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  1. 30 yrs old Indian male, had previous FUT HT in 2012 for frontal hairline. The crown section which had already started thinning by 2012 has progressively thinned a lot more. There are still a bunch/lot of miniaturised native hairs in the crown section and its's not gone totally bald yet. I have been in two minds whether to address this region or not today after getting the HT surgeons feedback. I understand crown is a black-hole of donor grafts and even though I get it covered, it would most probably circumferentially expand further tomorrow. Hence am clearly not looking for any super-packed density today, only a conservative no. of grafts. At my age, undoubtedly the thinning crown is a detriment to a confident look, hence that's why wanted to get it addressed if possible. 1) The main high concern though I have in covering the crown is the permanent shock-loss post HT which might happen for the weak miniaturising native hairs in that section This is a concern voiced by HT surgeons also. 2) Also I am equally lot more concerned about potential shock-loss to adjacent hairs in mid-scalp region which are healthy as of today. I am really skeptic that they don't suffer a shock loss (temporary or permanent) and HT becomes a trigger of their thinning out Here are inputs received from HT surgeons:- Dr. Radha: Keep/address crown as last priority and save donor grafts for frontal third. Wait for an yr or two and revisit if the area thins out more. If really want to get it done today need ~1000 grafts Dr. Bhatti: @ age of 30 should save on donor grafts as max possible. Covering crown today might result in net same look after 1 yr post temporary/permanent shockloss to existing native hairs. Either go for minm 1000-1200 grafts today or let it be and revisit when it has thinned out more. Dr. Prashant Yadav: ~500 beard grafts for crown (no scalp grafts) to just give minimal coverage today. Dr. Venkatram Mysore: Hold off for today. Instead go for PRP session for addressing the crown. Eugenix Hair Sciences: 1000-1200 grafts for crown. Only temporary shock loss might be there, no permanent. Based on my pics and above Dr. suggestions, would like a honest input/feedback from forum members whether or what are the resultant possibilities (both positive & negative) of getting the crown section addressed today or not. If YES, what's the approx minm number of grafts I need to give it a denser visual coverage post 1 yr after taking into account chances of shock loss. Can the shock-loss be alleviated somehow ?.. If NO, what's the alternatives as of today to prevent crown progression and perhaps regrow hair in existing thinned region. Medicines: I have been on Finasteride 0.5 mg per day off & on[mostly regular] over the past 5 yrs. Never started on minoxidil after initial few months in 2012 since I was tired of the twice daily application and given the fact I read the effects are only temporary at best and any laxity in regime lands oneself back to older baldness schedule. 1. Pls advise any other medications/treatment regimen which would help me save on crown progression? 2. Also pls give your honest feedback if I should go back and restart/retry Minoxidil asap ? Is it worth it in the long run? Treatments: I am thinking of going from PRP sessions for helping on crown but again have seen mixed feedback about it on the forum. Please provide inputs for same? Any other medications/treatment suggestable @ this age for me to help on saving the native hairs & further crown progression, pls do let know.
  2. Hi, Are there any reputable/recommended HT surgeons in Bangalore, India (doesn't matter FUE/BHT or FUT) ? Please help me guide if you know anyone.
  3. Hi MayiraPochu, Thanks for the encouraging words... matter of fact I in my research timeframe I went through your entire dossier of Dr.Radha's surgery which indeed convinced me of getting a consult from her irrespective of some of the unsatisfied results around. Great write-up buddy and yes Happy Growing !.. Looking forward to your results & follow-up !!! Some replies/follow-up qns to your response: 1) "It easily needs about a 1000 grafts to bring about a decent transition between the transplanted and the native hair." I agree to the number .. around 800-1000 of them would give enough decent coverage for the density issue. But the main concern is will I be over-zealous right now to have this covered by addnl grafts or should I use it wisely later in future. From whatever I read in forum posts the average number of scalp donor hair a person has varies around ~5500 (not counting body hairs) [correct me if this number is misleading/incorrect]. I have already used up 2200 and extra minm 700 needed for (temples+crown) going by your figures.. which means I would have ~2600 lumpsump left in the bank. If I use up 1000 now for frontal density that just leaves me with 1600 for any potential mid-scalp/further crown loss in future. That's the part which scares me Anyways for this am leaving upto to Dr.Radha's & Dr Bhatti's feedback based on their acumen. 2) "500 grafts should do well on your crown if we were to accept her claim" I would be pleasantly surprised if Dr. Radha quotes something similar for me too (yet to get a reply ) Will it be possible for you to share your acquaintance's member-id. I can PM him individually to get an idea of his operation & feedback. Will definitely help a lot. Also if you din't mind asking why he opted for FUE next-time around as opposed to 1st time FUT? Was scalp-laxity an issue or just he din't want to redo FUT. How was the feedback for Dr.Radha' FUE surgery?.. this would be the 1st time I am reading a post about her FUE opn... also was the recipient area on frontal shaved off even if the case was to increase density only in that area? Also (forgive for my naive understanding of the HT process), will the doctor keep the native miniaturised hairs in the crown section intact in their place or will he/she be plucking them out and instead replacing with new grafts from the back donor area ? Also, I wasn't able to PM you. It opened a tab but nowhere to writeup msg. Am I missing something?
  4. Hi all.. somewhat of a long post; so please bear with me 30 years old Indian male, had previous FUT hair transplant at Dr. Radha back in 2012..area transplanted was frontal hairline which had gone totally bald (right & left side). My hair loss as Dr. Radha mentioned was in class IV progressing to V on Norwood scale. Due to scalp laxity issue she was only able to extract ~2200 hair grafts and cover the frontal region and not the crown (which had also started thinning that time). I have been on meds over the past 5 yrs (Finasteride 0.5mg/day mostly regular and Biotin/Saw-Palmetto/multi-vitamin supplements; Rogaine never started). I am planning now on a 2nd HT. If you refer to my album Hair Restoration Social Network ? Community for and by Hair Loss Patients [Note: All the pics are as of today; 5 yrs post 1st HT]; you will be able to make out the transplanted regions on front (right & left sides) from last operation. I deliberately parted/set the native hair aside from the transplanted hair so that the difference in hair density can be made out. I apologize I haven't take pics of the donor area at the back but its in good shape and is not thinned out. Overall, I have been decently satisfied with the first HT results, the frontal hairline creation and the adequate coverage provided by Dr. Radha for the area which had gone bald. IMHO, she is an excellent FUT surgeon and unlike others is considerate of the fact of the patients requirements and past/present/future hair-loss possibilities and takes care to work out the surgery accordingly. The concerns I have had since the last transplant which I want to address with the 2nd operation are herewith:- 1. The temples/temporal regions (both left & right sections) which were left untouched post 1st HT. 2. The 2nd concern was with the graft density planted in top left & right frontal regions. As of today my native hair in the mid-scalp and behind frontal hairline section is healthy and thick. As long as I comb my hair in such a manner the transplanted hair mixes in well with the native hair from behind, it looks good. But early morning if I get up from bed when my hair is uncombed or when its wet post shower, the demarcation in density between the transplanted and native hair becomes visible instantly. That's why in the album pics I parted my hair in such a way the density of the transplanted hair vis-a-vis the native hair can be made out. The top frontal section (both left & right) graft hair density seems spaced out and doesn't match the density of existing native hair I have behind. Till date, this hasn't become the biggest concern, but am more worried about the future when lets say the mid-scalp native hair I have behind the transplanted hair gets thinned out or shed, this density issue will immediately show up, so really need inputs from the forum members on this. Having done a lot of research over various HT posts, I have realised this is primarily because since any surgeon worth his salt well-appreciates the fact of future hair loss in the candidate and hence goes by the conservative max density possible/achievable by the grafts yielded (keeping in mind donor area/scalp laxity factors in account) in the 1st operation. The density match-up is more left for a 2nd or 3rd op if the candidate feels so. In my case I already had the problem of yielding less than expected number due to scalp laxity and hence I guess that was the best density which was possible for my case in the 1st operation. I am in two minds as of today of whether to address this density concern or not in 2nd HT. Yes as I said when the demarcation is noticed this density issue does become instantly visible, hence I do feel at times to get this addressed by filling in additional grafts. On other hand at same time, I think about the potential future hair-loss progression (both how it has been for me over the past and how it could be in future) and hence am equally concerned of being over-aggressive and wasting precious hair grafts right now to fill in density @ front. I am just 30 yrs old today and the crown is already thinning a lot and I can see the progression going towards mid-scalp region which I am scared future down the years will thin/shed out. In that respect I reflect will it be instead rather wise to wait & watch and see how the mid-scalp hair loss progression happens tomorrow (if) and then review the frontal hairline density accordingly in my subsequent hair transplants when I might be addressing mid-scalp/vertex sections. At that time, I will have a better idea/snapshot of how much density to fill in so that it matches the hair behind at that time. Irrespective, I would definitely like your honest & unbiased inputs for the spaced-out transplanted hair density concern? Is it adequate or too-spaced out from aesthetic purposes? Please accordingly suggest me whether extracting additional precious grafts be ok at this point to fill in more density @ the frontal top right & left regions or should I wait right now for addressing this? If its ok, what is the approx sufficient number of grafts you would suggest based on my pics to resolve the density concern? The main reason however for going for the 2nd HT is obviously the thinned crown section. It had already started thinning when I went for 1st HT & has progressively thinned a lot more. The frontal mid-scalp looks good & has held up thankfully. As you can see, there are a bunch/lot of miniaturised native hairs still in the crown section and its's not gone totally bald yet. I understand the crown is a black-hole of donor hairs and many surgeons advise to save precious grafts for other regions and get crown covered later. Also I understand that even though I get it covered now the region would most probably expand further which I would have to later address in a future HT, hence I have decided clearly am not looking for any super-packed density for the crown. Since the region is not totally bald yet, hence right now the conservative number of grafts I am looking for covering the thinning crown section is around 800-1000 max. This number I feel would be adequate enough to give it a sufficient coverage alongside the already existing native miniaturised hairs [hoping they don't shock-loss fall off permanently] to give it a fuller look. The main high concern I have in covering the crown is the permanent shock-loss post HT which might happen for the weak miniaturising native hairs I have in the crown section. Also I am equally a lot more concerned about potential shock-loss to the adjacent hairs in the mid-scalp region which are healthy as of today. I am really skeptic that they don't suffer a shock loss (temporary or permanent) and the HT becomes a trigger of their thinning out. Please let me know if my graft estimate would be good enough or I might need potentially more for the as of today thinning crown section ? Also (forgive for my understanding of the HT process), will the doctor keep the native miniaturised hairs intact in their place or will he/she be plucking them out and instead replacing with new grafts from the back donor area? Also give me a honest input/feedback whether and what would be the potential side-effects of getting the crown section addressed. Can the shock-loss be alleviated somehow ?.. Will post-operation being on regular medications (Finasteride) help reduce the chances of shock-loss? Overall apart from above, the major query I had was:- FUT vs FUE? This has become a major dilemma for me ever since I started researching for the 2nd HT. I have gone through suitable amount of literature and the forum posts/feedback of FUE vs FUT debate. Overall my case (already having a previous FUT with a scar) falls in quite similar to this below helpful feedback I read on one of the forum posts (quoting it here): "For an advanced NW with no intention of wearing their hair buzzed super tight or shaved completely, strip surgery is recommended and then FUE. Some people have average of both and are generally benefited from getting FUT to max out with what their laxity allows, and then moving into FUE/BHT to extract what they were unable to extract prior. Your laxity be be the key to what is best for you in your next procedure if you are considering FUT again and it makes sense as you already have a donor scar to loosen your scalp for a couple of months to prepare for surgery. If you work hard on the scalp laxity exercises then you should get a respectable number of grafts as the donor density still looks decent. But generally speaking, if the scalp doesn't have enough laxity for a strip procedure, it will/should be avoided." Even one of the FAQ on Dr.Bhatti website says: "Doctor, I already have had one FUT procedure done. My previous doctor has examined me and said I can go for another FUT procedure. But I am exploring FUE this time. - Reply: Since you have already got an FUT done, I will suggest you again go for an FUT procedure since the prime advantages of going for an FUE is now lost. You now have a linear scar. Once the FUT procedure is done and when the scalp due to resulting tightness will not allow another you can contact me for an FUE procedure. This will be optimal utilisation of the scalp donor given that you already have a linear scar." Personally I have never shaved my hair to buzzed-cut or completely shaved nor am fond of one and immaterial of it I already have one scar from previous HT operation so the major benefit of 1st time FUE is already diminished for me. If I opt for FUT, Dr. Radha had already advised me last time of scalp-laxity exercises if I happen to come in again in future. On the other hand I have been impressed with the advancement of FUE over the past yrs and can see how almost everyone young chooses FUE over FUT now and how in hands of a good surgeon the yield results can rival that of FUT. The queries I had regarding FUE vs FUT are:- As mentioned above I am not looking for a mega-session for 2nd HT operation. At max 800-1000 for crown and approx at max 100-200 to fill in the temples and if I decide on it another (not sure of exact number ??..) for adding more density to frontal top. This adds up to 1200+ minm grafts. Does this number of grafts warrant one more FUT/strip surgery or a FUE would be ideal for such a case. If FUE is ok, having a FUE now will it hamper/rule out any potential FUT operations totally if need be in future ? If not, what precautions will a FUE surgeon need to absolutely take to ensure this doesn't happen? If instead I choose FUT, will it result in a new 2nd scar or will the previous scar from 1st FUT itself be revised ? (An idea of having 2 separate scars at the back does look scary bad ). There are posts where I read people who have had mixed opinions after having had previous more than one FUT sessions and are looking forward to correcting the FUT scare in their next FUE operation. My opinion of Dr.Bhatti & Dr. Radha is they are best & highly qualified in their individual techniques and will take-care/ensure to minimise the negativities of each technique as much possible. Coming to the individual doctor feedback I have gone through: My unbiased view of going for FUE with Tejinder Bhatti: As far I have researched I have found Dr. Bhatti's pre-op and post-op consultations and patient reach-out and feedback/followup extremely meticulous and top-notch. Even though the results have been overall a mixed bag (going by the forum results) with the major concern in majority of unsatisfied cases being the lack of density, I really appreciate the fact the the doctor himself or the forum representatives here have ensured the patient doesn't feel alone and they are with him to suggest the next corrective action. My unbiased view of going for FUT with Dr. Radha: Off-late some of the recent reviews I have read on hairrestortationnetwork.com about the FUT HT operations have been on negative side. Some of the patient results have been underwhelming and the one common feedback is the lack of thorough communication between the client and the clinic/doctor especially post-operation. This is something being an ex-patient I have also faced. Even though am satisfied with the results of the previous HT, I would like a better thorough communication. Still my view of Dr. Radha hasn't changed in terms of her work-output primarily because the negative results have been more of exceptions rather than the norm and my personal experience feedback of her is that she is utmost honest/transparent of the possibilities. I have already reached out to Dr. Radha for a consultation. Will do the same for Dr. Bhatti based on the FUE possibility for me feedback I receive to this post. =================================================================== Overall, guys will really appreciate if you can go through my album profile and the above post and help me in my queries with your unbiased/honest feedback & suggestions. Please help me with my FUT vs FUE 2nd HT dilemma. If instead any other doctor/clinic you would like to advise me to look into please do let know? Also please let me know what's the approx number of grafts for each concerned section you think I might need ?
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