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  1. Hi all, Just replying to some PMs I have been getting in regards to my scarring. In my situation I have noticed a bit of bumping in the scar which I believe is more to my own body's way of healing. Even so the scar is not very visible even with a 2 guard as seen. With concealer it is undetectable. Now the age old question FUE vs. FUT. In my case I'm very happy with my choice considering my HT goals. I expect to keep loosing hair over the years on my crown with an FUT procedure I did not damage or reduce the amount of donor area which gives me the opportunity to do a second FUT or an FUE in the future. Also FUT I believe provides a better coverage as more hairs survive transplantation. Now in regards to cost money was not a deciding factor as I was going to finance part of the procedure anyway. My decision to go with FUT was simply for coverage and also trying to conserve as much donor area as possible for any future procedure which in my case I may need.
  2. Just a quick note for those who are considering HT. Being bald in my 20s was very depressing to say the least. It got to the point where I had to really think of any activity really well before I participated and think of concerning my bald areas with hair fibers and hats. This included things like outdoor activities (beach, BBQs, camping etc.) , Daytime events, and that included an exposed head or water. Because of this I missed out on many fun times with friends and family. Though being bald is not a bad thing at all however at my age it was detrimental. However I did not let it stop me from enjoying life. Concealing became part of my everyday routine some days I did an excellent job but some days like those hot summer days were just a mess lol. After my hair transplant and 8+months in I can say this has been one of the best investments in my life. Leaving home without a hat is not a fear anymore and water exposure is not a nightmare anymore. My coworkers, friends and family many of which do not know of the procedure complement my new hair and I can finally wear my curls again. This post is just one POV from one person myself. On my HT journey and I hope to make others in similar situations to mine make a smart decision. For the most part in my age group many HT patients are more concerned on the monetary side of things though it is a big part of the procedure quality plays a bigger role. I recommend patients to review doctors fully through forums, YouTube videos, reviews and consultations. And go with the one who you feel more comfortable with. Don't solely base your decision on one aspect or one result. In my case I'm extremely happy I went with my surgeon and went through with the procedure in general. It has certainly made me a happier person.
  3. As far as my hair I have kept my haircut the same as pre op. I normally get a mid taper with a 1 guards on the sides and and back and 2 guard on the mid back and sides. The scar is visible on my left side and hard to see in the back and right sides. I currently use gray away concealer on the left side and it's really hard to notice with it on. I would avoid FUT if you want the seamless appearance however with the products and hair styles available it's easy to hide the scar. I will post photos of the scar. It's important to note that scaring is dependent on individual no matter how experienced a surgeon if you do not scar well you'll have a higher chance of growing keloids.
  4. Hello guys, Just a quick update on my HT. Im currently in Month 8. I'm extremely happy I went with Dr Arocha and the entire procedure in general. Since my last post my hair has mostly thicken and its texture is closer to the rest of my hair. In my case I use pomade to bring out the Curls in my hair as well as hair fibers to darken my scalp. (Hair transplant will not give you 100% coverage especially if you're completely bald). Attached are photos with and without hair fibers
  5. Hi folks, Here's my 7 month update. Density has been increasing which I'm really happy for. I have felt a handful of pimples which I hope are even more hairs growing in. Overall I'm very happy with the results. Long are the days of trying to conceal the receding hairline. Now I can style my hair how I like which has taken a load of off my back. The texture of my transplanted hair is getting closer and closer to the original state of curly and soft. This was something that concerned me when I started the growth stage where the hair felt with.
  6. I was in Houston for the first time so the day after and next I was visiting different locations .even went to an Astros game. But my face was swollen looked like I just left a boxing match. I. Regards to work itself I went back to work as soon as the swelling went down and scabbing went away so apox. 10 days after surgery.
  7. Thank you, I went with FUT. From my understanding Arocha likes to limit FUT surgery to 2000 grafts to avoid larger scars. In my case I was okay with a Larger scar as I didn't want to damage my entire back of the head with FUE as I may need another surgery in the future on the back of my head (starting to bald there too) atwhich point I will do a fue instead.
  8. I'm very happy with the results thus far and yes density is my biggest uncertainty at the moment however it is important to note that the hairs may have not all grown yet and also not at their full thickness. Furthermore the new hairs are growing straight up and not laying flat as my natural hair. Over the course of the next 6 to 12 months I'm sure these three aspects (growth, thickness and texture) will continue to improve thus generating more density. Dr. Arocha had many good examples of before and aftee to show me when I visited. Way more than what you'll find on his site. All had great coverage and density to the point you wouldn't think there was surgery. The one that sealed the deal with me was patient 55 on the site who had similar baldness to me and received ~2000 grafts. His results are phenomenal. In my case I received 3140 grafts so I'm expecting similar results.
  9. Thank you, according to the doctor my hair is very straight at short left I'll say between 1 and 2 guard then curls alot after that length. The implants were done by 2 technians who had been doing HT for at least 5years each. From my experience only very few doctors do the full surgery. I didn't ask the technians in regards to the direction they were placing the grafts but so far I feel they were place in a way similar to my natural hair growth.
  10. Hi everyone, Just wanted to give you some photos . I'm 5 months to the day 06/15/18 to 11/15/18. What do you guys think so far. Both photos taken today under different lighting.
  11. WEEK 19 update. The hairs were growing long and thin looks like wires therefore decided to trim them down to a 1 GUARD to make them lay flatter. my biggest concern is the density at this point which i believe is a concern for everyone at this point in the growth cycle. however i have seen really thin hairs popping through the scalp and in areas where there is one hair i see a second or even a third hair to start growing from the same follicle. looking forward for these next couple of weeks and months. I'm very satisfied of the procedure and results thus far.
  12. Week 16 (Month 4) Here's another update: since my last post i see much more hair growing in and some more sprouting very thin. looking forward for the following months. My hair and transplanted hair were growing long so used the #3 guard to cut down. Right now my only concern is Density - hoping the areas fill in the following months.
  13. MONTH 3 (12 weeks) UPDATE: Many of the hairs that were transplanted shedded between weeks 2 and 4. I was back to square one. Around week 8-9 hairs started regrowing sporadically and very thin and short. Today (pictured) shows much more hair growth almost as when I was in the end stage of shedding. In my particular case my hair is growing more on my right temple, followed by left temple and slowest growth in the middle. However growth is everywhere looking forward to the following months. I get pimples that last a day and once gone you see new hair growth. I have no pain and have 95% sensation around the scalp.
  14. Day 20: I have begun shedding hair and some small pimples appear. I consulted with the doctor to ensure it wasn't any infection. All normal. Scar: was closed using the 2 layer technique both with disposal stitches. After the first week many stitches were popping out. I cut the ends. The redness has gone down considerably. And looks like is healing well. Haven't worked out or done any heavy physical activity.