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  1. Scalp laxity is new to me but I was sent some exercises to improve it by Dr. Path. I will certainly be doing them even while considering my options. I didn't know of them before my first surgery and wish that would have been part of the pre-surgery regimen.
  2. mattj, My first procedure was all frontal hairline, which was thinning a lot. For whatever reason, they really didn't go wider to go into the temple area. I really should have insisted at the time but went with their recommendations. I'm able to bring my hair quite a bit shorter right now (maybe a 3 or so?) without the scar showing. I used to go really short in the back and just can't do that any longer. It's mostly okay. I just have to go with different hairstyles but it would be nice to have that freedom again. Hence wanting to explore FUE in the scar area and in the temples so I can have that option again. Even at the time of the first surgery I preferred FUE but was talked into FUT. I don't necessarily regret it though if I went back in time I would have waited or opted for FUE. But, as others have pointed out, I do have that scar now. So, if another surgery could somehow reduce that FUT scar even that could be a win. Though if it went the other way and got bigger I'd be distraught. I kind of like the idea of finding a doctor who is great at both techniques so they can really evaluate the donor area, scar, and coverage needed currently and in the future. I contacted Dr. Path and his initial recommendation was FUT. Though it's still a mix among (HRN recommended)doctors.
  3. Thank you for the replies, everybody. I had planned on filling in the existing FUT scar with some FUE grafts too if I went that route, so I could hopefully have my hair pretty short again. That has been why FUE seemed like a good idea, plus the recovery time so I can be active right away again. The surgeons I've reached out to about a second surgery have had a mix of opinion too. I guess I've looked at a second FUT surgery as an option if I needed a lot of coverage and needed to eclipse the 3,000+ graft mark and looked at this one as still a major decision and surgery, but one that would not require quite as many grafts. Thank you to those complimenting my current hairline. We're always our worst critics, so it's good to hear a different voice. The right temple area does look a bit worse than the pictures and is the one glaring bald spot, but maybe I can live it without it until they invent a cure for baldness :-) Who am I kidding. I'll be staring at that missing divot of hair each time I look in the mirror wishing hair would appear...
  4. Thanks, Coach! It's really just the temple recession that keeps going north that is bothersome. It could certainly be much worse.
  5. Good idea, HairsGone. I actually don't have my pre and post op photos from 2009, but will upload photos of my hairline and donor scar. I'm a 37 year old male.
  6. Thanks, Coach. Did your doctor offer both solutions but thought FUE was best for you? How'sd yours turn out? The two doctors I've asked thus far have both said to stick with FUT since I've already done one surgery and have that scar​ from the strip incision. I just haven't had a good pro con list for making an informed decision on this second go. I think Erdogan would be excellent as a hairline artist, and will maximize yield but it's the long term I'm thinking about.
  7. Hello all, I feel like I've learned a lot by pouring over the info on this blog and researching surgeons and wanted to pick the brains of those who've debated FUT vs FUE as a second surgery option. I had my first surgery in 2009, a FUT strip procedure done by Paul Shapiro in Minneapolis (roughly 2,000 grafts). It turned out decently but I hated the recovery time for the strip, the tightness, the scarring, and the fact that I can't cut my hair down to a much shorter degree than I could before the surgery. With that said, my temples were barely touched and have receded considerably since the first surgery (which was the main reason I elected for a HT in the first place). I am ready to opt into my second procedure but would much rather go with FUE. I was booked to do so with Erdogan in Istanbul this month but didn't have the cash funds in hand to make it happen. While I'm waiting to save up... Is it a poor choice to move from a strip surgery to FUE since I already have the damage done from the first surgery? I would also be adding some hairs into the original donor scar from the first surgery so I can cut my hair a bit shorter - I realize that FUE produces scarring too, but not in a large line. Figure about 2,200 grafts maximum for this surgery. Will FUE take away from the hair count of my future donor hair pool? How much less of a yield can one expect with FUE? I will likely need another procedure years down the line as the hair on top starts to thin out more, so overall donor hair is a consideration Is there anything else I need to consider? If FUT is really my best option for a second surgery, do they use the same scarline for surgery 2? Can the overall scar be reduced? Thank you for any input you can offer. I am looking forward to making a decision and enjoying a nice hairline once again!
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