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  1. Hey guys, quick question. I noticed spots of blood on a bandage I put over the recipient area before bed. It's about 19 days post op. The bandage was so the polysporin wouldn't rub off on my pillow. Did anyone else notice small bits of blood at some point within the first month? There's no graft loss from what I can tell. Perhaps some follicles bled slightly when I was showering? I wasn't vigorous but I suppose when the shed hairs fall they could cause slight trauma. Pics attached. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys, 15 days post op FUT, I was told by my Rahal rep that it's ok to touch the recipient area and shower normally. I pulled lightly at some hairs in the receipient area and they came out very easily. No resistance, and no sensation of a hair being pulled out, though my scalp is somewhat numb. Some looked like "J" shaped, others were just hairs with no J shape or mini black "root" looking structure, and others were just straight hairs with a small black enlargement (bulb?). There were no white fleshy bulbs, which I've read are the actual follicles. I've posted a couple of pictures here. Does this look like normal hair that's ready to shed? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello Doctor, Thanks for the reply. Ill be speaking to the clinic rep tomorrow.
  4. Hey guys, quick question, Did anyone else massage their FUT donor site after about 2 weeks, or at all? I have been using the baby shampoo/water solution to wash the area, and massaging during, as well as massaging the polysporin. I read conflicting information online - some people recommend incision massage, others say it may worsen the scar. However, these were for regular surgeries, so not necessarily applicable to hair transplants. I will be speaking to my Rahal rep tomorrow but thought I'd post here as well. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys, Has anyone used a scar gel for the FUT scar? I just got the stitches removed, and wanted to know how long to wait before using. I.e. is it safe to use such products immediately after stitches removed as the area could still be tender. Also, please name brands you used. Thanks!
  6. Great. Thanks. Also, in terms of grafts. Once they're implanted, and no dislodgment within the first 10-12 days, does that mean all of the transplanted hairs will grow out?
  7. Hey guys, Quick question. I got 2863 grafts for 76 cm2, for a density of about 37-38 grafts/cm2. My hair is high caliber. Would this provide a reasonable amount of density? Reference pics: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/187347-8-days-post-op-how-does-look.html
  8. I dont have those pics yet. Rahal has to send me them.
  9. I dont konw if this is against the rules, but this site helps a lot so you can see each surgeons work https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/blogs_by_doctor.asp?offset=12&DrID=376