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  1. I always think of getting back to you guys at times when I'm not near my computer and then forget, so here I go finally. I am extremely satisfied with my results. I have a minimally thin patch, but it's possible that it's just a result of further thinning as I didn't have many graft put in that area.
  2. Ok, after several months of research I finally settled on Eugenix in Gurgagon, India. A big factor in settling on them was that I could find recent good results from them. I wasn't happy settling on any of the more affordable, recommended surgeons here because the most recent stuff I could find was negative, or not 100% satisfactory (I was only considering Dr. Radha, Dr. Madhu and Dr. Bhatti). I'm currently 4 days post. I'm not going to give one of those long-winded reviews that details every room I sat in and every step I took, but list some pros and cons. Pros: I was very well taken care of in terms of transport, accomodation and food. I was fed like a king and their accommodation is very nice. I was picked up and driven fro/to the airport The work looks well done, but i'll let some more senior guys pass judgement on my photos The price is very reasonable for the quality of the work that I've seen The communication continues to be very active and caring. Communication has been excellent since the beginning Cons They forgot to send the driver to pick me up from the airport and I waited over two hours there They forgot to order/pick up all of my medication and only supplied a few day's worth. As a result, I'm now only able to get 1 out of the 3-4 things I'm supposed to be on I was told I would receive a complimentary PRP with my surgery but when I asked when they'd do it they said it wasn't necessary The Dr. told me that he'd extracted 2,100 grafts after the initial extraction. I was thinking "sweet, I only need 2,100 and will be getting a refund as I'd paid for 2,500!" (I also saw that there were grafts that weren't used, meaning i'd received less that 2,100). Once they'd finished implanting the grafts from the initial extraction, I was told to wait in a room where the accountant came in. He told me I'd need another 700 grafts to make it 3,000, but said I needed to pay around INR49,000, equalling 490 grafts (I'd paid for just over 2,500). I was pretty confused at their maths, but I'd been awake for a loooong time so I just paid. The nurse confirmed the 2,100 grafts when I went back in and had no answer when I questioned the extra payment. Then before any more grafts were taken, they kept intermittently adding 100 to the total on the board as if I'd had more grafts taken. I had a fairly strong feeling that I'd been taken for a ride! I couldn't help but feel a sense of contempt towards me (or the fact they were over it) in the second part of the session; Dr's getting annoyed when they sat and their knee hit me, someone kicking the stool out from under me that I was resting my arms on within 3 seconds of being asked to sit up etc. I didn't meet Dr. Sethi until the next morning and Dr. Bansal spent about 30 mins in the room out of the 8 hour surgery. I think she only placed a very small number of grafts in the hairline at the very end Only about 30-40% of grafts implanted were done while simultaneously extracted - their 'Direct Hair Transplant' technique. The rest seemed like a normal FUE - grafts were extracted, stored then implanted Further to the above, I then took a high quality photo, loaded it into Photoshop, downloaded a click counter and counted all of the grafts on one half of my head. I might have missed a few, but there were about 20 extra clicks counted, so it's fairly close I'd say: 1,265 grafts on one side. Doubled equals 2,530. What do you guys think? Anywayyy, regardless of all of the cons, the work looks great and time will tell if the results offset the cons. Post-op care I've been following instructions as instructed - saline spry, betadine, fucidin cream etc. I'm experimenting a bit, though. I'm taking a peptide called BPC 157 which heals tissue very quickly, upregulates GH receptors in damaged tissue and upregulates red blood cell proliferation. I've also got Fin coming in the mail tomorrow and some Biotin by the end of the week.
  3. Come to think of it, no negative results. Just negative reviews hidden on their FB page and Google reviews. But the fact some reviews are likely faked hurts their credibility. Why fake reviews if your results are so good? Although, they could be asking patients (who don't do reviews) to go do so, post-operation. With that being said, I'm very seriously considering going with them! Haha
  4. Can't help but feel like this review was posted by Eugenix and not the patient two identical posts on the day of signing up and nothing else... There is a guy accusing them of fake reviews on their facebook page
  5. Has anybody found anything more on Dr. Radha recently? I had just about settled on choosing her until the few most recent experiences with her are negative. I'm so disheartened and can't find anybody in my price range!
  6. I can't help but feel like this transplant didn't turn out how you wanted it to...
  7. I'd say that has a lot to do with it. Detoxes are a load of shit. You liver detoxifies your body, not starving yourself
  8. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Imagine doing anything repetitive for 8 hours straight! I'd almost settled on either Dr. Madhu or Dr. Radha until the only recent information I could find on them was all negative, regarding unacceptable results and no correspondence with those clients when they sought answers
  9. Oh riiiiight. I was so disheartened until your reply, David - thank you! This site has helped me a hell of a lot and I thank you for your effort
  10. I thought I'd found my ideal clinic to book with until I read that he only contributes to the frontal hairline. Was the work he submitted to become a recommended physician on this site done by him or his team as it would be done if I had a transplant with him today?
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