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  1. I had 2400 grafts in 2nd sitting. Read more about dutasteride. Planing to try it for twice a week.
  2. Hello HTN community. I am writing this thread almost after 10 months since my last update. I have completed 20 months of my 2nd hair transplant with Eugenix. I have been experiencing massive hair loss again from last 1 or 2 months. I never stopped taking finax 1mg. I am also regular on my multi vitamins. Still I am not able to figure out why this hair loss is happening to me. I almost lost 80% of hairs transplanted during 2nd time and look like that I have reached at stage as I was before my 2nd Hair Transplant. I recently consulted doctor. He said, this hair loss is cyclical and that i shou
  3. 1 Year post second hair transplant . One year is completed since my second HT with Dr. Pradeep at EUGENIX Gurgaon. I think now my looks are more or less final, with no expectations for further hair growth or 3rd HT procedure. As my hairs were thin and had weak donor area, I think I got pretty decent results. There is still some bald areas around crown but can be covered by combing hairs in particular direction. Sharing some pics of my results.Thank you all members of HTN for you support and feedback.
  4. Taking Fin to block DHT and hence providing more favorable environment to new hairs and to prevent further hair loss. It's true that transplanted hairs are immune to DHT but there are always chances that few hairs are transplanted from unsafe zone and hence may shed due to DHT.
  5. I am infact positive and more than satisfied with my results so far, considering super super fine hairs I have and poor donor area I had.
  6. 7th MONTH UPDATE Hi All. Didn't update for 6th month progress as nothing much changed from 5th to 7th month. As stated before, HT is just an illusion and 5000-6000 grafts cannot compensate lacs of hairs that have already lost.1st Sending you pics of my wet head then secondly posting you pics of my dry head( and looks drastically changed) and finally some pics(last three) with dash of cabooki where looks are almost perfect.
  7. 5th month updates Sending you pics of my HT progress after 5 months of my second hair transplant with Eugenix.
  8. You are right Torip. Slits were done by Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal. Extraction was done by Dr. Shishir and Dr. Abinav. Rest of the work was done by technicians. Hope this would help.
  9. It was more or less a team work. Dr Sethi made the hair line drawn. Dr Arika and Dr Sethi both did scalping. Extraction was done by Dr Shishir and Dr. Abhinav in turns and insertion was done by technicians. I am already post 5 months since my second HT with Eugenix for my crown area. You can check my relevant thread for updates.
  10. 4th Month update Nothing much changed since 3rd month. I had my 4th PRP at Eugenix (planning to get at least 6). Let's hope for the best. Regular in finax 1mg and minoxidil.
  11. Are you taking finasteride? It really helps in controlling DHT. In your case your best bet is body hair transplant. Go for a doctor which has good track record for successful BHT. You can find abundance information regarding this on HTN. And why not come to INDIA. Plan your holidays and HT procedure together. In this way you won't feel the heat of transportation cost. Best of luck.
  12. 3rd Month Update completed 3 months post my 2nd hair transplant with Eugenix. Appearance of my donor area has improved little bit. As far as recipient area is concerned, still a long way to go. Not much difference between 2nd and 3rd month. It will still take time for grafts to start growing.
  13. I am done with HT. Now I have to accept whatever results I will get. Eugenix took my case when other surgeons were sceptical about the transplant. Now I hope for satisfactory results.
  14. 2 Months Update Completed 2 months and 2 PRPs after my second HT at Eugenix. I must say doctors at Eugenix do excellent PRPs with minimum pain. Now back to my progress, I think donor area is showing sign of 5000 grafts extraction during the course of two HT. I already had thin and fine hairs and now with so much extraction, donor area looks deserted. But I think it will look better with course of time.
  15. Hi mosd I can always vouch for Eugenix because of my own results so far. I am 2 months post 2nd HT with Eugenix. You can see my results posted on HTN. But as fellow members said shortlisting a HT surgeon is always a personal call and results are also dependent upon your donor grafts and lifestyle. Chears
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