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  1. Happy new year and I am doing well. I am considering those guys too. Was hoping for opinions on it Dr Rassman as well if anyone can share. I am sorry to hear about your issue too. I lost way too much hair because of this issue. Really wish to relieve it all. Also hope @Shera and @DrTBarghouthi can give a reply soon. Thanks!
  2. Yes I am strongly considering them. I spoke to William Rassman and he told me he would do me a Fut transplant for 2.5-3k grafts for 15k USD. I was considering him because I heard he's the top guy but was also thinking of hassan and wong because people told me they're good too.
  3. @Shera @DrTBarghouthi Hey. Apologies for uploading so late. I sorta fell into a stupor and forgot about this entire thing. I let the hair grow for a few weeks and 2-3 months, and took pictures once more. I am posting a lot more pictures so apologies for the amount but just wanted to get your expert opinions.What do you think of it? Are hair transplants normally supposed to look like this? This is FUE. I spoke to another surgeon and he said it looks "okay, i've seen worse". I've seen some good before and after traction alopecia treatment for sikhs and I was hoping Robert Jones could fix the job but I suppose he could not. Also, at this point, I am willing to try and take all suggestions but I just want my hair to ultimately look good. Any help is appreciated. Even from other users. Thanks.
  4. By the way, just to ask once more, but is this how hair transplant after 18 months, 9 days after shave, is typically supposed to look like? Thanks.
  5. @Shera @DrTBarghouthi @CosmoKramer Do you three think I should grow hair out, show it to you guys once more, then get an actual assessment from you guys? Thanks!
  6. PS. Another question. I have gotten different suggestions as to what the hair line should be. Some HTs were gonna go more conservative and traditional while some would try to replicate what my hairline would've been but hair is put a little bit back. Some said that it would unnatural. What do you guys think?
  7. @Shera @DrTBarghouthi Hey thanks for the replies. Before I go on, I would like to say: Yo wattup Shera! I fucking called it! I knew this HT I got 18 months ago was shit. I had this horrible fucking feeling that there was something awful about it. God damn .Also, I had dreams of me being bald and me just being anxious once more. For me to realize everything about this was what hurt me is just heartbreaking. Second, as for the SMP question, I decided to not do it. Remember when you (Shera) told me to let my hair grow.... Well, It turns out, I would've been a good looking person the entire time. It turns out I just had shit family members and friends that did not care for me and the result of what I am now was actually formentioned by neglect and apathy. I will not be wearing a turban ever again. I will let the hair grow but I want a neat hair line and hair growth and proper hair direction. This hair line I got from Robert Jones just wasn't that great. I don't know what went wrong but something definitely occured. I spoke to a HT surgeon I considered a while back but I didn't get the impression he was that confident. He told me that my HT didn't look that bad and he has seen worse. He said that any transplant I get, I can never hair density to what my original is. I will make a post about this once more but this time I will post 1-2-3 month update pics just to let you guys know on how it actually looked. Besides that, what regulation bodies are you speaking of?
  8. @DrTBarghouthi @CosmoKramer Hey. Thanks for the replies. I don't think I'll be doing any SMP or anything. I don't know if I want to take minoxidil as I am currently taking 1.25mg of propecia. I do plan on doing a repair HT but I want to ask you guys if you know any good names? I am thinking of Hassan and Wong in Vancouver. I am poor at the moment but plan on going back to work, and parents said they will definitely help. What do you guys think? Again, I live in Canada. And yeah. This HT sucks absolute dog shit. I had this alopecia occur for me a decade ago and spent so much time thinking about my hair and then I finally got it and it was a failure.
  9. Updated for corner spot picture. Please reply when you can guys. Need some advice here. If you notice at the pics, there aren't that many thick hairs and the space between each hair graft isn't that close. Just wanted to know what you guys think and ask for options. Again, apologies for the crap pictures. I should've also posted pictures of few months grown in.
  10. Hey guys. Apologies for the crap quality. On mobile phone. https://imgur.com/a/51lFfIz That is the album. I posted my pics from the Fue 2000 graft HT from Robert Jones (Ontario) back in the past at November 2017. I need some honest advice with this. Do you guys think this looks good? Or rather, this is how hair grafts and black hairs are supposed to look for FuE? I let it grow for 2-3 months back in the past but was disappointed with this. This is 1 week grown hair this time because I shaved and was confused about the results. It's not thick and it doesn't look anything like my own hair, which I figured is the main reason why people get HTs. Even on the sides, the transplanted hairs grew in a different shape but it didn't look anything thick at all. A part of me wants to lazer hair removal and perhaps retry once more. I spoke to another HT surgeon canidate that I considered in the past and his suggestion isn't to remove anything but get another HT but this time a lot more. This time 2k FUT grafts but add it everywhere, even on the area where I am losing my hair. Thanks. I live in Canada Ontario. I am considering Hassan and Wong and will gladly pay a premium this time if I can get this shit done for good.
  11. He is mostly wanting to just balance the front, so it becomes more symmetrical. But mostly thinking of removing it right now.
  12. So its impossible to remove them now, without scarring? Even after the surgery was just 2 days ago. If I will be quite frank, a part of me is having some regret. Knowing that some hair thinning is happening already and the solution for that is finasteride and/or another hair transplant. Which is why I am having second thoughts. I don't care if the money is spent. This issue has been causing so many issues that I am trying to settle it right away.
  13. I guess I am having a hard time describing this. May I ask then, is it possible to remove said hair grafts and or replant them, in a way in which it can not cause any scarring at all?
  14. Hey. The issue is that the temples are not what they are. The side burns from the first thread, were that, the sides. He somehow (and for some bad reason) connected the sides to the temples in a very different AND NON hairline original way. It wasn't supposed to be that way. My own father and mother never ever saw this within anyone before. I guess I am bummed out because it's not how I was supposed to look like, which is why I am confused about this. The grafts he did were 2000. PS. I know what you guys are speaking of. My dad showed me his, but I suppose it's not at all like I wanted.