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  1. Thank you , No i am not in the lucky ones that are on the high end , i am just using both techniques Strip + fue to maximize my donor ability because this two techniques work in a differnt region of the donor scalp, so everyone can achieve higher number of available donor grafts if he uses both techniques instead of use only one of them alone.
  2. He told me that i have 2000 fue grafts more . But i have still laxity and i can still use the strip method again to extend this number if necessary.
  3. Thank your bro, The donor is very important too as the recipient area. i like the short haircuts because i like this style and if you keep the hair short at your sides , this make the hair at the top to look thicker and fuller.
  4. Hello, Thank you for your kind words I didnt choose hasson again ( i was very satisfied with results) because i had an epidose with pneumothorax at my right lung ealry2017 and it was very risky to get into airplane for the first 2 years (the differnce between air pressure from ground to airplane ) maybe triggered my lung to collapse again and i did't wanted to risk it. So i choosed Asmed clinic because Greece (my country) and turkey are very close and i went to clinic by bus (14 hours roadtrip) I have pictures from Hasson surgery (2009) only pre-op and post-op i will post them here. but think that now i am 36 y old and when i went to hasson i was only 26y old , and i made ht wihtout medications all these years.... I fight the hairloss only by hairtransplants. Here the fotos above :
  5. Hello Everyone, Last year (Nov.2017) i made my 2nd HT at Asmed clinic Istanbul about 5146 grafts Fue method in NW5 pattern. Some infos about me... I had another acc here many years ago but due to inactivity i forgot my account and i created this one to show my progress. I am male 36y old and i have made 2 ht's. First at 2009 with strip method at Dr Hasson about 3200 grafts in the frontal area and temples. And 2nd at 2017 at Asmed clinic. about 5146 gafts. A total of ~8400 grafts. I would like to post foto's during my progress to discuss things about my progress etc. but due to limited free time i didn't make it.... But now i created a video about my progress to share with you, from the beggining to the final result and i am very pleased with the result. the video is here you can watch it at 1080p for better viewing and i am open to disscuss any details & questions or pros or cons about my situation. etc.