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  1. So you are listening to docs who have told you its "kind of iffy as to how much will grow back". To you that might sound like a fact packed analysis but to me it doesn't. The simple answer is that only time will tell as to the severity of your shock loss. A logical, rational mind would understand this. But you just don't want to hear it. You've posted a bunch of low quality pics of a donor area with shock loss. What else do you expect people to say? Ridiculous.
  2. This just looks like a case of shock loss to me...which can happen. If it still looks like this after 12 months then yes, you have a problem. How is the recipient area?
  3. Pics are kind of blurry but 1000? Looks to me as though 300-400 will get you squared away
  4. Come on, nobody could possibly answer that with any degree of accuracy
  5. The first surgery went ok but could have been better. Was it me or was it the clinic? Who knows. No point getting bitter about it, it wasn't that bad. Nothing is guaranteed and you sign a waiver accepting that. Anyway I have confidence in the guy so I went back for a touch up in Feb. Waiting for it to grow in. You can see my thread on here somewhere.
  6. Well if you had it before then surely he should not have taken your money and done the surgery. So he didn't notice the skin condition before and during the surgery, but has now noticed it after and is using to explain poor growth? He is either incompetent or untrustworthy.
  7. Anyway...back to the topic in hand... The Belgium docs do less and less FUT these days. They still do strip sometimes, notably Devroye, but FUE is their bread and butter. Same with Konior. Personally, and with no hidden agenda, I would choose H&W for FUT. For the record I have had approx 4350 FUE with Feriduni.
  8. It does look a little underwhelming for that many grafts at this stage. But you still have a few more months to go before you can call it. Good luck for the next quarter!
  9. To be honest I'm perplexed at the assertion this needs 1500 grafts to "fix". Ok its not a home run but its not that bad! A 600 - 800 graft touch up would work wonders.
  10. I feel like the last twelve months has seen a spate of impatient people expecting stellar results in only a few months. Not sure why.
  11. At first glance I thought the same. But upon closer inspection of the post op pics, to me at least, you can see the hairline has actually been lowered quite a lot and that has had the lion's share of the grafts. Was it really necessary to lower the hairline so much? I'll reserve judgement. Nice result.
  12. Pics aren't particularly clear but it looks fine for 6 months. Too many ASMED folks these days expecting a full head of hair after 5/6 months
  13. You'll need a second pass but its not the end of the world. It's not that bad. I'm actually in an identical situation to you. I waited 16 months and then had an 880 graft touch up in Feb and I'm waiting for it to grow through. Nothing is guaranteed, even with the "top" docs. Surgery is not risk free. Not enough people on this forum are willing to recognise this. I know its hard not to think about it but try not to. We are our own worst critics and, ultimately, people on the street won't look twice at this.