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Hair Loss Overview

  • Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
  • How long have you been losing your hair?
    In the last 10 years
  • Norwood Level if Known
    Norwood IV A
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  • Hair Transplant Surgeon
    Dr. Radha Palakurthi
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    Dr. Murugusundaram
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Rogaine Foam

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  1. Rawkerboi, Well, I will need a couple more months to decide if the surgery is an overwhelming success. The kind of success that will make it very hard to move away from Radha Rani. I have lost a lot of hair in the last few months, both native and transplanted on the right side of my head. From hairline, all the way to the vertex. It’s bizzare! It’s nothing ackward to look at or strikingly obvious, but, a good observer will notice the difference from the left side. The left side is almost a 100 percent. It’s just beautiful! As I have reported earlier in my updates, it’s the right side that
  2. Thanks Khali! ————————————————- I have stopped updating the thread, as there's nothing really to report except for some trivial matters. I believe, I won’t have the need to update in the near future as well. Il probably do half yearly updates from now on to record the long term experience. Il be glad to post pictures in the meantime on request.
  3. As to why Erdogan has refused to operate on you, is because, these miniaturised hair are so weak, they would not able to handle the trauma caused by a surgery. A normal, healthy hair lost due to trauma will come back in its next growth cycle. But, the miniaturised ones have had their knockout punch. They are lost forever. As you must know already, most doctors advise their patients to be on Fin for a certain period before they operate. This is because, Fin helps in improving the health of the miniaturised hair. Thus, minimising the loss of hair permanently due to trauma from the surgery.
  4. Miniaturised hair is a very common terminology used in hair transplant literature describing a DHT affected hair. I am surprised you haven’t known about in all these years. In individuals with healthy follicles, hair growth will follow the cycle of growth, rest, and shedding for the entirety of one’s life. This means a full head of hair with little to no thinning or loss. In those with hair miniaturization, the cycle is interrupted for one reason or another. The two most common interruptions occur during the anagen phase of growth (typically experienced by those with Male-Pattern
  5. Lol Rawkerboi! It was a shortlived Christmas. I started liquifying the foam before application. It becomes just like regual rogaine. Thanks for your wishes! And, thank you too Rajiv Kumar! I am glad you found some useful information here.
  6. Thanks boys! BjornBorg, never have used fibers in my life. Neither do I use any other hair products.
  7. 7 Months, 2.5 Weeks. I think it is time to declare this surgery a success. My observation still largely remains the same. Those patches without growth still remains without growth. The major ones are, a couple of spots on the right side with visible scalp and a single spot on the left side with sparse growth. Like I have reported from the 5 th month or so, it's the length of the surrounding hair, type of the hair and the type of my balding pattern has all helped to give a pretty good final product. HT s are all about optics and illusion, the following pictures will make you endor
  8. Rawkerboi, My monthly reports here are just reports and nothing more. It doesn’t and I don’t intend to use it as an emotional outlet, be it good or bad. They are just collection of events leading up to the next month. More like a log, which might be useful for someone down the line. My prediction of a moderate result is not based on any rationale or my fear/worries, but just a gut feeling. I went into this surgery well prepared for a complete failure. Besides, I am a sort of a person who will get ready for another surgery than sulking at a failure. Anyways, thanks for your intere
  9. To bring in some perspective, One month before surgery. Though, a short hair cut (my general/forced appearance) drastically changes the dynamics for me. My first post has pictures of my hair cut short a couple of weeks before my surgery. It doesn’t look half bad as this.
  10. I had them too. But, I am not really sure if it is okay to have them. I had them pretty late though, like in the 3-4 th week. I thought I was shedding. So, dint do anything about it.
  11. Hairbomb, I do not believe there s a good FUE surgeon in India. So, can’t recommend. Sorry! My next destination is ASMED, unless this turns out to be a super success, which I highly doubt it will be.
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