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  1. Thanks Melvin, just sent you a private message with more details. The clinic has responded, but have no solution for the problem with the skin just as before. I've opened this discussion to learn more about skin issues and I'm surprised to see no traction. I'm going into the operation tomorrow, quite clueless to be honest, hoping I am not going to cause any more damage -- hopefully improve the skin a little bit. Documenting the process - Microneedling / Radio waves treatment Since I refuse to believe I'm the only one, I'll document the process. Maybe this will help others. I took a few minutes today to capture 18 months mark of my skin. The photos attached were all taken today, by the same camera, same mode. The only difference is I took these in front of two different mirrors, in different lighting (white-ish and yellow-ish). It goes to show how different this can look in different scenes. But again - all taken today. The operation was on my hairline / temples. Notice in the close up photos how no other hairs bump like this naturally, for example on the sides. I know close-ups are not always fair, but this bothers me enough to post here. This is my skin, I live inside of it every day and it's damaged.
  2. Do you think microneedling can cause any damage in competent hands? or at worst it would do nothing? The clinic is recommended, yes. I'm trying to be sensitive about mentioning their name here. It feels like if I do, that's when I give up completely on getting possible help. I've just sent them another email and contacted their representative one more time before going into the mentioned skin care op next week. They've addressed my concerns in the past. Understandably, most of the times I was told "don't worry it will go away" - which is reasonable under 6 months, even 12 months... but 18 months seems a bit much at this point, I mean this is just the way it is. I was also given a shampoo they say "helps with scaling" but I'm afraid it didn't help. I'll capture more recent photos and update this post.
  3. Hi, to continue where this topic left off, I've now opened a new discussion for 18 months post op with a possible operation that might help:
  4. I've posted here one year ago about a "tenting" issue I was having with my skin in a topic called "Rough red skin / 6 months post operation" By now I got good growth, but the skin under feels rough. Passing my fingers through my skin onto the hairline, you can feel the rough edge where the hairline starts. It's now over 18 months post op and the skin below is pretty much the same: 1. I have minor skin "bumps" around some hair, also referred to as tenting or cobblestone. This did improved a little over time, but still exists 2. The skin color is a little red, or at least somewhat noticeably different 3. The new hair is dense and in a natural direction which is great, but the hair does grow somewhat more curly than the hair around it and I don't understand why. This makes my hair look odd at times Unfortunately, the clinic I've been to did not have a solution for this. They gave me a special shampoo but I've used it for months and it did not help. I recently went to a few local doctors and one of them suggested trying microneedling + radio waves to help soften the skin and color. I've scheduled to do it next week. - Can this operation hurt the current results or worsen the skin? - Has anyone here tried it or know about others who have similar issues who did? Tbh, I am quite afraid of causing further damage to what was perfectly fine skin before the original operation. But my original clinic isn't very responsive and I don't know who else to talk to. I figured this board is my best shot!
  5. Jay, thank you for the huge response! Good research so far. To answer your questions: - I'm a combo of european / middle eastern, kind of pale with dark brown hair. So hair density indeed helps covering up, but redness and tenting is visible up close. I also want to reserve the option to shave it all off- what if the skin remains this way? - Different lighting changes how it looks completely, as seen in the photos attached in previous page. First two were taken in one room, other two in another. I found that in the dark the difference in skin tone is even easier to spot. - Redness in my case is mostly highlighted around each hair, which highlights the small bumps. - Attached to this post: 1. Another angle on my skin taken a few days ago 2. I found this photo taken at two months. I remember describing to my dr that it's far redder than this photo has captured. Btw, you can see no bumps are visible, these appeared only as the hair emerged. aWidowsPeek, thanks, I hope so mate. I realize there are far worse cases but if that's how a normal HT look like up close, then there's a huge issue with HT nobody's talking about. The skin is rough, not nearly as smooth compared to any other part of my scalp. It's kind of scaled with tenting. You can feel it and see it. I was definitely not prepared for this (and it's my fault). Can you describe your experience? How was your skin during / after?
  6. I'll gladly talk about it in PM once it works. Any way to fix the issue? I found the following section, "Correction of Tenting" in the following book. Source https://books.google.co.il/books?id=vd6ILG_cOjIC&lpg=PA264&dq=hair%20transplant%20tenting&pg=PA264#v=onepage&q=hair%20transplant%20tenting&f=false They mention dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, electro-cautery (?) and steroids. Edit: PM finally works, feel free to message me
  7. I know this sounds odd but my inbox shows up a 500 server error message: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/user_messages.php'>http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/user_messages.php This page isn’t working http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  8. OK, in an effort to wake this thread up I captured some photos It's pretty difficult to capture using a phone so I used my dslr. It's hard to notice the redness with these close ups. I did manage to capture the "cobblestone"-ish / rough skin I have in the recipient area. All of these photos were taken today, under two different lighting settings. I have a feeling so much of HT discussion is focused on density nobody is talking about skin health. Surely it's more common than it appears. Would love to get more responses. Anyone had anything like this and it passed as time went by (as my ht dr suggests)? Anyone stuck with it?
  9. Jay, thank you for the detailed response, albeit rather depressing. I have a feeling treatment is out there, there's just little to no incentive for professionals in the field to talk about it or even deal with this. We need to keep the conversation going. Perhaps the best we can do right now is collect as much information even on "a guy who knows a guy" and hope for the best. Sending you a private message now Edit: Private messaging does't seem to work on these boards (shows up a blank page). Let me know if there's another way to get in touch
  10. Doing some more research I found just a few articles mentioning laser resurfacing (fraxel is one of the options) to fix the skin. Problem is I can't find a single case online that shows how such procedure would work on a recipient area of an HT patient. Could it be that there's generally little experience in fixing rough skin for HT patients?
  11. I've been lurking around these forums for years and finally had my operation just a little over six months ago FUE of ~2100 grafts front, I'm Norwood 2 to 2A. I want to focus the skin in the post rather than yield. - The the skin has gotten better over the months, but it's still noticeably red. It's not bruised any more, no red spots or scars. Just redness. Is this normal at this point? - The recipient area is very rough. Passing my fingers through the hair and pressing the skin softly, I can feel every hair as a very small bump. It creates a rough skin feeling. I do not feel the same passing through regular hair. I can see those "bumps" if I look very closely in the mirror. To be fair, these bumps are small enough it's hard to capture by a smartphone camera. It still bothers me as does get highlighted in certain lighting, especially along with the redness. I asked my doctor about it, whether it's "cobblestone" and what can be done about it. They said it's not cobblestone and it should soften as time goes by. I know I should just wait, but I want to know there's a plan B in case it remains. I've read about "dermarolls" and "fraxel" to smooth the skin. Anyone else experienced similar skin issues and can advise? Thanks!
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