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  1. Well yeah I know it helps thicken miniaturized hair and increased hair caliber improves coverage. The sexual side effects are just too real for me to risk it again. Are you able to link me to those results? I haven't seen any patient posted results but if I can see some patient posted results of him that would help. I haven't been able.to locate any
  2. I would never do fut. My hair is only long on sides here because of quarantine I couldn't get haircuts. Yeah well Diep and Hansson sure wouldn't be posting their duds on their websites or the internet either. But the results couto posts are consistently more impressive than what hw posts imo. Not to say hw doesn't have some impressive results. But when I look at the pics they post themselves on their website, which would be their best most likely, their best doesn't seem to be as consistently good as coutos best. I think couto gets a higher yield. I think couto also does the entire surgery himself but I'm not sure I'll have to ask them when I call them at the number they provided for setting up my consultation and surgery with them. I'm just hesitant to call cuz I have to set my alarm clock for 3 in the morning. Given what my donor looks like as long as if I get a high yield I think the net affect of taking 1250 grafts out spread throughout the entire donor and filling in my thin hairline would be a net positive for sure
  3. Couto has many more impressive videos than any other surgeon ive seen. If you'd video collection doesn't wow you then no one's should haha. The wow factor from before and after results of hair transplant are from the transplant not from finasteride. Finasteride helps prevent further loss but won't make you go from looking bald to having a nice hairline like a transplant would. So the impressive results from transplant before afters are primarily all because of the surgery, not from the medication. Medication primarily preserves what you've got. And I know finasteride works but I've had shitty and scary as hell experiences on it and have read about the whole community of post finasteride syndrome and all. I'm not going on it again. I just need to get a good high yield surgery of about 1250 or so in my hairline I bet and save the rest for my crown and vertex
  4. Oh also I asked hw if they have experienced a hindrance to their yield on patients that have had multiple previous procedures and they said they do not notice any decrease in yield due to previous procedure. The bathroom lighting kind of simulates what it looks like in the sun outside during the day. I want my hairline to still be solid and frame my face when I am outside during the day. I don't want it to fade away and disappear with sunlight the way it does now. If it can be dense enough to frame my face and not disappear in sunlight then I'd be satisfied and content with it.
  5. No I think he was saying that instead of me doing the 5000 grafts with Erdogan I should have been good with 2500 assuming the yield was better than what I had with the 5000. Those pics you posted were a skin fade in the donor area that's why it looked like so much skin. My donor with hair grown out now looks like this. Also my first art as procedure was actually about 1800 in the hairline and 300 on my beard not 2500 in my hairline
  6. Yeah I agree 5000 was way too much because when I see a high yield 5000 graft surgery, someone goes from slick bald to having hair and I already had a lot of hair so it just goes to show you how extremely horrible erdogans yield on me was. I had the really bad post finasteride syndrome if you've ever heard of it. No joke. Well what do you think of couto? He has amazing yield in his results
  7. I just want to improve the density here so it's not so see through. It's so see through that is still basically half forehead and doesn't help frame my face enough. And here is a top view before Erdogan. He had a horrible yield on me. I bet a high yield 1250 or so to fill in these sparse areas would do wonders I've been on of finasteride before and I've experienced sexual side effects on it.
  8. Hmm im still seriously considering couto. I forgot to ask Diep about taking my donor issues uniformly and symmetrical throughout my entire donor area target than from a patch so I have another quick consultation with him on the 29th. After that I'm gonna make my decision. I might call couto at the number they provide and set up the date for me to go visit him for an in person consultation like he said then he would be squeezing me in for my surgery over the course of that same week after he performs the surgeries of clients he already has scheduled.
  9. Couto compilation. He's also $5.4 per graft vs $8.44 for diep but with plane ticket and extra hotel nights I'd only be saving about 4k but I care more about results than 4k lol
  10. He's the one in Chicago right? I looked at his work on his website and wasn't as impressed as hw and Diep or couto I thought
  11. Damn here's another great one by couto only 1500 grafts. Such high yield. Video linked as well