needed one during his consultation. Idk if wong would suggest to me 3000 grafts if he felt it would doom me in the future to regretting it. He said he won't lower my hairline but he will reinforce it so it's not see through basically and I would be content with that. As well as I would be content going back for as many surgeries as I need and have donor grafts for without depleting it too much throughout my adult life. And I do also put more weight into my appearance when I'm young and in my mate selection years as it is more relevant now than when I'm 50. Also I tried finasteride for 11 months and started to notice slight sides and then I got off it and experienced bad post finasteride syndrome. I will never use it again. My weiner is important to me. 😁
  4. See my post below. I was editing it but my connection was messing up and I ended up commenting the same comment twice. So I'm just editing this one to refer you to the one below this.
  5. Well i did tell Dr wong my complete history and the number of grafts that have been used so far and he knows my age and has seen multiple pictures of my donor and all over my head. Do you think he would advise me of 3000 grafts between my hairline and vertex if he didn't think it was a good choice? I'm posting that as a real question. I feel like most high end doctors would turn someone away if they didn't feel they would have a good benefit. He also said I have enough donor density for a 4th future procedure if need be.
  6. Today Dr wong from H and w said he can do 3000 grafts between my hairline and vertex and that I would still have grafts leftover for a future procedure
  7. Update, I sent hasson and wong these pictures and he said he could put 2000-2500 in my hairline as is to reinforce it. I guess he increased the number of grafts cuz maybe with my hair longer my donor looks more sense than the first donor Pic I sent him. I won't be getting it done until the second half of next year so about 2 years after my erdogan procedure. Unfortunately it'll take another 16-20k dollars but hopefully 3rd time is the charm
  8. No I don't like product I like the dry natural look
  9. It's just as a reference point for the recipient line to know that everything above that is recipient area. It's not obvious what is recipient area and what's not because the recipient area is so thin
  10. I'm gonna go to hasson and wong in a year they said they recommend 1000 to 1500 grafts in my weak spots. My hairline doesn't exist anymore when I see myself in lighting from above and sunlight and is not right for how much hair I had plus 5000 grafts
  11. H&W got back to me and suggested 1000-1500 in the corners of my hairline and small temple work to thicken up the density of my current hairline and said it is $8 per graft which is the same as the surgeon from Chicago everyone says is top notch.
  12. True. If I'm determined to have poor yield no matter who I go to then it would be best just to take asmed up on the 90% warranty so I can get a touch up for free rather than pay another surgeon and get low yield again. OP had great results
  13. Possibly, but I would think the ability of a healthy person with no abnormal conditions would have roughly similar healing ability and regeneration of a hair follicle transplanted assuming the follicle was transplanted of equal skill and correctness in each person. I wouldn't thin one person would have like a 95% yield whereas another person would have a 20% yield. I would think the variation would be smaller