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  1. Looks amazing Memzinla! I love the hairline. I think you'll be happy with the density.
  2. Thanks for the kind comments. I don't know if it's anecdotal or not but I think taking biotin, fenasteride/dutasteride, and minoxidil while your new hair is growing makes a huge difference. I took dutasteride (Dr. Nader recommends it as well). You can get it at costco for 40.00 for 100 pills.
  3. I went to work 3 days after with a bandanna on. The redness verys on skin type. Mine took a little longer to go. If you get it done take biotin, fenasteride/dustasteride, and minoxidil while your new hair is growing.
  4. Thanks kaliber. Give it time. It take awhile to show results. Also, make sure to take biotin, fenasteride/dustasteride, and minoxidil while your new hair is growing.
  5. Give it some time before you decide on a second session. Your growth is not done. It will start to thicken a lot by months 10, 11, and 12. Decide then if you need more grafts... I've thought about a second session with Nader as well to lower my hairline a little more, but will give it a little more time to see what the final results are.
  6. Dr. Nader 2401 grafts 11 month update. I've been putting it off but wanted to post just to show the results. The new hairs have slowed dramatically but the existing hairs are getting thicker. I've included hair combed back wet and dried shaggy with a bit of hair gel. I'm hoping it continues to thicken.
  7. I completely understand wanting to see some older results. I am at 11 month and will be posting soon. I had 2401 from nader and at 11 months the hair is still getting thicker. Here's a quick pic. Excuse the messy hair...
  8. Here's a little bit better pic. There are still some thin hairs that need to thicken up and some that are still sprouting.
  9. I think it's coming in good. Everyone's hair growth cycles are different. Some of mine are extremely thin and others came in completely thick. Nader said by month 10 it should thicken up considerably. I've seen timelines where guys are still seeing growth after 14 months. Are you still taking biotin, fenasteride, and minoxidil?
  10. Email them detailed pictures of your hair loss and have them give you a quote. Nader will quote it. If you decide it's worth it have them put you on the schedule. Book your flight, email it to them and your set. The best time to call them is 9 am central. I never talked directly to Nader until the day of my ht. After your ht you will communicate with him as much as you need to directly.
  11. Thanks Tbcruz. I'll try and take some better pics. I was trying to cover my face and take the picture at the same time so I don't have to edit. It's didn't work well...
  12. The hairline and front area is really starting to thicken up. Some new hairs are still sprouting, but it has definitely slowed. Nader said it will improve dramatically by months 10 to 12. I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I think I could pull off an 80's band look:)...