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  1. yes i get that, but also just want to see what they look like in the hands of my surgeon because I really haven't seen that many examples, and the one I did see that was close to mine in the Rahal collection is not showing up anymore (something up with the links I think). That's why I'm so eager to see some examples, just want to know the option is there. Rahal simply said to me that when you do the temples, it looks more "done" so he didn't want to do them, but I would like to still see examples.
  2. literalno

    Transplanted Temple POINTS

    Hey! Thank you so much! I very much look forward to seeing them
  3. literalno

    Transplanted Temple POINTS

    I’ve met some past patients with amazing hairline work but none have had temlle work. Rahal’s office has sent me temple results but nothing as drastic as i want , and nothing with course hair which i seem tk have someone please post your results if possible
  4. That’ GREAT to hear, because I realllyyy do not want to use but still want as close to 100% yield as I can get
  5. do you absolutely NEED to though? Like will the hair still grow in the same?
  6. Really eh? are you on track in terms of growth? Are you able to provide me with anyone else who hasn't taken it?
  7. i definitely need them because the space between my eyebrows and temples i 4cm +. How are yours looking so far? I am getting my hairline advanced and really think i should get my temples done as well, but my hair is kind of course so I'm thrown off. Does anyone have any examples, besides the one above? I believe I will need more advancement than the one above. Pictures will come the day of my procedure in August
  8. Anybody not use minox after transplant and get great result?
  9. I know it is recommended to use minox in the first year for maximum growth, but is it absolutely necessary? I really hate it and would much rather avoid it as I think it was messing up my skin
  10. dr konior does all the graft placement? I thought that was the job of techs because it is far too laborious for one person. Can an expert please clarify
  11. yeah he said if u bring those in, it looks like u had work "done' so to speak so now im quite confused
  12. how do you temple points look now, very natural or too thick? I am considering temple points but want them to be as natural as possible
  13. hey thanks for the reply. Which doctor is this result from? Also, when I said they would look unnatural, I was referring to doctor rahal not wanting to transplant in the temples in fear that THAT would look unnatural. But the guy above seems to have a great result! Hoping for something similar
  14. yeah exactly, and for me sometimes his look unnatural so I am really looking for anyone who has had natural work done. I saw a konior case where they were absolutely perfect, but that's been about it
  15. he actually said that temple points make it look unnatural, like work has been "done" so I'm pretty confused because if they look unnatural, then wouldn't all transplanted hair essentially look unnatural? I really need them done because where I want to lower my hairline to looks weird if they don't come in