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  1. I hope everything works out for you man. It does look better in those photos no one would really be able to notice a thing at that length. Hopefully the issue of the linear scar looking area is resolved. What did Dr. Diep say?
  2. Just looked at them most recent photos you just posted. This hair transplant is going to be a home run. Your results are 4 months are probably as good as mine at almost 9 months. The scarring is concerning at 4 months it shouldn't look like that but hopefully it's just shock loss.
  3. Your growth is kick ass at 4 months. You're gonna have a really nice result up front it looks like. You can make out the scars on the side and like you mentioned it sort of looks like you have a strip scar in the back. Any progress on the healing of those?
  4. It seems like he just did your temporal points as mentioned above. Looks to be okay to me the temporal points are important in framing your face as traction alopecia can destroy them.
  5. Like I said for many people they get it and it's no problem and they're happy. On the other hand, some people get it and it ruins there lives. Seems to usually be one of the extremes. I'm just speaking for myself as coolboy asked which one I would opt for I would rather not get surgery at all than go FUT. This is a cosmetic procedure and there is nothing cosmetically pleasing with even the best FUT scars. You cut your hair short enough and even the casual observer will notice it. Can't say that about the best or even above average FUE scars. I've shown my friends and family pictures and video
  6. Even the best doctors have produced some bad scars. With FUE, I seriously have trouble locating FUE scars even with the hair at a 0 guard. Even if you do locate them after scrutinizing the scalp they look cosmetically acceptable. I honestly wouldn't even be able to tell someone had FUE scars at a even at a 0 guard if I was just casually walking by someone. Now I'm not saying you should assume you can cut to a 0 with FUE, but many patients can and feel comfortable with it. FUT scars stick out like a sore thumb for many patients even at 4-5 clip. In my case I need at least a 6 or 7 guard to cove
  7. I agree they are elite. If you're going FUT they are probably who you want to go with based on what I have seen. I still think that about 50% of FUT patients are unhappy. Then again not all those patients go to a Hasson and Wong or Rahal but still strip is very unpredictable.
  8. Based on what I have experienced, I would never reccomend FUT to anyone. I would go for FUE. In my opinion, there is no reason to go FUT in 2017 to me it is an outdated procedure. Its hard to understand the pain of a strip scar until it is actually on your head and you come to terms with it is indeed forever. You may never get the option of cutting your hair short, a freedom that to me as I've discovered is so important and I would trade anything for. If a person has never ever cut their hair short and knows 100% they never will, then these are the doctors you would probably want to go for str
  9. It's tought to say. Consult with them both and go with whoever you feel more comfortable with (this is important). In terms of the scar, they both produce some of the best from what I've seen. I don't think you can go wrong either way it's hard to say which one is "better"
  10. I cannot believe this thread. The fact anyone would do this is digusting. Sanjar man you are a brave guy sharing your story like this. Your hair looks great now man from the picture you posted. This clinic can go f*** themselves and I hope you keep us updated with the lawsuit I'm rooting for you.
  11. Keep us updated on how you resolve the issue, newjersey.
  12. I understand that but the scar is far worse than the hair loss in my opinion. I'm not saying anything about Dr. Bloxham as a surgeon as I'm sure he is a solid one, but this is not a successful case and I just think the patient has every right to be upset. I'm sorry to hear that you have been a victim of poor hair transplantion. I'm sure you understand the distress and misery it can cause. I just believe cosmetic scarring is a part of the hair transplant procedure and if a poor result is created there, you cannot call the hair transplant successful especially if the patient feels even worse tha
  13. "Even though they delivered on what was promised" what was promised was a 2 guard cut without the scar being noticeable and that is not the case. The scar is still noticeable. Promising something of this sort should have not been done in the first place since like you said scarring is unpredictable. Thats a mistake on the surgeons part. The fact that scars are often overlooked because now you have hair in the front is what's largely wrong with the hair transplant industry. I understand there is trade offs but the scar shouldn't overshadow the whole procedure. A successful procedure includes co
  14. That, in my opinion, is not an acceptable scar and the doctors response to it shocking. While I get surgeries can have unexpected results and don't always go according to planned, the doctor should own up to the fact that this is one of those cases and that is not an acceptable result. If the scar is noticeable at a 2 guard when you were promised it shouldn't be, that is just plain wrong. That promise should not have been made. Even if it is "slightly noticeable" it's not acceptable. Some doctors have no sympathy to how difficult and distressing it is to deal with scars and play it off as well
  15. Does SMP into a FUT scar look good at different lengths? From my understanding, it looks best at a 0 guard when the dots match the surrounding stubble. When hair begins to grow around it, the 3D hair doesn't match up with the 2D smp. However, if one also gets FUE into the scar tissue (let's assume multiple sessions) would then the combo of FUE and SMP look adequate at different hair lengths? That being a number 1, 2, 3, etc guard and so on. I still have a lot of hair on my head, it's just my FUT scar is low on my head and I like getting fades. I wouldn't be maintaining this fade every week or
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