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  1. 12 month update im happy with it, but feel like I’m still expecting more? I know he’s made the dip on the right side for a more natural look, but I think I’d rather it be straighter now! And it’s a bit weak in the middle of my hairline
  2. 2 MONTH UPDATE AND TODAY ok the top picture was Taken December 29th, 2 months give/take 4 days Bottom picture was taken today, 2 weeks 6 days after the top picture
  3. 1 MONTH So it’s been 1 month! It has gone quickly and unfortunately most of the hairs have shed which is a shame, but oh well... Funny though I used to be really worried about my hair, but even with my hair like this I couldn’t care less ha Started back at the gym a week before recommended. At 3 weeks but oh well
  4. 3 week update Well actually I’m lying, it’s 20 day update! Ha Everything is going well, seemed to have lost a few hairs but very minimal, touch wood i keep the rest! Just looks a little silly at the moment as the front seems to be growing at different rates... plus I never knew how thin my actual hair is in the middle! But dr erdogan said keep on dutasteride and it should improve
  5. Hey! I did get some swelling but not that bad, how was yours? How’s your recovery going? I’m having some weird sensation on my donor area, more irritating then pain I can’t really explain what it is! No it’s still the same, I think he has done it on purpose, there is probably a reason, I think I have more native hairs that side! But anyway you won’t notice it when it’s grown plus no one naturally has a perfectly straight hairline! Haha
  6. Day 6 Quick update, just made a collage so you can see how the redness has dramatically decreased! Top to bottom, left to right.. top left is straight after surgery, bottom right is today and each day in between...... hopefully I’ll have no lasting redness still waiting to see new hairs but it is scabby!
  7. Also, I’ve got a couple of small pieces of tissue stuck in my grafts, don’t ask how! But can’t seem to wash them away... hopefully this doesn’t affect anything!
  8. 4th day post op Ok so I’m now 4th day post op, or maybe 5th if I had it on the 2nd? I’m saying 4th! Anyway, pictures attached... starting to obsess over damaging grafts which isn’t good, as I know in my sleep I roll onto my side etc. But hope all looks ok and on track?
  9. Here are my official photos - I feel like the right side is slightly different compared to the left? Must be a reason why, maybe I have more native hairs there... Opinions welcome!
  10. Operation day Well it’s all over, 2750 grafts in the end, they gave me extra 150 for free... Attached a few pictures from immediately after, overall very happy! Just looks like slightly less grafts on the hairline on one side, maybe because that side is stronger! Don’t feel too great at the moment, got a horrible migraine sort of pain but unable to sleep... oh well, hopefully sleep it off, have my first wash tomorrow and be on my way home!
  11. Hi guys Well I’m here, finished my consultation at asmed... Dr erdogan is sticking with the proposed 2600 grafts, apparently I have donor capability of 7800, not sure if that is good or not! Here attached are the new hairlines pics, I look ridiculous bald! Look forward to an early start tomorrow and finally getting it done, wish I could go home tomorrow night but oh well!
  12. Hi guys Thought I’d start my progress thread as I’m due to fly to Istanbul tomorrow for my hair transplant with Dr. Erdogan on 2nd November 2017. Been estimated 2600 grafts. Looking forward to flying at midnight tomorrow and finally having the transplant I’ve waited ages for! Will update as time progresses...
  13. Rwethereyet Thank you for the reply! Another silly question:- I understand you have to use the spray hourly after surgery, how long is this for and did you do this throughout the night? E.g. set an alarm every hour?
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