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  1. Hi again first this is not Dr.Cinik's result i am sorry. This result is Dr.Cinik's techician result .. Because all the world knows that he doesnt perform the operation.. Second everybody can not be lucky like u i believe that you were playing casino and seems that u won at this time but what about the others? and i believe that 10/5 patients like u getting result and sharing what about other 5?! it is a just GAMBLE! if they were finding bad techicians what will they do? Because i know that he receives 8-10 patients a day and impossible same time 10 good techicians are working there.. Therefore your sharing not important for me if i do not know who was performing the operation..Maybe you need to write techicians names that will be more correct anyway good luck happy for u !
  2. ok are you doctor’s lawyer just tell your doctor his way is wrong he can not hide his service also work with many fake opinions today i wrote tomorrow other person will write.. maybe better to change his price with normal doctor’s prices after maybe he does not need to receive 5 patients a day also he will not need to manipulate the forums also sites.And delete on your web site best doctor of Turkey and award winner really it is just funny now i am helping you but you do not understand .This is my opinion honestly he must change his mind it is better you can not hide the truth forever...
  3. ok thank you mate maybe you were lucky maybe i trust that you are honest and real patient but i do not trust other opinions mostly like fake just i wrote what i know about this clinic..The time will show the truth and who is going to his clinic will show the truth again.Good luck to you again
  4. i hope you will get perfect result this is not my problem mate.i have simple question how many patients did you see the same day with you ? just answer honestly..Because i have friend he told me that he saw more 4 patients with him is there 5 Dr.Cinik’s there?
  5. Bill, ok i have got some questions and i can proof of this why all the dr cinik’s patients after the operation very fast open the thread and shares to here same time other web sites like real self is it naturel for you? is he really best doctor of the Turkey? Everbody knows that No! also this actor friend why do not tell that this doctor receive 4-5 patients a day? everything was perfect or ? know that no .if there are 4-5 patients a day how can he give enough time to patients if is he real success doctor? before he has techician clinic the name was cosmedica now time changed every patients are wanting/asking doctor and now he just changed the name call himself dr cinik’s clinic the price is the same strategy is the same system is the same quality is the same with cosmedica i know the truth but you are from USA you can not know the truth.I am helping you and your forum and you judge me wronge i think ..Just follow them little search and think you will understand me..First i do not need to proof just look the price all inclusive 1990 euro , how all this possible with this price? is it one real doctor price for you ?
  6. wawww when i read the forum %70 about dr cinik also about his success operations same time good reviews about him i am sorry but it is not normal and naturel mostly like own adversting maybe he must change his adversting strategy .The best doctor Dr.Bisanga have more little review than Dr.Cinik ..Is it normal for you ?
  7. yes i agree protein and creatine do not cause hair loss
  8. yes i am sorry i forgot that your doctor cinik call himself best doctor of the Turkey also award winner doctor it is my fault forgive me
  9. i believe that you will get good result mate.Dr.Erdogan is great Doctor good luck!
  10. Hah now i am sure that it is a paid adversting from Dr.Emrah Cinik instantly attacking to me with multi accounts by Dr.Cinik’s internet trolls why are you so angry? it is my opinion you must respect if you open this thread you must respect everybody’s opinion .This forum is not Dr.Cinik’s forum ..
  11. one more paid advertising from Dr.Emrah Cinik if you are a real patient what did he offer you? i mean like if you open thread to here and if you write good reviews %20 %30 discount or something else like that?
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