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  1. Im not sure. Im not expecting massive hair loss as it doesnt run in my family aside from a receded hairline. I would rather not have a scar so Im leaning FUE.
  2. Ive just recently sent in some info and waiting for them to contact me. So hopefully I will hear back shortly. My hair line was always higher up its pretty common in my family we all have big foreheads. As for thinning at the crown Im not sure I am. Jus because my cow lick has always been like that but it will take closer examination to be sure.
  3. Ill look onto your doctor as well. My only issue with going over the border is the cost will go up by 20% because of the exchange rate.
  4. I'm wanting to see the doctor here just as a consult to get a professional opinion on my hair. I've done some serious research into doctors and the reason I chose Dr.Rahal was because his reputation as one of the best in the business. Im willing to fly out there and shell oout the $10,000+ for the best possible out come. So can I safely assume you are happy with your procedures? Do you have post here I could look at relating to your surgery
  5. I appreciate all of the feedback. Looking back I agree I am an NW3. The only reason I say I wont reced much further is because this hairline runs in my family and seems to stabilize at this point. It hasnt changed in the last 3 years. Ive contacted Dr.Rahal for a consult and also with another clinic closer to myself.
  6. Hello! Im a 27 year old man from Alberta Canada. I noticed when I was 20 years old that my hairline was receding. I was insecure about it but couldn't do much. Luckily now it hasnt really progressed since then and my dad had the same hair line. There is no balding in my family aside from a receded hair line. Both of grand fathers also had a full head of hair. So now that Im a bit older and Im not anticipating any more lose of hair I figured it was time to start looking into an HT. Ive done some research and I have a bit of knowledge on the subject. Unfortunately where I am from we don't ha
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