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  1. 10 days Post 2nd HT HI members. Today i am posting my crown pics post 1st HT in 2017 and 2nd HT on 26th Nov 2018. I could not spot much difference in two pics except the fact that more beard hairs were used at the time of 1st HT and more head hairs during 2nd HT. Lets see what will be the results this time.
  2. budhair

    advice on meds side effects

    Hi Before transplant, last year on 15.10.17, I got my testosterone total level test. It was 477.5. Since November 2017, after 1st hair transplant I am taking finax 1 mg continuously. Now yesterday when I got my testosterone level test done it came 309. Almost on borderline. Do you think it is due to finax? Or this testosterone level is normal for 40 years old male? As far as side effects which I can feel is that I reach fatigue early while in gym and I am putting weight. Kindly advise
  3. Hi guys. I got my second HT done at Eugenix yesterday by Dr. Arika and her expert team. This time I was more informed and less anxious by the way things worked. The day started with usual pre HT photo shoots followed by head wash any trimming of donor and recipient area. My frontal hairs and side burns were left untouched so that I may easily wear cap afterwards. Surgery started at around 11 am with Dr. Arika making slith marks. Though I had weak donor area, it was decided to use more of head hairs as compared to beard hairs as they need to fill crown area. Total 2400 slith marks were made by her in the beginning. Followed by around 1500 grafts extraction from head and around 900 grafts from beard. At the end another 100 grafts were extracted from head to fill the gap between grafts already planted and slith marks were made simultaneously. The entire procedure was performed with DHT technique in which grafts are transplanted simultaneously at the time of extraction. The entire procedure got finished by 6.30 pm. Sending you my pics post HT for expert opinions. Thanks
  4. Hi HTN community. Thank you all for valuable information and support that I have received during my 1stFUE hair transplant with Eugenix. I am pretty much satisfied with my results, considering the fact that I was NW6 and had weak donor area. For my complete 1stHT journey you may click below link. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/49922-6000-grafts-with-eugenix-gurgaon/?tab=comments#comment-461261 Now I am considering my 2nd hair transplant to cover my crown area which remained empty after 1stHT. As an informed patient, I mailed my pictures to few doctors including Dr. Bhatti to get second opinion. According to Dr. Bhatti there are not enough grafts left on my head to go for second procedure. Then I went to Eugenix to let DR. Pradeep physically examine by donor area. He was pretty confident that he can take out 1000 grafts from the back of my head and 1000 to 1500 grafts from my beard to give decent coverage to my crown area. I was thrilled. Soon I will be going for my 2ndHT to be performed at Eugenix. Will keep you updated.
  5. hi bill I have completed 1 year since my HT with Eugenix. I was NW6 and most of the Indian doctors who are recommended on this forum refused to promise decent coverage considering my week donor area and high Norwood stage. It was Eugenix ( which I came to know through this forum) that showed me ray of hope. I am pretty much satisfied with my results and even considering to go for second sitting. Their best part is they make best use of body hairs which are necessary in case of high norwood stage. I would highly recommend them. my journey
  6. You may also consider Dr. Pradeep at Eugenix Gurgaon. You may search his results on this forum. And may also Google him.
  7. Now sending you two more pics with caboki. Results are almost perfect?
  8. It's been one year since my first hair transplant with Dr. Pradeep at Eugenix. I must say, I am very much satisfied with the results after taking into consideration of my poor donor area and NW6 baldness. Till date I have experienced zero hair fall. It might me due to finax 1mg that I have been taking on and off or might be because of hairs extracted from safe donor area. Now I am thinking for going for second hair transplant with the clinic to cover my crown area. But I am not sure whether I have enough donor area left for the same. Experts please advice.
  9. Sharing some pics of 8 months post HT. There is definite improvement from 7th month as I was comparing pictures. But I am not sure wheather it is improved density or length of my hairs which are giving more coverage. First two pics are of wet hairs, combed straight just after shower. Other pics are of dry hairs. I normally comb my hairs backwards for better illusion of full hairs.
  10. Hi Torip. Nothing much development. Did't witness any new growth of follicles. Only hairs have become longer giving more coverage. Little bit of Caboki giving decent look. Will try to post some pics in coming days.
  11. Posting some pics after 7 months and four PRPs. I think nothing much will change from now on. But as per doctor it's only 70% growth in 7 months as beard growth kicks in late. First few pics are of wet hairs and afterwards they are of dry hairs.
  12. Front hairline looks more definite now. Though density is still a mojor issue. When combed in a particular direction, it's enough to cover the subject. However when hairs are wet or stroked in other directions, they exposes the gaping holes in HT. Crown is more or less same as at the starting of 5th month. I am not sure how many of 6000 grafts have croped up till now. May be seniors/experts my judge. Made a collage of before/1st month/and recent , to have comparison.
  13. It's not that none of the beard hairs are growing. Some of the strands of hair that you can see in the crown area are beard hairs. They are thick and hard to touch. Is it possible that some beard hairs grows from day one and rest will follow say after 6 months?
  14. Beard hairs were mainly used as a filler in between hairline. I think was used to fill center head and the crown. I am on Fin 1mg and cyclic multivitamins.