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  1. Nice nice. Is that 55 hairs or grafts. If grafts, do u know how many hairs?
  2. This is the hope i need! I believe im a super slow grower noticing little at 5 months
  3. similar to me at 5 months. Hoping for the both of us!
  4. wow 55 is amazing, i must have been mistaken by the picture. Are you able to outline in a picture where the 55 are so i can see where you were measuring? That is a success in my opinion
  5. Unbelievable results man! Seriously mind bending! How much growth do u think u had percentage wise at 5 months?
  6. Okay awesome im at 5 months rn, still pretty thin so hoping for a lot of thickening between now and then
  7. Hey amazing results. How many more sprouts did u notice coming out after 5 months?
  8. Can he get someone to count the hairs per cm sq? I’m just saying does not look like 65.
  9. Looks like 10 hairs, not even grafts, per cm sq. What do u think?
  10. LOLL do u really think u got 65 grafts per cm sq? Doesnt look like it from here
  11. Same here im on begginning of month 5 and havent seen any new growth in over a month. Feels awful. Don’t know what to think. Could deffs use some of those big 6-7 month case as well
  12. literalno

    3500 grafts FUE

    5 months?!?!?! omg i should have went with this clinic. My 5 month is horrible. Any more pics of this patient please?
  13. yeah yours does not look gappy at all. Not super thrilled with the process so far. Time will tell