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  1. literalno

    Dr Rahal FUT result 2516 grafts

    what ended up happening with this?
  2. Hey guys, I'm about 3.5 months post op, not a whole lot of growth to be quite honest. I visited my doc at the 3 month mark for a follow up and he was coming finishing up a 3000 graft session around 11:30 am, whereas mine was 3080 grafts but took 5 more hours. He said the reason for this related to the tissue of my grafts, and that they were "slippery" meaning that surrounding grafts would pop out when one was put in making the whole process a lot longer. Naturally, my grafts were out of body longer than say the person who finished at 11:30 am and I was wondering if 10 hours is a normal amount of time for them to be out of body or if that could compromise results? I've searched online and some docs say that slippery grafts is not a real thing and that it is a reflection of the holding solution or skill of implanters, but i'm not too sure that is the case. Please let me know your thoughts on how long grafts can survive outside the body because i am seeing negligible growth at the moment thanks
  3. best result ive ever seen. More pics please!
  4. hey man how's the hair, any updates?
  5. any updates on this?
  6. any updates? Had mine done aug 9th so almost same timeline
  7. yes very curious as I went with Rahal 3 months ago!
  8. It's just odd to me that he would space them out during a dense packing session at all? Do you have any clear post of photos to see the work? I also noticed i had shedding of the hairs really early on, like in the first week, so that's really kind of thrown me off since i've never really been able to see or appreciate what the full result could be.
  9. ahhh so worried after seeing the old thread since I went with Rahal!
  10. hey fellow rahal patient, just wondering why u didn't go back to him? ur troublesome growth has me worried since i am only 3 months in