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  1. thanks guys! I aked this because some Asmed reviews saying that 3000 sth grafts were split into two days instead sometimes.
  2. I am also interested in Asmed. Is 3400 grafts done in 1 day or two days ?
  3. Although going to elite FUT specialists such as H&W or Rahal will more likely increases the chance of a satisfactory result in terms of both scar or growth yield, I agree with you that nothing is 100 percent. HT or any cosmetic surgeries itself isn't without risks in nature. If we are being conservative, prepare for the worst, in my opinion, it is the best to go for FUE instead because, in the worst situation, we might end up with a very low or even zero growth yield and a strip scar in the back of the head for the rest of life. On the other hand, FUE is less risky that you will have one less thing(scar) to worry about if the growth yield turns out to be very low.
  4. Hi Readeal, I read some of your posts, looks like you experienced some issues with your strip scar. It is too wide and was placed too low in your donor area. I can really feel your pain. May I ask what if you have not gone to your previous Dr, would you be comfortable with the doctors I mentioned in terms of scar or you would go for FUE
  5. Both doctors are well known for their FUT mega session and high- density HT, but in terms of strip scars who is better in producing some most undetectable and minimal scars?
  6. I have never have any procedure before. I was a bit disappointed I was estimated by the consultant that I only have 5000 grafts of supply in total over my life time for FUE. I am wondering if FUT method can maximizes my life time supply to say 6000 or 7000 grafts?:confused: Thanks !
  7. Thanks man! Both Dr Gable & Dr Cooley have consistent results, but they seems a bit conservative to me. I like Dr Feller 's work, however after knowing that he's kind of only oversee the procedure that really make me have a 2nd thought:confused:
  8. thanks! I really like Dr. Deip's FUE result but it seems that his FUT is not as good as his FUE results. Do you know any FUT surgeons ?
  9. Thanks! I saw your picture alum the result is very impressive. I would go to H&W if I could travel to Canada and actually they are one of my favorite.
  10. sure thx. H&W is a really good pick, however for some reasons I can't leave the U.S. As for Chicago Hair Institute the wait time is way too long and also expensive to me . For SMG, it seems to me their approach is too conservative. Any recommendations for any doctors in the U.S who are more aggressive or well know for lateral slit dense packing ?
  11. I am wondering if I can choose one of them for my procedure or I can't as I heard that they now work together as team and patients cannot possibly request only Dr. Feller or Dr Bloxham :confused::confused: