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  1. Fueforme333

    People who have had Beard FUEs

    Bump. Anyone else?
  2. Fueforme333

    People who have had Beard FUEs

    Bump. Anyone else able to share their experience? Especially from the face (above jawline...mainly the chin, mustache and soul patch areas, which is where I’m looking to use as donor) Thanks
  3. Would manual punch be best for this situation? Do you know which doctors are best at extractions from the chin? Thanks
  4. Dr. Bhatti What size do you use for beard graft extractions?
  5. Fueforme333

    People who have had Beard FUEs

    Who did you go if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. Fueforme333

    People who have had Beard FUEs

    What i mean by Acell and PRP is when it is applied to the donor area after extraction. Not as a standalone procedure. Does anyone have a list of doctors who use only manual punches? Thanks
  7. Fueforme333

    People who have had Beard FUEs

    Hi guys, People who have had hairs taken from their beard ABOVE the jawline (chin, mustache, under the chin), have you had any issues with scarring/hypopigmentation? I've heard only good things about beard FUE extractions, even above the jawline (mainly from HDC clinic and Dr. Bisanga) I am looking to get this done, with small punch size (hopefully 0.6-0.8mm) plus Acell and PRP. Not sure which doctor to go to yet. Any recommendations? You are probably wondering why. I am looking to reverse a scalp to beard FUE i had done before. I don't like it, it looks bad, I have gaps in my scalp donor area that I want to fix, and i just want to get this over and done with. Thank you
  8. Fueforme333

    Opinions on Dr. Carlos Wesley?

    How much does Dr Wesley charge per scalp and body hair graft?
  9. Fueforme333

    Opinions on Dr. Carlos Wesley?

    Hi all, I was wondering what you guys thought about Dr. Carlos Wesley. I'm interested in going to him for a repair of my donor area, and have heard great things about him, including some repairs he's done on other people's donor areas. I've narrowed it down to him and one more clinic. Anyone had experience with him, good or bad? Thanks
  10. Fueforme333

    FUE scars getting worse?

    Has anyone had FUE scars that got worse with time? I feel like after 5 months, my FUE scars are now becoming hypopigmented. Before, the skin was normal color, and now they've become whiter than the surrounding areas. Will they get better with time? Thanks
  11. Hey Spidey, How do you plan on dealing with the scars in your donor? Or is your donor area healed up well enough that you dont see any scars once shaved?
  12. To both Spidey and Harry Do you find that the native hairs (non-transplanted hairs) cause the same skin irregularities, or is it just the hair grafts that were transplanted? If its all hairs that are causing these irregularities, perhaps its natural and we can't do anything about it
  13. Abbie, it looks amazing! Are you able to share photos of the nape donor area to show if there is any potential scarring in the area? I am considering Dr. Umar for a repair and would like to use primarily nape hair. I have light fair skin and dark hair. I want to know if Dr. Umar's approach will leave any scars. Thanks
  14. Fueforme333

    Use of nape hair

    Thanks home. I have thought about it but I honestly prefer hair in those gaps...at least the ones lower down the donor area. The reason I want to use the nape hair is because I don't like it (it grows out very quickly and ruins my haircuts after a couple of days; i considered laser removal but would love to use it as a donor if I could). But i appreciate the concern and the advice. Has anyone here had nape hair used with success?
  15. Fueforme333

    Use of nape hair

    Sean, Do you have any scarring from your nape hair extractions? And did they not grow for you at all? Do you mind me asking who did you procedure? I see all the cases Dr. Umar has done using nape hair and body hair, with success. Is he the best out there for this? Actually, it seems many people are using nape for various purpose with success, but when I hear stories like yours, it puts me on edge. Thanks