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  1. The donor area is perfect. That's part of the reason I decided to go with the FUE - you can't tell at all. It healed up very quickly (donor area looked normal within a couple weeks). I don't know if that is atypical, but it was my experience. 1 mg of Finasteride daily.
  2. I had a 2300 FUE procedure done with Dr. Panine at Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic last July. The chief objective of the procedure was to significantly rebuild my frontal area and hairline. It hasn't quite been a year yet, but the results are nothing short of remarkable. I was very pleased with the craftsmanship of Dr. Panine and professionalism of the entire office, especially Stewart - who worked with me to do an estimate and the initial crafting of my hairline. The procedure was a very long one - I believe it took 14 hours - but it went by in the blink of an eye. Like clockwork, I start
  3. I've added a couple photos of the proposed hairline "designs", if you will. The first outline is what I would call the more "comprehensive" option. I have been told by Dr. Panine that I could do this version, but I would probably have less density with a 2200 FUE procedure. I'm trying to imagine what this may look like. The second outline is the more "conservative" approach - should create more density but won't be able to bring the hairline down as much and won't cover quite as much on the sides. Any similar experiences with this type of HT?
  4. "Ugly duckling phase" is very subjective and varies from person to person. For some, it takes much longer than others. That was the case with my first HT - I'd say my Ugly Duckling phase was around 4 months. Others say it's only 2 months for them. I tend to think that people that have frontal procedures experience longer UD phases simply because the area of work is more noticeable. Hurry up and wait! You'll get there.
  5. I'm taking the plunge for the 2nd time this summer. Dr. Panine suggested that my donor area can probably yield 2,000-2,200 grafts from an FUE procedure, to be applied to my frontal area. However, because it is an FUE procedure, he said this would probably be a 12-14 hour mega-session. My first HT only took about 5 hours (it was only 600 FUE). Does anyone have experience with a session that took this long? How did you cope? Were you given meds? Should I just plan on not eating at all? I'm worried about becoming fidgety. Any advice or experience would be helpful.
  6. Oh wow - thanks for the guidance to your page. I don't know if mine has the same type of link, but I have a journal from 3 years ago for my first (and very small) procedure). You'll see why I am wanting a follow-up procedure but what I'm wondering is WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH with a 2nd procedure? Your hair looks wonderful from the first go-round. Not to mention, your type of balding was more diffuse than mine. I progressed so fast that I don't intend to lower the hairline that much. Your doc did a wonderful job. Thanks for your encouragement. I'm still trying to scratch out how t
  7. Hey OtherSyde - Thanks a lot for posting your story - I definitely appreciate it. Helps give me a little bit of motivation moving forward. Sounds like your workplace environment is even a little more intimidating than mine, though I'm relatively new to the job and I really don't know about my bosses (they are both wild cards). Did you actually have to put "hair transplant" on your leave request form? I hear you about "not being a good-looking bald guy". I've tried the shaved head - it just doesn't work. My ears are too big and I think my head is too small, quite frankly. I also ag
  8. Comments first and then questions... Maybe you're just one of the lucky ones, but it's very rare to start growing the new hair out within a month. Be prepared for it to fall out, be depressed for a couple more months and then slowly start to see it grow out around month 3. For me, it took even longer - it was a good 5 months before I could start to see the new hair and a steady 10-11 months before it reached max thickness. With that being said, how was Dr. Panine? I think I have decided to have a 2nd procedure and I'm in Chicago.
  9. I’m about to take the plunge for my 2nd HT. I was very happy with the first one that I had done 3 years ago, but it was a very small procedure and I always knew it was going to require another round for what I was trying to accomplish. However, the circumstances of round 2 are going to be a little bit different. When I had my first HT, I was lucky enough to have a job where I could work from home. With that being said, I didn’t go back into the office for a month. This time around, not only is the procedure going to be twice the size, I have a job where I can’t work from home. I’m goi
  10. Hey Guys - I'm embarking on my journey to "take the plunge" for the 2nd time. My first procedure was a very small one (600 FUE to the frontal forelock) with Dr. Feller in Long Island. He did a remarkable job, but even then I knew a 2nd procedure would be necessary to expand my hairline to the side of the forelock. Since that procedure 3 years ago I have moved to Chicago and I'm about ready to press ahead with Part 2. I visited Dr. Turowski at "New Horizons" clinic up in the North Shore last week. We had a good consultation and discussion but I've also read some very negative reviews a
  11. I had a very small FUE procedure (600 grafts) but I was back at the gym lifting in 2 weeks. Didn't see any negatives or additional fall-out.
  12. Update: I was recently prescribed Mometasone Furoate cream by my dermatologist for this problem. I believe it is a cortosteroid. It's only .1% - I have been applying it for about two weeks, though only at bedtime and it hasn't really seemed to help much yet. I do notice that in the mornings, after I shower the stuff off my head, it looks like most of the pink is gone but for some reason it slowly comes back during the day. Has anybody had any experience with this???
  13. Hi folks - Here's the basic question I have for everybody - I have a completely shaved head (not with a razor AKA bic'd) but an electric razor with no guard. I have a receding hairline so I like to keep it short because it looks better. However, what makes me look kind of awkward is that all the hair in the front is very light, fine and blond and the edges of my hair on the sides (the "shore line", if you will) is very dark so it makes the recession look more apparent. My question is - will it hurt to use lemon juice to try to lighten this hair on the sides? Will it weaken that existin
  14. Good question RC West - I have the dermatologist appointment next week so I guess I'll find out then, but any advice somebody might have before I go would be very helpful!
  15. Good question RC West - I have the dermatologist appointment next week so I guess I'll find out then, but any advice somebody might have before I go would be very helpful!
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