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  1. It probably turned out fine which is why the OP didn't bother reposting. If it was a bad result then I have no doubt this guy would be letting us know about it.
  2. I agree. I don't think it looks too bad at all for 7 months!!
  3. I would agree that the feather zone on the left looks more natural than the right. But as Melvin says, all he can do is wait it out now, what's done is done. There is no point stressing out too much, I can't say I've ever seen a Diep failure on here so the odds are on his favour.
  4. One of the best 9 month results I've ever seen. You simply couldn't ask for any more than that!
  5. Baldrick101

    Dissappointed HT results

    Its not ok to come on to the forum and trash a doctor without offering any supporting photos or evidence
  6. I have to say that I don't understand this doctors approach. I don't think he needs to worry about density and naturalness at the front. It is quite packed but what about the rest!! He's going to end up with a huge tuft of hair covering the frontal zone and nothing behind it to the midsection and crown. He looks like a NW 6 to me with a rather weak donor. Did the doctor develop a plan with him? He'll need 5000-5500 grafts to get total coverage to put his mind at ease and that is gonna cost another $20k at least.
  7. Baldrick101

    Progesterone Hair Loss Treatment

    I remember reading a post on another forum or possibly reddit about a male to female transexual. He was a very thinned out NW3-4 before the transition and 2 years later literally had a full head of hair. The poster was on a cocktail of various hormones, etc. Large doses. Obviously its not feasible for a man to take such large doses but I was astonished at the regrowth and transformation.
  8. Did he really offer you a full refund for that? I'm shocked. To me, that looks like an ok result. Not great but good. Only a 400-600 touch up needed to get you over the line. I don't know much about Nader but he sounds like a really decent guy
  9. That is some serious dense packing!! Do you know how many he packed in per sq cm?
  10. Baldrick101

    Recommended on this forum

    Don't the clinics need the patient's permission to post results online, even if the face is blurred? Most people don't give permission and would rather keep things discreet.
  11. Baldrick101

    Recommended on this forum

    Feller used to post a lot but most discussions he got involved in would descend into a mud slinging match. You would have situations where members would disagree with what a surgeon says. The surgeon's are medical doctors and presumably got tired of arguing with laypersons. I suppose the other thing is that surgeons are very busy and simply don't have the time to get into online discussions.
  12. Looks like a normal feather zone along the hairline to me. Personally I think slight asymmetry works well and adds to a natural look. Perfect hairlines often look a little off to me. Nice result!
  13. Baldrick101

    FUE Scarring - Small Procedure

    Sure you can buzz it to a 1 guard. I've had 4,400 odd grafts FUE in total and this is me 10 days after having 840 . It is a 1 guard length. Punch size was 0.7 and 0.8. Yes the scarring is visible but frankly, its not that bad and only really noticeable to a trained eye. I normally keep it to a 3 at the back and that is definitely fine.
  14. Personally I would not want a fatigued Dr working on me alone for 10 hours a day. Lets say the doctor does 2000 odd extractions on his own. The grafts are then left in dishes and out of the body for many hours. Do you expect him to trim, prepare and sort them too on his own? Then he has lunch. Then he comes back and does all the incisions on his own. He will need to constantly stop to keep an eye on the grafts and make sure they are kept in optimal conditions. Following the incisions he then starts implanting the grafts all on his own. Not only will he be very tired doing this but the grafts will have been out of the body for far longer. Now imagine the doc does this 5 days a week. No thank you. Doesn't make any rational sense to insist on a doctor only procedure unless its a small case. Some of the top clinics have techs that have been working for them for 20 years, they are highly skilled and arguably more skilled at implanting than the actual surgeon himself. I would rather have this tech doing some of the work as they are true specialists and very skilled. Of course, if you go to bosley or wherever then you may get a travelling tech who is likely inexperienced. But you aren't doing yourself any favours by wearing blinders and insisting on surgeon only transplants.
  15. Very honest report on his results. Great work!