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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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  1. mhaider1991

    Confused between FUT and FUE

    Assuming you are of young age, you should go with FUT. Chances are you are going to lose more hair and have to be conservative with your approach, esp since there is thinning all over. FUT maximises not onlyhow much hair you can get in a procedure, but doesn't damage the donor for future surgeries. FUE, even in the best of hands, is going to damage valuable donor. Personally, it someone who is having his first surgery should almost always never have FUE first. I would do FUT, then when you have only a few more grafts left, then go for FUE.
  2. Great result, but I have one advice for the clinic: it would be best to start posting more aggressive loss and loss above Norwood 2-3. It seems the only relevant Rahal postings are low recession and minimal loss. While they are great results, patients would like to see more from such a reputable clinic/doctor.
  3. Thanks gents. The internationalhairlossforum.com also has some solid patient experiences from Hattingen.
  4. I've narrowed my search down to Hattingen and Dr. Rahal. Had a consult with Hasson & Wong, that didn't go too great. Nothing to do with my expectations or theirs (my expectations were actually quite modest as compared to theirs to be honest) but felt it just isn't the place for me. Consulting with Rahal and Hattingen later this week. One thing about Rahal is you can find loads of first hand patient accounts. Since Hattingen is located in Europe, it is really hard to find any person that has gone to them and shared their experience. Anyone know of anyone, even if there has been forums outside of the HTN that have patient experiences with Hattingen?
  5. Good think you fellas have it detected. With those meds, it should stablize any thyroid side effects, such as hair loss started by the condition (obviously not including AGA).
  6. a Hypothyroid is an under active. Hyper is overactive. I believe both contribute to hair loss, but hypo is worse.
  7. BINGO! I am seeing a pattern of Dr. Diep regarding donor management, and it's almost borderline an ethical concern. Think he has great results, but donor management is just as important as the result IMO.
  8. I think there's no denying Bern's knowledge. I just haven't seen exceptional results from him. Don't get me wrong, I think your in safe and good hands if you decide to have surgery with him, but it's not a comparison with Rahal. Rahal is one of the top surgeons in the field, top 3 for FUT IMO.
  9. I respect where your coming from- but Diep has had donor issues and this is not a debate. It may not be the case of you, but has been for many people, especially in this forum. I'll even go and say that Diep may have better coverage than Rahal, but the donor area is a different story. I'm not even talking about punch size, because that is a whole other debate I don't want to get into. But top clinics should figure out a way to get those grafts without major transection and still have solid donor left over. This goes for both FUT and FUE. One part of a great surgeon is not just his results, but how thinking of the future, including donor area.
  10. Strongly disagree with Diep being better than Rahal. Diep has great results, but he damages the donor area to the point of excessive potential grafts lost for future procedures. I would even go as far as to say that his FUE post invasiveness is more than some clinics' FUT.
  11. Yes and No: i mentioned two conditions (lupus & thyroid). I actually only have thyroid. But both are definitly related to hair loss, that's not even a debate. So there's that. And I think your misunderstanding what I'm saying. I clearly have AGA, it's just the loss has been kickstarted due to other conditions as well. As far as my donor area is concerned, I've had a face to face with many doctors, including Hasson. Excellent donor with little to no chance of any thinning or loss happening in the back, and that's from Dr. Hasson. Estimation, 4500 grafts. Not concerend with the donor area, thus FUT.
  12. One There are other conditions, such as hypothryoidism and Lupus that strongly contribute to hair loss. I suffer from conditions like this as well. One problem i DID make early on on my research was to believe that all of it was AGA. Hair loss is a bitch and many things can lead to it. However, AGA is 99% of the worlds reason for it. Unfortunatly for me, it's a small part of a list of other reasons why. However, with the right medication of these conditions and stable health (such as my psoriasis) my hair has been fairly consistent and much stronger.
  13. Please don't think I am not expecting to lose hair- that's not what I am saying. The reason why I am going FUT is planning for future surgeries, knowing I'm going to need more and also going to lose more. However, I do know what head started my hair loss and it was my condition. My pattern is AGA, but majority of it was due to my psoriasis. I know this for a fact because I have other medical conditions, which I'd like to keep private that have contributed to this along with my psoriasis. Those are just facts. AGA is there- but that is not the lone cause of my loss. Had it been the lone, I would not have lost as much hair as I have.
  14. I think a patient should seriously shave his head- it is generally easier for the doctor to place grafts, which means you have a better chance of a better result. From my understanding, it's also easier to wash and take care of the grafts in the initial early days when the head is shaven.
  15. Really depends. In my understanding, if the doctor is going to be working in areas where there is existing hairs, then shaving is easier in planting the grafts. But to answer your question about the whole head, if someone is working in a virtually bald area and only in a specific region, some doctors will not shave where they won't be working. Really depends on the doctor.