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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. I have attached better picture of my primary donor region. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks. However, dont´t you think at least ethical doctors would not consider patients with retrograde alopecia as suitable candidates?
  3. What do you think of my donor hair? Am I seeing retrograde alopecia or dupa here? My hair is quite short in pics but maybe a trained eye can already see if I am screwed or not.
  4. I have been told by quite a few doctors, including Erdogan. However these have been online consultations. Unfortunately I am not living anywhere near HT clinics so online consultations have been the only choice so far. If I may ask opinions, what do you think of my donor in general? And in a case my donor would be thinning, does it mean HT is ruled out?
  5. I have tried to research on this subject but I have yet to find comprehensive answers. If person (like I do) have thinning in donor area, should they give up on a idea to get HT? What kind of limitations thinning donor might bring if HT is possible? I assume medication, especially propecia, is mandatory to anyone with thinning donor area and are considering HT.
  6. Thanks for your reply mattj, I think you might be right. For example Erdogan did not want operate me because of my donor hair and suggested I need to take fin for 6-12 months before he would reconsider surgery. Since I have booked HT for another reputable dr, I am thinking to cancel the procedure and save the money (and donor hair). It kinda sucks because while I like buzz cut quite a lot, I am not able to grow my hair longer due to uneven hairline. My options are 1) stay on treatments (big 3) and keep my hair buzzed for a time being or until we have a real cure on hands 2) stay on treatments (big 3) and fix the hairline. Problems may arise if my hair loss progresses and I run out of donor hair. 3) same as no 1 but maybe get quality SMP to fix hairline / get more density
  7. Here is a better picture of my donor hair. It is taken with flash. My hair lenght is about #1.
  8. Im 32 years old and I have been losing hair over 10 years. Some days I feel confident about my hair, some days I feel bummed out. Its difficult to get objective analysis of my hair loss outside of this forum (god bless for this community Lol). Even my GP who prescribed me propecia thought I had only bit of recession on my temples. I can only wish the truth was so simple :rolleyes: I could provide more pictures of my donor. Btw, every single HT doctor who has consulted me online, have found it difficult to analyze or give estimation of my donor hair. Not sure what to make of it :rolleyes:
  9. Hi all, It was not until recently that I found (thanks to this forum) that im losing hair on my mid-scalp. Before that I was so obsessed about my receding hairline that I kinda ignored other parts of my scalp. I took new pictures today under harsh lightning to give you better view on my hair situation. I would be grateful if someone could give their opinion on my hair loss (diffuse thinning or not, potential NW-level in a future, donor hair good or bad, good or bad candidate for HT).
  10. Procedure will focus on frontal zone: hairline and frontal half. They will shave my whole head so both recipient and donor area will have no cover after FUE. They are also using manual punch (and small extraction needless 0,6-0,9 mm) so donor healing should happen fast. This was important factor when choosing a clinic.
  11. I have actually thought about sun burning as an explanation. I have tendency to get sun burns easily so that would fit well with the story. Yes, I have planned this for a year and managed to get long break from work so I would have time to heal well. Its going to be 2000-2500 grafts in 2 days operation. Part of me is quite anxious tbh but the other part cant wait to jump on a plane already.
  12. Im going to procedure soon and my biggest concern at the moment is the intial healing period and especially the treaded redness in a recipient area (hairline). Im going to take 4 weeks off after HT so I will have time to take care of swelling and scabs etc. But the redness in a recipient area worries me a lot. I work in sales and I have to face customers daily basis. Additionally, my co-workers would go absolutely nuts if they find out I had HT done. They can be quite ruthless :rolleyes: Since cap is out of question due to office environment, are there any ways to hide redness? Make-ups or something else?
  13. Thanks for your replies guys, I appreciate them! I have booked HT with HLC Clinic in Ankara (dr ?zgur) few months ago. I think I was 25 years old when I decided that I wont look into HT before I am in my thirties. Well, now I am 32 yo While I feel ok with buzz cut, it never felt like "me". I believe most of us here know what I mean. After dealing with hair loss over 10 years and getting older, I have started to appreciate and value time. While I could always wait a bit more and postpone HT, I would waste (arguably) the best times of my life waiting. Further, I fully believe we will have much better treatments in next 5-10 years which will halt and possibly reverse hair loss. Having said that I would never go to HT without being on legit hair loss treatments (big 3). So now I am on big 3 which worked wonders for hair loss last time. HLC is considered one of the best HT clinics in Turkey. I believe my hair loss is not aggressive but more like moderately progressive ( without legit treatments). But I am not jumping the sharks without thinking Plan B or Plan C If something goes wrong along the road, I have planned to shave my head and get SMP with skilled artist. One of the (many) reasons I chose HLC is that they use manual punch with small sizes extraction needles leaving the donor with minimum damage in a case I would need to shave my head someday (and get SMP).