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  1. Just to show you what I mean I've attached a close up. On the left of the image is my natural hair and then pretty much straight after that one hair pointing down the rest on the right is the new. You can see the hair grows slightly differently from the scalp. Nothing major but just these things into consideration when finally discussing.
  2. Probably the only thing I regret is not taking more time to think about how my hairline naturally grows and explaining that fully as one side does need at least some hair products in it to force it to flow rather than grow away from the direction the natural hair goes. Since I don't tend to push it up at the front if I haven't put anything in my hair however, it's not really a problem though so it's only a minor issue. I would prefer it to be as thick as the rest of my hair but having more grafts at the same time can decrease the chances of success so I let the people who know what they are doing make the decision for me.
  3. I'd say one side flows with my hair much better than the other but after putting a bit of hair putty in, its fairly easy to tease the hair to flow better on that side so it looks better in these pics than say when I get out the shower etc.
  4. Just took a few quickly for ya... As for tools used, the extractions and holes punched were done with a motorised tool and by the doctor himself but the placement was done by two nurses by forceps I believe.
  5. That picture is taken in flattering light as if you're really looking for it in certain lights you can still tell i've had it done, but yeah have been very fortunate to end up with a good result, and for the money i can't fault Dr Demirsoy's work
  6. Funny, was just thinking about this site earlier this morning as haven't been on here in ages... Yeah i'm back to normal. I understand some peoples sex drives take quite some time to come back and in rare cases don't fully revert but for myself fortunately it only took about a month after stopping taking it. Hairs still going strong currently without the finasteride (they suggest to keep taking as most likely will fall back out) but so far doesn't appear to be...
  7. I can do some if you want me to but my hair is so thick, the donor areas have looked normal since about month 3. If I had my hair really short in those areas it may be an issue but haven't had it cut very short since the surgery. Never had any balding on my Crown either so would just be pictures of thick hair... If you want to see though happy to take some.
  8. This will be my last post as it's been coming on 11 months now so won't see any improvement. It's been a great success and better result than I expected. Only two minor issues which are firstly, my hair is stubborn with the direction it grows out of my scalp and so on one side the grafts point a different direction to the real hair so i have to tease it into flowing with the rest. Far better than having bald patches though! Second issue i've mentioned before but it's when i stand under intense light it lights up the scalp as the density isn't as high as my natural hair. In normal situations this isn't noticeable however so these two minor grumbles are nothing serious. With this in mind, Dr Demirsoy is highly recommended as he's made a world of difference to my confidence for relatively little cost in comparison to other options with similar results!
  9. Result hasn't improved since last posts but do have a new phone with a much better camera so it may look as if things are a little worse due to the better fidelity. At least it's easier for you guys to get a better representation of how thick it actually is.
  10. Month 8 and it's just getting easier and easier to style without it looking slightly dodgy in certain lights... As time passes just become more and more pleased with the result ☺️
  11. Hopefully you can carry on with the Finasteride without any side affects. With myself think i just got the standard stuff as bought from online chemist and went with cheapest option as people were saying no difference in products... My sex drive werent' affected until about 2 months into taking it as guess like most stuff, it takes time to build up in your system. I had to stop taking it though as just didnt feel the same any longer and without a sex drive, life can become a little dull. With regards to my grafts, think Muzaffer suggested most of mine were 2-4 follicles in each so similar to yours. All depends on how well they are looked after though as well and a lot of them wont survive as thats just the way it is. I didnt do everything perfectly so there's a chance yours could end up with an even better result! Good luck and hope you get the result your looking for. Be surprised how many little steps you'll have which give you hope, even now when it's not getting any denser, it still is improving just with the hair catching up in length with the rest so it flows better with it all... It's a good feeling
  12. No worries, any pics so far? What you have to look forward to! Not becoming any denser now but as the new hairs are similar length to the rest, they tend to flow with the rest of the hair better so less noticeable once again. Like said before, if you were looking for it you could probably tell, otherwise no one would know really!
  13. It's called Bepanthol lotion. Apparently easily attainable in Germany (where most of his clients come from) but managed to buy off Amazon so no sweat. Had to soak for hours and hours with the stuff, and although they suggest brushing the scabs with a toothbrush to loosen them, had no affect whatsoever for me. They told me not to use any pressure down on the areas but only way I could remove them was putting an ever so slight pressure down and rubbing in a circular movement, eventually they came off... Think I just took everything they said completely literally but as English is Muzaffers third language, think the instruction was just not 100% clear so i was overly cautious the first couple of days trying to remove them
  14. So very little difference if at all any from last month but managed to capture with better lighting this time. As I said before, generally people wouldnt notice unless they knew to look, but if they were to in good lighting you can see the close image shows how the recipient areas are thinner than the rest of my natural hair. Have to be really looking for it but this fact does limit the styles I can go for somewhat. If my receding hair continues behind the recipient areas I expect I may well go back to have them filled in along with the front thickened out slightly more since the best results i've seen have been over two sessions. I would say though that i'm comfortable and happy with the result ive ended up with as seen far far worse for more money but whatever the result, your always going to wish for the best outcome imaginable which is probably unrealistic.
  15. It was micro-motor FUE technique for the removal of the grafts and from what I recall I believe forceps to implant. I didn't actually ask about this prior and they were obviously above my line of sight so difficult to see what they were using but believe it was forceps rather than implanter pens. If you contact them ask Muzaffer (The guy that looks after you and deals with the customers) about it though as he'll be able to confirm. As for the density, over my bald areas I received 1664 grafts and fortunately the majority of them contained 3-4 hairs and only a few containing 1-2. I guess like everyone ideally i'd still prefer it to be more dense as in intense light you can still make out my scalp but considering other people tend to look at me in the eye rather than directly at my temples, for others to notice this minor issue I think would be quite uncommon. I think at this point I can recommend Dr Demirsoy since it's been successful and I haven't seen any better results in this price band with just one session. I've seen better density elsewhere but they have generally been over the course of two sessions or doctors that are charging far far more. If money is no object perhaps go with one of the more highly rated doctors since you only have a limited number of grafts on your head, but I can guarantee they do a good job and he's clearly one of the best cheaper options out there.