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  1. I’m mid-late 30’s from the UK with Norwood 4-5 hair loss. Lacked any density in the middle, bald spot and a detached island of hair at the front. My hair loss began very gradually around late twenties, all the way until mid 30’s when it began to stabilize somewhat. Initially I made appointments at 3 of the UK’s providers of hair transplant. I was met and assessed each time by what I can only describe as a non-medical professional, in effect a trained salesman! This is in fact contrary to ISHRS guidelines which states that a medical doctor should perform the initial examinations. It felt as though in each case I was being evaluated on the basis of what wealth I was perceived to have; and despite being offered different hair transplant procedures/plans by the 3 clinics, the cost was always around £5000, which suggested that they were well trained at guessing how much I could afford based on age and appearance – I look younger and dress very casually. I also never mentioned a specific budget. The treatments offered to me by the different providers were: 1. FUT with no specified amount of grafts to cover my whole scalp apparently (£5500); 2. FUE to just cover the frontal area, and not the crown as the guy said that taking saw palmetto tablets (which they sold under their own brand) would make my crown thicken sufficiently - no specified number of grafts (£5000); 3. FUE to cover the crown and middle and to give me a hairline for £6000, again no specified number of grafts. In each case they were very vague on exactly what I was getting. I researched the internet for clinics in Turkey. I observed that there are 3 types of clinic mainly; 1) clinics that charged under a 1000 euros for a mega sessions, where there are no doctors present; clinics that charge around 2000 euros for a mega session, where there is one doctor who has minimal input into the procedure other than drawing out a hairline; and lastly, clinics that charge more for the procedures because of the quality of the doctor/clinic, these clinics charge their own rates for example cost per graft. I narrowed down my search to 4 clinics which I contacted. Dr Resul Yaman’s clinic attracted me for several reasons: 1. Reviews online were overall the best I had seen personally, 2. Photos of the work performed seemed great 3. The assessment I got was both detailed and realistic. Fikret who is the manager of the clinic, was very helpful and took care of all the arrangements at short notice. I won’t go into too much detail on the logistics, as the most important aspect is truly the final result; however, I was picked up to and from the airport on time, the hotel was decent, and staff at the clinic were pleasant. I actually managed to visit Istanbul on my first day, with the following day my operation. Dr Yaman mapped out the grafts on my scalp (4000) and performed all the incisions himself, and the operation went very well. I was given all my aftercare products, head washed and bandages following days, and I was off back to the UK 3 days later. After 8/9 months, I had pretty much a full head of hair again and I felt reborn!!! The hair was great, the sides also looked good. One year later, I decided I wanted to lower my hairline slightly and thicken up the front a little more. I had an extra 1300 grafts done and now I’m at 8 months after the second procedure, I am even more thrilled. I am so happy with this and I will 100% recommend this clinic to anyone wanting a hair transplant. Some key things I’d like to mention: 1. Dr Yaman is extremely involved in the whole procedure from start to finish and performs all the incisions himself. 2.There is a designated extraction specialist to extract grafts. 3.The technicians are really professional and they were actually the same staff both times I visited which was very reassuring. 4. All the implanted hairs grow in their correct directions, so there is no need to wear gel on a daily basis to mask wrong directed hairs, as I have seen from other clinic’s reviews. 5. The hairline design looks good and natural – I observed this from other patients that were there. 6. The hair density is great all over. 7. After over 5000 grafts, the donor actually looks good and not particularly over harvested, I’ve had no issues wearing my hair either short or long on the sides. If your hair is important and you want to get the best possible result both in terms of hair/hairline design, and quality of grafts, as well as good density, you simply must go to Dr Yaman for your procedure!!!
  2. I am interested because I like the idea of a professional team that facilitates the experience and procedure. However, all i keep seeing is that people have been looked after well by the team, Dr Cinik is a gentleman etc; I am not seeing real reviews where we can see the results i.e. how well the hair has been transferred etc after a full year. There are some but they are few and far between..
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