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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. It is a shame, and as long as the face is covered, i don't see a big deal. That being said, there are loads of real patient reviews you can find on forums- just not this one.
  2. I've said it before and say it again: Dr. Hasson does not do Skype consultations and for the life of me, I don't know why. Dr. Wong does however.
  3. Well I'm telling you- I've tried multiple times. I'm a prospective patient and was intending to go with them and tried to get a Skype consult. I had a few consults with their reps and got a graft estimate and everything but they stated to me that Dr. Hasson does not take consultations but Dr. Wong does. I decided to go thru with it, but something else happened, and I decided to pass.
  4. Dr. Hasson does not take online consultations via skype. I've tried. However, Dr. Wong does if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Looks like Dr. Rahal did a solid job on you! Yes, I am in the U.S. I chose Hattingen Hair because I felt extremely comfortable with them, after a few places I was considering. You can actually private message me and I can explain in more detail.
  6. Fantastic results! Hattingen really is special and has been under the radar for years. They are a bit underrepresented and that's partially their fault (or rather a European thing since they can't show their results that openly). This is truly a magnificent change, especially considering the loss you had. I'm due for Hattingen later on in the year, couldn't be more happier to see your results.
  7. All good options. Do you have before & after pictures with your procedure with Rahal? I'm going with Hattingen in November, so I'm biased. But all good options.
  8. I know money is always a factor, in life period. But when thinking about surgery, never make money the first thing to think of. Always think of results, experience, reputation and who you feel comfrotable with. Don't forget, this is a surgery. A LOT of bad things can happen, and sometimes even in good hands. It's best to go with the more reputable doctors.
  9. FUE actually isn't suited for virgin donor. You damage the donor area and deplete them more. It's actually better to do FUE on your last few surgeries if you only have a certain amount of grafts left.
  10. When you want a good hair transplant, NEVER think about travel. Go with who you feel will give you the best result. I'm in North America, and was going to go to Hasson & Wong. Things changed and I'm due for Hattingen, even tho it's more of a travel. I feel comfortable with them, had a great few consultations, did my research and decided on going there even tho the travel is more. Whether its Hattingen or HW, go with who you are most comfortable with, not closest too.
  11. I would say Hattingen. Right up there with H & W imo
  12. You don't need to take propecia. It is reccomended, but if you are conservative with your surgeries & donor and are able to have realistic expectations, you can get away with it. You may want to leave the crown open a bit and leave that for fibers or concealers. I wouldn't go for FUE at all until you are totally maxed down to your last grafts. Be realistic, conservative and wise with your surgeons/donor and you should be fine. Hattingen is a great clinic.
  13. Assuming you are of young age, you should go with FUT. Chances are you are going to lose more hair and have to be conservative with your approach, esp since there is thinning all over. FUT maximises not onlyhow much hair you can get in a procedure, but doesn't damage the donor for future surgeries. FUE, even in the best of hands, is going to damage valuable donor. Personally, it someone who is having his first surgery should almost always never have FUE first. I would do FUT, then when you have only a few more grafts left, then go for FUE.