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  1. Thanks for reply itxrd. After missing the return flight to Australia, I booked a flight with a different airline so I had to pay again. The travel agent has notified me that I will likely receive at least partial refund for the missed flight so maybe it won’t end that bad. 11 days have passed and now a lot of crusts are coming off and sticking to the transplanted hair, some just fall down. I’m hoping to wash them all off in a shower on Monday as on Tuesday I have to go to work.
  2. I’m 30 yo male from Australia. I noticed that I’ve started losing hair in my late teens. Just before the procedure I had type 3 MPB (as estimated by Dr Bhatti). I was looking for a solution to this problem and the only permanent one appeared to be HT. After reading to this forum for some time I shortlisted a couple of Drs and finally decided to proceed with Dr Bhatti. The procedure was scheduled on 19th of December, Tuesday. I decided to get to Chandigarh a couple of days earlier, on Saturday - to have some time to cope with a jet lag and be fresh for the procedure. I booked the flights to Delhi and from Delhi to Chandigarh. Unfortunately, my flight to Delhi was delayed by around 1.5 hours and so I was late for my flight to Chandigarh. After collecting my baggage, I called the clinic. Although I bought an Indian sim-card I had to use a payphone because sim-cards in India (I checked Vodafone and Airtel) are activated only after 4 hours from purchase. The clinic staff advised to take taxi. It took 6 hours to get to the Chandigarh by taxi. Mainly it was because of the terrible traffic in Delhi (it took us 1.5 hours to leave Delhi). Well, it was a good opportunity to have a closer look on India. I lived in a hotel The Gaur (sector 43) which was recommended by Dr Bhatti. In general, the hotel was ok. I had a comfortable bed and big tv, shower and toilet were clean. It was quiet during the nights so I had some good sleep before and after the procedure. The hotel restaurant looked nice and I enjoyed the food. The hotel is located quite close to sector 35 market where I found KFC, Dominos and McDonalds. I also visited a nice Indian restaurant called Oven Fresh (it’s close to KFC). On Monday, one day before the procedure the Darling Buds driver took me to the clinic and I had a short consultation with Dr Bhatti. The Dr drew the hairline and estimated that approximately 2800 grafts would be needed for the procedure. He was quite friendly. I was also given some medication to take that evening. Next day, the driver took me to the clinic again. We arrived just after 9am. Dr Bhatti shaved my hair and drew the final hairline. After checking it in the mirror I told Dr that the hairline is a bit asymmetrical (the right side is higher than the left one) and so Dr Bhatti drew another line on top of the old one to make it symmetrical. Then, I had an injection of the antibiotic into my hand vein and after short waiting the procedure had started. I was asked to lie down on my stomach and Dr Bhatti injected anaesthetic into the donor area. It felt like somebody is pushing needles into my head but it was the only painful part of the procedure. Then I remember getting a bit dizzy and harvesting of the donor area after which I was asked to turn and lie on my back. The rest is a blur. I just remember opening my eyes, the staff asked if I need anything - I asked for water (I was terribly thirsty). After some time one of the assistants said that the procedure was finished. It was like waking up from the dream. Staff helped me to walk to the room where I could change my clothes as I was still dizzy. I checked the time - it was already past 5pm (around 7 hours had passed from the start of the procedure). For me it was like 1 hour. 2843 grafts were planted. After changing my clothes and short waiting I received some medication and the driver took me back to the hotel. In the car I recovered from the dizziness so once in the hotel room I started to look in the mirror. What I noticed was that the hairline was asymmetrical in the same way as was original hairline drawn by Dr Bhatti. In the mirror, the right part of the hairline was noticeably higher. I called the clinic and expressed my concerns. The staff said that I have consultation with Dr Bhatti scheduled for the morning so I can discuss it with him. As I had only one full day left in Chandigarh, I sent email to Dr Bhatti saying that the hairline is asymmetrical and I would like the it to be corrected at my cost and explained that I have only one full day left. The Dr replied and agreed to correct it. Next morning, once in the clinic my hair was cleaned by staff and one of the assistants asked me to draw the hairline for the correction. I drew the hairline - lowered the right side. Then Dr Bhatti came in. Now, he was negative about having to correct the hairline arguing that the hairline is uneven due to uneven swelling and that correction can cause bleeding and additional swelling from the existing grafts. I was 100% sure that the hairline was wrong and I was not happy with it so I insisted. Dr Bhatti then agreed and asked me to sign a sort of disclaimer (a note saying that he was against the follow-up procedure and its possible negative effects for which I will be responsible). In the end, there was no bleeding and I haven’t noticed any additional swelling caused by the follow-up procedure; also I’m happy with the form of the corrected hairline so that turned out to be the right decision. The follow-up procedure was quite short. I haven’t received that much of anaesthetic so I was fully conscious. I can confirm that all the parts of the procedure except for planting were performed by Dr Bhatti personally. It took 103 grafts to correct the hairline. After this short procedure I received the details for post-op care. With the help of the clinic, I also bought Finasteride and Minoxidil for my 6-month recovery period and the driver took me back to the hotel. The final count of grafts is 2946: Singles 564 (475 + 89) Doubles 2061 (2047 + 14) Triples 321 I also have apr. 1400 grafts left for future procedure if needed. Next day, the driver from the clinic took me to the airport. And again there was a problem with flights. This time, my flight to Delhi was cancelled because of the fog. So I missed my flight from Delhi to Australia. After collecting my baggage and receiving some documents for refund I booked another flight to Delhi for the next morning. Then I called the clinic. The staff from the clinic were very helpful. They arranged a driver to pick me up at the airport and take back to the hotel. The driver also helped me to top up my mobile account as I needed to make some calls overseas - to airline and travel agent trying to rebook the flight from Delhi to Australia or to get a refund. The guys from the clinic later called me to check if I had a room in the hotel. They also arranged the driver for next morning to take me to the airport. So, the clinic definitely takes a good care of their patients. Next day’s trip was without surprised and I finally got home. Today is 8th day after the procedure. The donor area is showing good recovery. I’ve attached some photos. I would appreciate opinions on the density. Thanks for reading!
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