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  1. Hi harivanity, Do you have any more updates or pictures on your progress you can share? Thanks P3not
  2. It's looking good, I'm sure things will thicken up. I think you are on for a great result. I'm glad things are going well and you are hat free now! thanks for the updates. P3not
  3. Hi Renovanity, I hope things are going well and your happy with your HT results so far. Do you have any more pictures you could share? Also do you know what dr diep identified you as on the Norwood scale? I was. 3a which was a little surprising? Thanks p3not
  4. Thanks for the update, I think it is coming along nicely. Have you seen the playlist on dr Dieps YouTube channel that has month to month follow ups for one HT that he done, the progress looked pretty similar to yours and he had a great result at month 6. Fingers crossed! P3not
  5. Hi Renovanity, do you have any more up to date pics that you could share with us? From following your experience I decide to have a Skype consultation with dr Diep, he said I may need 2000-2500 tops. I think it may be closer to 2000 though as I down want it to be too low. I just need to wait for a date and start saving. Thanks p3not
  6. Hi javier1234, I am sorry to hear about your experience. I do agree with HTsoon, that you should start your own thread. I would be interested in seeing some before pictures of you hair as well and how this develops. Do you have any more information you could share via a new thread? Thanks P3not
  7. It's looking good Renovanity - I can imagine the frustration hoping that the thickens more in the recipient area. I have read that a lot on this site and I bet time can't move quick enough!! It sounds like a mental battle at the minute - I hope and believe it will in the near future. I like the hairline with the widows peak, similar to what I would like to go for, maybe via fue. What do people say who see your new hair? Thanks for sharing P3not
  8. Hi Renovanity, How are you feeling about your HT? and do you have any newer pictures you can upload? thanks P3not
  9. Thanks for your time and information David, Spex, Mattj. It's much appreciated. p3not
  10. Hi everyone, If you can add any value to my topic then please feel free to comment. I have been looking into a fue to lower my hairline, I have minimal recession and I am 29 years old (My hairline has always been terrible, so don't feel need to take finasteride just yet). However I have been reading transplant stories on this site and it seems that the surgeons sometimes request patients be on finasteride prior to the surgery. Is this to prevent further loss or do you think it is to aid the success of the transplanted hairs? Many Thanks P3not
  11. I think it's looking better than good, especially considering it's only been 3 months. I have seen 4-5 month results on this site that do not have this density / growth. The temple and hairline is also looking really natural which is great. I hope that this keeps thickening for you and you can keep us informed as you experience more growth. Thanks p3not
  12. Thanks for replying to my message. How are you doing since your HT? You must be about 3 months in which is when I believe you start to see some of the transplanted hairs beginning to grow through? Thanks P3not
  13. Thank you for posting your story, I am sorry to hear what you have been through with your first HT and the impact that this had on your health. I am yet to have a HT but I have a similar hairline to yours and this has also impacted me. I have been considering a HT with dr diep and wondered if you could share and advice or updates on how you are doing? Many Thanks P3not
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