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  1. Sorry to read about your disappointment on your HT and I can totally understand why you feel like this after looking at the photos; after spending this amount of money with a surgeon really shocked your not getting a part refund or a touch up HT. If I was in this situation and if a touch up wasn’t offered straight away, I wouldn’t let the same surgeon touch my scalp again. How can you trust a Surgeon if there not standing by there work straight away without a fight, I hope your surgeon sorts this out for you and best of luck.
  2. Hi Deanomag, Going on my experience with Dr Reddy near two years ago now, I would say there will be a huge improvement to come; I was a early grower and a lot of the hairs didn’t shed I had less grafts than you over a slick bald Norwood 5 to 6 area and I saw a huge improvement on the overall look well after even the 12 months mark. This is me a few days of my two year mark. Best of luck and looks great so far...
  3. HairsHoping, Just had a read though your thread and I think the in post op photos, the work looks incredible and super clean, your doctor approach is perfect I think. I believe the approach will reduce the trauma to both the donor and recipient area and in turn might well help the level of scaring in the donor area and graft survival having less done in this siting. I also had a low graft count over a much larger area and I could not be happier, like me I don’t think you have super high expectations being high Norwood the difference having some hair back up front will be life changing :-). Im sure your going to have an amazing result given your graft count, you will be able to see how your hair stabilises now your on the meds and your doctor can work around your hair loss in years to come; when you might need a top up and due to the approach you will still have the donor hair in the bank. I personally love the work and the approach done by this Doctor...
  4. If possible, I think it would be very helpful if the Doctor could post some photos of the donor area after extraction on the day of the HT. Also common sense would say (unless it was an unusual case which this is not) the Dr would post only his best results / or results he was proud of here on the forum. If I was a potential client, I would be thinking rightly or wrongly if this is one of his best results what does his worse results look like...
  5. A test procedure would be a long winded approach and there would be other variables of course, but I think it could reduce some of the variables as in the below HT after extracting some grafts via FUE it was deemed not to be a viable approach and FUT was the correct route. Some of the reasons Dr Rahal office stated someone might not be viable for FUE... “-hair follicle fragility risking too much damage when extracting” “-too much tethering and long follicles. so you have to go deeper with the punch and possible create traction damage to a fragile follicles.” “-too much splaying of the follicles, so you will end up transecting one of the follicles (unless you use a larger punch (not ideal)” “-very mushy type of tissue” “the above are just few reasons off the top of my head, that can make a patient not a candidate for FUE, and then the choice is to either do strip or do nothing.”
  6. Hi, I was wondering about your hair thickness (not the density)...
  7. Hi, is your hair thickness above average? There is a huge difference in punch size between the two doctors and it does seem the first HT the extractions have gone outside the safe zone on the sides how old are you? The punch sizes seem to be around the same size as in the below thread.
  8. Hi Payam, After reading through your thread I believe Dr Konoir would be the best option for you and I believe you should let Dr Konoir make the choice between FUT and FUE after looking in person at your hair. If Fue was chosen and after extracting a few grafts, If it became apparently at that stage FUT would be a better option then surgery could then be switched to FUT hopefully. I really feel you should let your scalp heal and not undertake another surgery for as long as possible leaving it at least another couple of years or more; but get an in person consultation in a year or two, so you know where you are for your own peace of mind. Wishing you well and I don’t think your situation is as bad as you feel it is, I really believe your HT will improve over the coming months; as for me the thickening of the hairs and then the more natural appearance of the hairs after 8 months made a huge difference (putting aside the doubles and triples you say are in the hairline). But given your starting point and 2600 grafts used on just the front I understand your concerns but hang in there. Where you mentioned about “going slow” “being meticulous” and “doing things over two days” I had 2150 grafts on a bald head and my HT was booked in from the start for two full 9 hour days which I was glad about, as an example on the first day of my HT my doctor started to implant hairs to the hairline and elsewhere, but after some incisions I was bleeding more than normal (due to my body’s make up) on the hairline, on the second day the bleeding was normal on the hairline.
  9. I think it might be helpful if a photo collage of two photos were added for ease... 1) a pre op photo... 2) a post op photo in the position / same room, showing the same angle and area of the head, same lighting, same hair style, post op photo to match pre op etc... Best of luck...
  10. OP thank you for posting your results and details of your HT, this has further cemented my original thoughts on my strategy to never touch any my of crown at any stage even if it dipped down. I sort of did the opposite to you and went from the front going back to the mid scalp, this has just highlighted I am so greatful I did it this way round; my starting point was a lot worse than yours as I was slick bald up front and I keep reading on here how the crown can swallow a huge amount of grafts.
  11. Hi there, I had my HT will Dr Reddy last year and could not be happier with my results and the whole process; also Dr Reddy team who assist him are also amazing the same team have been with him for 8 to 10 years. Nothing is rushed they take there time and get things perfect first time round, I had no swelling, the donor area healed super quick and incredibly well, redness went quick also. Doctor Reddy wasn’t cheap but when I looked at things, I had 2150 over two full days they took there time and got things perfect (could of rushed me out in half the time). Best of luck...
  12. Hi Stephen, I’m unsure of your age and your potential future hair loss situation, but I would be very careful and think long and hard before jumping into another HT so soon at your age, as you have a very low hairline now and there will be scar tissue from the first HT (not like adding grafts into a virgin scalp). To meet your expectations on density (if that’s even possible given how your first transplant went) what will you need going on your first transplant of nearly 3000 grafts? To meet your expectations will you need another 1000 or more likely another 2000 more grafts? As there is no 100 percent guarantee with any surgery no matter who the surgeon is and as are body’s make up can sometimes also affect the outcome I would be really careful. I am a newbie and not experienced in Hair Transplants at all; but common sense told me to write the above and I am trying to help here, I truly am and I really wish you the best so please don’t take what I have said above the wrong way (I understand your really not happy with things, but you could have another transplant that you have booked and there is a very small chance things could get worse or not much better, plus these extra grafts might be better used somewhere else later in life). Kind regards...
  13. Hi There, I was in you shoes just over a year ago and I'm 46 and had less up top in the front and mid scalp, I am over the moon with how things went for me and I think my hair looks similar to yours with my untrained eye. Best of luck with your decision...
  14. I started on finasteride before my transplant just after my initial appointment with Dr Reddy last year and started minoxidil after my transplant...