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  1. I have been taking 1mg Finasteride for a month. I know about all its possible adverse effects and risks listed in the package but I am not convinced. I am not a doctor nor have any knowledge about medicine. Maybe I want to understand the safety of Finasteride in a different way. So now, I have a couple of questions about drugs approved by FDA instead. 1.Is there any other medicine that was once approved by FDA but later on got prohibited or banned by FDA after some years because of later research or post-marketing studies suggesting high rates of health risks so FDA took them down?
  2. Hello. Thanks very much for your advice. You understand me very much !! You've raised a very good question ---Which decision helps you sleep better at night? I have asked myself a lot of time but I don't know. Before I started the medication and noticed my head and my hair loss , I felt so bad. I had a lot of night that I couldn't sleep well. When I am taking the medicine now, my worries about further loss is relieved and I have positive expectation for hair regrowth.. However, at the same time, every day, a few hours before I should take another pill, I have a lot of struggling
  3. I am currently taking 1mg Finasteride daily to battle against male-pattern hair loss. I'm so worried about possible negative side effects for long-term use while at the same time I cannot give up my hair. There are a lot of different sayings and legends about Finasteride. We have no doubt that it's an effective drug, however, at the same time I have doubt about its long-term safety because none of us has used it for long-term (it's a relatively new medicine, only first approved in January 1998, less than 20 years of time) I have done extensive Google search and find out that there
  4. I think most of us will not connect the use of FInasteride with gum / teeth / oral health. However, I recently find that hormone change could be a cause of gum problems or periodontal disease. I take care of my oral health but I also have mild form of gum inflammation and I am now taking Finasteride every day. Could the hormone change due to daily 1mg Finasteride promote unhealthy gum or affect the general oral health??
  5. Excuse me, you said "Dr Edgar charges 175 pounds for 14 months supply of Proscar 5mg and 145 for 5mg Generic finasteride. He is reliable and legitimate source as many will confirm. " What is the difference between Proscar 5mg and 5mg Generic Finasteride? Isn't Proscar 5mg = 5mg Generic Finasteride?? Sorry I am not speaking English very well.
  6. My family doctor sells Propecia (1mg Finasteride) for 28 tablets at approx USD 60 His advice is to go for Propecia or looking for cheaper generic but it should be from a more reputed pharmaceutical branding. I think he makes sense. But he was reluctant in suggesting me any alternatives otherwise than Propecia. It makes sense too because he wants to sell more Propecia However, USD 60 for 28 days is too expensive for me on long term. What is the cheaper alternative but a more reputed pharmaceutical branding that I can buy and how much. Can I buy it online?
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