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  1. Hello everyone, I’ve been silently following the work of Dr Koray Erdogan at ASMED and found many mixed reviews. Most got good results with few not so. so what is the final verdict here. I’m based in the middle east so having the transplant in Turkey is my best option logistically and financially.
  2. Thank you guys that was such a relief.
  3. Hello guys I'm currently 13 days post op after 3300 FUT. A couple of days ago I started noticing hairs with dried tissue coming off my transplanted area while washing my head. Look at the attachment. There was no bleeding or any discomfort whatsoever. Did I lose grafts, these were just few, and I saw a lot more of them. I never scratched or scrubbed the transplanted area. I simply starting on day 10 to GENTLY Massage the area with circular motion while showering I'm currently freaking out.
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