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  1. Great result. You mention " It is not unusual for the patients to achieve a direct growth when they undergo the Direct Hair Transplantation technique." Could you explain how this technique can increase the likelihood of direct growth over the traditional FUE method?
  2. I did the same as Bill, as per my doc's instructions. At day 12 or so I started washing my hair under the shower with baby shampoo. At times quite vigourously. I remember reading a thread on here about the length of time the grafts take to fully anchor. In one instance, a surgeon reported that his patient came back to the office the next day after surgery requesting some to be removed. The surgeon said it took considerable force with forceps to get the graft out. So I think after 12 days you will definitely be fine.
  3. Eczema? Or perhaps some other immune related response to the trauma of the surgery?
  4. I wouldn't go to this doc for hairline work but I think he is a reasonably solid, budget option to tackle the crown
  5. For me at least, my 3500 FUE was undetectable in about 12 days. I was lucky in that I got very little redness. I kept regularly buzzing it uniformly until the growth stage. No one batted an eye
  6. I think you have to wait until 12 months to safely call the result. But yes, it isn't looking good at all. From my perspective, the surgeon's canned response was unsatisfactory. Indeed, we can get the true measure of a surgeon by how they respond and react when things don't go as planned. In this case the surgeon appears to have fallen short. With that said its important to remember that a perfect result can never be guaranteed, even by the best. (And I am talking from experience) There are just too many variables. Despite this, this post mortem will no doubt continue until the cows come home as every Tom, Dick, and Harry weighs in, thinking they know every single fact related to the case and patient physiology.
  7. I don't think it is unreasonable at all to post your journey and/or results with doc's name from the beginning. It is important how you frame it. If you title the post "Look at Dr so and so's hack job, what do you think?" Is not the right approach. However, "Dr so and so performed x FUE on me. Please tell me what you think." Is totally acceptable and not leading in any way. Putting up honest pictures without attacking the surgeon and asking people's opinions is fair IMO. Pictures do not lie. Also, you cannot be blamed If people naturally come to an agreement - positive or negative!! Indeed, if people are in agreement that its crappy work, you are then armed with support when you do approach the surgeon to make your case. Of course, it is an open forum and a doctor can reply. I'm not sure hiding the doctors name, with the hope of blackmailing him with exposure all over the net if he doesn't give you what you want is so fair.
  8. Baldrick101

    4387 grafts FUT Hattingen

    OP will you be sharing photos of your experience? It would be really helpful to members as we don't see so much of this clinics work. In addition, I think it would be especially welcome considering how helpful and patient this community has been to you in the run up to your op.
  9. I think your hair calibre is abnormally good. 400 grafts have gone a very, very long way here. I don't think this an average result in that respect. In any case, OP you must be very pleased and you are blessed with a very strong donor area!!
  10. You are an advanced Norwood 6 or 7. I would estimate 5000-6000 grafts. 2500 will not do much at all. Do not worry about Erdogan's techs doing most of the work. It is better that way. They do it day in, day out non stop. And if it were me, I would rather they did the extractions and implanting. As long as he does the incisions and overall hairline design. In the end there is only one thing that actually matters - the results. Try not to get bogged down in too much of the little details. See which clinic cranks out the most consistent patient posted results and go with that. As for lotions and potions, each to their own, but frankly IMO the shampoos and minoxidil are a waste of time and money. They will do very little in your case as you have lost so much. Finasteride is still singularly the most important, effective, and cost effective thing to take. But considering your case, 5000 - 6000 will cover your whole area and you wouldn't need to take any of it. Just my opinion and good luck!
  11. From what I understand, taking finasteride before a HT will have no bearing on the "strength" of your donor hair. By definition, your donor hair is DHT resistant so finasteride will have no effect on this area. It will however strengthen the hair in your recipient area. If you are having grafts implanted in between existing miniaturised or hair outside the safe zone, then finasteride will help prevent losing those hairs through shock loss and the overall trauma of the incisions and competition for blood from new grafts. In addition, for what its worth, I never got a shed anyway. I think the "dreaded fin shed" is often blown out of proportion.
  12. I have seen a very wide range of growth times on this forum. Most, if not all, of my grafts had sprouted at 5 months. It happened very quickly in the 4th month. The rest of the time has been thickening and maturation. Surgery technique, physiology, minoxidil, vitamins, diet, genetics, etc could all play a part. Or not. I have no idea. But I do know that everyone is different.
  13. Why not mention the Dr's name? This isn't a case of slander or anything untoward. Nebulosity has simply provided the community with pictures and information of his surgery. I don't see the problem with asking, "Dr x did this transplant. Here are the pictures and my experience. What are your opinions?". That is just what I did for mine. Indeed, this is the whole point of the forum. The community can decide for themselves the quality of the work and make their own decision in the future. It would also give the doctor the opportunity to walk us through your case and provide explanations for his actions. In fact, an ethical doctor will have no problem standing by his/her work in an open forum for all to see. Taking this approach should have no bearing on whether you get a refund or something else.