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  1. I had my ht in december so we had more time off work, i took my previous years holidays which i accumalated and a week after new years so it was off around 2 1/2 weeks then i just wore a loose fitting beanie, it was cold so no on was the wiser tbh... then april/may i took it off and used fibres once long enough
  2. https://www.hairlossrevolution.com/grogenix/scalp-elixir/ anyone used or using the above can comment on it? thanks
  3. seem to have random blood stains on my scalp used the microscope and i have a blood opening around certain hairs?! wtf is going on... i cant recall scratching it, just happened have emu and peppermint oil in my hair atm, and some tea tree to help with the sebum and scalp and itching, had a random graft in the frontal area, and i noticed a small bit of bleeding, i swear i havnt even touched this part... this is not good, fucking minoxidil!!!
  4. as long as the clinic is good and reputable and not a random back alley place your good probably just a bug or a cold, theres a lot of that flu going around
  5. Started using regaine, not sure if due to that or stress but had a minor flare up again, pores opened up and sebum again ffs never simple...
  6. started back on the rergaine no stinging or burning, so far so good i guess been losing a few hairs over last few days probably minoxidil grown hairs, never had any hair loss prior
  7. yeah i might go see a derm, the oilyness is definitely gone, i hope! when i first had it was absolutely drenched the head and shoulders got that under control, i used a natural shampoo yday and it got rid of most of the yellow seb derm crusting, however in the morning some did come back, used head and shoulders and il be honest it kinda made the dry scalp dandruff situation worse? my whole scalp was dry and flaky, so think il use this sparingly from now on, i did also have however very itchy ears however googling this it would seem this is a minoxidil side effect? however could also be cause of the seb derm, my ears were very dry and crusty and i noticed a spec of yellow under usb, it was on my ear inside the canal, and along my sideburns and bottom of my neck, thankfully this seems to have cleared up and skin feels normal and not dry at all, hoping this clears upon my scalp as well, i think it got bad cause i was wearing a wooly hat all day at work after applying lipogaine thought nothing of it, but obviously sweat etc and product etc with no room to evaporate eventually brought this on, never had dandruff or this before, so it could only be linked to lipogaine/ wearing a hat which i have now stopped applying and i have bought a few hats which im changing and washing regularly,
  8. few pics attached, just seen the pic when it was at its worst, looked absolutely awful!! yellow scaling all over and very oily, second one is wit coconut oil after i rinsed out, and a couple of close ups one with donor area and other of scalp, its still a bit scaly probably about 5% of what there was, most of its dry skin though, defo think its the lipogaine liquid though, my scalp was perfect for the last 4/5 days applied emu oil and some lipogaine to essentially soften the chemicals and lubriacate the skin slightly however soon after i had sebum production sligthly, and the scaling or whatver i have now, just went gym as well so some much needed pore openings and sweat all i felt was stinging over my scalp as i exercised, lipogaine will be going in the bin, i dont recall having an issue with regaine foam, i think it all flared up due to the lipogaine plus it didnt help i was wearing a wooly hat all day at work, after applying the lipogaine in the morning, i was fine for about 6 weeks until i noticed it flaring up, i had a few scales but i through it was just dried up liquid, then it got really bad as you can see, absolutely disgusting!!
  9. I will try and post some pics up shortly, asked my clinic/ surgeon they advised to used head and shoulders max oil control which seemed to do the trick tbh, near enough about half hr after i firstt used it, oily secretion is basically back to normal, i still have a few pimples on my scalp thought which are getting quite annoying and just had a intense itch on my crown where i actually could not stop... get it elsewhere but have refrained from touching, still a fair amount of dandruff but hoping it will clear up!
  10. no crusting from ht is long gone, this is from the sebum build up, thankfully seems to be clearing up now though, used the head and shoulders since havnt had a lot of oil production have a usb microscope so been looking at the scalp no oil production at all, most dandruff and scales seem to have gone, will leave it for a few more days then get on regaine once per day just been using that and coconut oil so seems to be helping, a great deal, scalp inflammation significantly reduced as well as redness
  11. i have a few pimples around my scalp mostluy on the hairline tbh, literally 3 in total, i guess wearing a hat all day at work doesnt help the situation, but thankfully it has calmed down significantly after using the head & shoulders used some coconut oil as well and it has reduced the redness & inflammation a great deal, under usb microscope had a look and much less oil secretion, however the dandruff etc & crusting is still there, although deinitely not as much as it was before just small little dots, the other day my whole scalp was full of it! never seen anything like it, could it be possibly because of the minoxidil? causing sebum production,, and is it advisable to use say minox then coconut oil to prevent dryness
  12. evening all, just when i thought everything was going well, i seem to have a case of sebborheic dermatitis - however you say it, its put me down more than you can imagine, i was seeing good growth but not sure anymore, no idea why its flared up ive never had this before, i wash my hair and immediately i have sebum soaking my scalp woke up this morning with crusting all over my scalp yellow scabs etc, the other day in the morning it literally was dripping off yellow liquid i felt sick looking at that! applied emu oil before to help it seemed to clear the crusting from which i thought was from the lipogaine but failed to noticed, im now off it and tried regaine which stung my scalp when i applied it, however stopping that also, my scalp is now very red and hot/ inflamed, really quite scared and pissed off at myself for using this stupid minoxidil shit, should have let it be, hopefully hasnt caused damage i hope... asked my doc and he said to use head & shoulders max oil control, used it just now but sebum came back immediately, it just glistens off my scalp! applied some coconut oil to my scalp just to my crown to see if it helps at all, but shit bit of luck really.. just wondering if anyone has had this and what to do.. thanks
  13. evening all currently 10 weeks post fue, cant see a great deal of progress yet holding out hope ! been using regaine and im getting really bad and annoying crusting on my scalp causing irritation i got it with lipogaine both kinds and now with regaine as well ive been washing my hair out but getting crazy oily scalp and sebum wondering if someone could advise, how i should be applying i was using lipogaine twice daily but stopped when i got a crazy rash and itching all over, and my forehead aged by about 30 years, so stopped used emu oil and helped my scalp, ive started using regaine now used it once last evening at 6pm then emu oil in the evening washed out in the morning, then used a small amount of regaine again, went to work wearing a hat all day, not sure if that helps much! but come back loads of crusting and hard formations all over my scalp washed it out once with just shampoo base & then with regenpure scalp is still oily however and sticky never seen sebum like it
  14. i started going around 3 weeks up until the 6 week point currently post 2 months fue and can see some small sprouts exciting times.. !
  15. i seem to have the same sides, got loads of raised bumps over my head and itchy ears and face so i take it this shit will pass? also did you try lipogaine sensitive?