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  1. Tried to make the thread before didnt get any meaningful answers. Went to my clinic's office and paitent rep put concealer on the area and proceeded to wipe it off intensely to the point it was red and hurt really bad. Could this damage the skin since there is scar tissue. Makes sense that it would, someone change my mind.
  2. Looking for a doctor to answer here. Would vigerous rubbing, to the point of a tingling sensation and obvious discomfort, but not skin breakage affect hair grafts 6 weeks post op? Had someone apply toppic just to see what its like and they rubbed it off quite hard with alcohol wipes afterwards. I felt some pain and tingling and increased redness of that region, and am wondering if this could potentially damage my grafts? Thanks really worried
  3. buzzed my head so can't comb over it. Will try the concealer trick, but thinking u guys may be right in thinking it to not be all that noticable.
  4. Okay I am in need of serious assistance. I have an upcoming interview in a week and there's still obvious redness around my hairline having only had the procedure not even 6 weeks ago. Anyone have any experience with how to conceal something like that in a professional setting? Anyone have any personal experience with this? I know its not a huge deal but I just wanna see if there's any extra measures I can take
  5. this man never got on fin
  6. literalno

    Sun exposure

    only from UVB which is far lesser of UVA in terms of capacity to damage and ratio. That's why i'm concerned and looking for some anecdotal evidence of people who have walked in moderate levels of sun, say daylight for a few hours most days as is usual (but not in scorching weather) and still got great results. I really dont understand why a vet or two cant just chime in on the subject? please
  7. literalno

    Sun exposure

    note the first sentence of the above message is meant for spaceman. the rest is for Harry
  8. literalno

    Sun exposure

    just checked ur result, amazing so far! Okay yeah i do not think ive really damaged my grafts if that is allowed. Harry u said you went with konior? Im curious to see what he says since his website is super strict about sunlight. the article he wrote on it is kinda what got me tripping about it in the first place, so if you could maybe reach out and let everyone know in regards to the amount you walked around?
  9. literalno

    Sun exposure

    damnn okay that does help. and how far along are you now
  10. literalno

    Sun exposure

    how many months post op? That does help. Anyone else
  11. literalno

    Sun exposure

    thank i understand that sentiment, but it would still be insanely helpful to hear form at least some of the large amount of members who have gone through the journey multiple times and how much they actually avoided the sun. That's all, just wanna hear how big of a deal it actually is so i can ascertain whether i messed something up or not. shouldn't be hard since there are so many. literally anyone?
  12. how about wearing one indoors where sun is shining through windows? I have a window in my room that is uncovered and sun shines through every damn morning but is not burning. Im wondering if it could be damaging
  13. literalno

    Sun exposure

    it's been just over 5 weeks, but have been sleeping in this room since 3.5 weeks