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  1. I don't think you are looking very hard then but if you really wanted me to I could PM them. However my point absolutely was not about criticism of these doctors or suggesting that people should be attacking any surgeon off the basis of a below-par result. It was specifically that a balanced, rational view should be taken that no surgeon provides a guaranteed homerun, and that there are too many bad results in general even with various top surgeons to assert that they occur only due to incompetence or mistakes by a doctor. There also seems to be a trend to criticise certain surgeons who use techs for extractions. No one complains about Canadian, Belgian or Spanish surgeons doing so, but they will readily criticise Turkish surgeons for the it without an explanation as to why that is logical. They will also make a large deal over below-par tech results, but if a doctor does the entire procedure themselves and still has a below-par result, they ignore it. It isn't hard to view things with universal standards. That lack of applying universal standards may not be "lying" in a direct sense, but it is indeed disingenuous and dishonest no matter how someone wants to frame it.
  2. The guy was spam posting dishonest fearmongering on every Erdogan thread, making misleading and outright false statements trying to convince people and newcomers to avoid the clinic, posting negative comments on every Erdogan thread he could find, convincing people who refused to prove they had surgery with Erdogan or provide pics to complain and saying ludicrous things like that people only saw good results of Erdogan while researching him because of his marketing department somehow magically manipulating the entire internet. If he did this against a US clinic as a US citizen he'd probably get sued. The forum is supposed to be a helpful resource to newcomers and people researching for hair transplants. Spam posting false or misleading information in every thread possible on a daily basis is not helpful, nor is lying to people to people about realistic expectations. His result isn't acceptable but its one of few in over 50 very strong results online in the past 18 months and no surgeon has a perfect track record. I've seen more bad Cooley and Feriduni results lately than those from ASMED and NO ONE has complained about them, despite the fact they have significantly less patient posted results in general. It's unrealistic PERIOD to act as if a clinic is poor because it has a bad mediocre result. ASMED even offered a touchup to a guy here who has trashed them online for over 2 years while 95% of people in the thread where he posted his results said it appeared successful. There aren't many businesses offering $5000+ services to those who trash them with unrealistic complaints online for 2 years. You saw the Hasson thread with the poor result and obviously Dutchie springs to mind as another of his dud cases, does that mean it is acceptable for someone to spam post on everything HnW thread that they're only in it for the money and are performing bad work? That would be ridiculous, and it would be misleading against a clinic that does great work and wants the best for its patients. It also paints an unrealistic portrait of surgery that every result can be a home-run. It wouldn't be helpful for newcomers or help them make informed decisions. Unfortunately convincing people through fearmongering works, even when its dishonest. I personally agree with the majority of what you say and think you're a good poster, but you ought to use your head more than your feelings more on issues like this. Do you think a mudslinging free for all with people who CLEARLY don't understand or refuse to accept facts, making misleading, fear invoking claims on on every thread about a surgeon and PMing people to complain and stoke the fires further is helping anyone make informed decisions or make this forum better? Of course it doesn't. Yes the mods are more conservative in their assertions and approach than someone like yourself but they're also running business that is designed to support and bring a system of realistic accountability to surgeons, they are overall very lenient and fair in terms of what people can say. No patient, or doctor benefits from a system where a single poster can go off the rails making stupid and misleading comments in every place possible, drowning out any rational, intelligent discourse and cry "so you're saying we can't state our honest opinion?" You can do so even with harsh criticism without misleading people, spamming and being a troll.
  3. Subtle but looks great imo, especially for 7.5 months.
  4. If cost is an issue and travel also, I would strongly consider Erdogan in Turkey as you require extensive graft numbers and he isn't particularly far in distance. Hasson and Wong in Canada or Hattingen in Switzerland are other options I'd consider due to the large area needing to be covered but they are significantly more expensive. Imo you should not go with the current doctor. Its a gigantic risk and it is under no circumstances is it right going to a surgeon who isn't a dedicated full time hair transplant doctor. I go as far as to recommend you cancel ASAP and do more research. Probability is at best you will get a below average, unnatural result, at worst you will be butchered and have permanent damage to your donor and lost grafts. If you the amount you can afford is very small but you are still desperate for the procedure, I would absolutely look at Cinik and Acar in Turkey over this surgeon.
  5. In my opinion the problem is very obvious, OP just didn't explain it very well initially and the first batch of photos he provided don't show the problem. It very clearly looks like there are two separate hairlines due to the high level of density added behind the frontal hairline, and it doesn't look natural because of this. The lighting in the Devroye clinic photos is obviously very soft and doesn't show this but the others do. You can't argue this looks natural. Its evidently see-through and because of the higher density behind it very clearly looks transplanted.The problem is made worse by the fact that even more density behind this area was added (behind it looks great) which makes the separation more distinctive. I don't see 2600 grafts worth of improvement overall either. I think Devroye's approach of adding density to areas behind the hairline was valid, but very clearly the hairline was a problem and perhaps the lighting in the clinic didn't make this obvious. If the transplant looks unnatural in daylight, then there is clearly an issue that should be addressed. What I suspect is that the clinic lighting is didn't show this, or perhaps Devroye thought the hair at the front of hairline was native hair and would eventually fall out and expose the thick hairline behind it. Also seems like there was a clear communication issue and Devroye didn't deliberately avoid his wishes. Either way, I do think its obvious, I don't understand how one can't see the issue. Should be said I also don't think its a tough fix or that its some sort of grave error either, hard to tell the exact width of the area but I suspect its only 600-800 grafts or so to get it looking perfect. But considering the amount of grafts in this surgery, the donor depletion especially around the scar shouldn't have happened either and there's no getting around the fact that it was poor aesthetic judgement on behalf of Devroye to create such a distinction of density between the frontal area and behind it. Its a reasonably wide of separation so it should have been an obvious issue. Not much can be done but opt for a touch-up with a top-hairline surgeon, shouldn't be a huge issue but obviously the time and money lost is unfortunate. I do think its a clear L of a Devroye case in terms of growth and shows poor judgement on his behalf by not addressing the very front of the hairline even if he didn't deliberately avoid the patients wishes.
  6. If OP feels they have nothing better to spend on and has the money for surgery, including enough money for a second surgery prior in case a touchup is required , then I don't see the issue. Keser is definitely a top option for this type of small refinement. Realistically that gap in the middle of the hairline would probably agitate a lot of people here too if they're being honest. It should be said though that no one is going to think you are balding OP, even if your hairline is imperfect.
  7. Ha, well to be honest I suspect Diep has good enough aesthetic sense to avoid filling in the crown with a virtually bald frontal area. Most surgeons would suggest (and I think Diep would similarly) that a first procedure in a case like yours will be dedicated to the hairline, and a subsequent to the crown. Many Diep FUE cases over the 2500 graft mark so certainly possible he will be able to get more grafts. FUT certainly worth considering if the amount of grafts Diep thinks he can get is considerably above that with FUE. A thick crown with a frontal area as bald as yours would be immediately strange looking and give away an unnatural appearance to the average person, Ultimately in your case even if it takes a few procedures you likely will have the ability to cover both the crown and hairline.
  8. I would strongly consider Erdogan for FUE as he's suited to 5000 graft megasessions and could comfortably cover both the crown and the frontal area in a single surgery. Alternatively I would request FUT from Diep and look to have the largest session he and your donor can provide. 2500 grafts will cover the frontal area and rebuild the hairline, but you're not going to get both crown and hairline coverage. I would expect that as you lose more hair in the future you are almost certainly going to want a second surgery down the track also (even if its 5-10 years) no matter what you do. The reality is that you're not far away from being slick bald and its going to take a significantly larger amount of grafts to cover your scalp with than 2500 grafts. Very few men have a thick crown with a completely bald frontal area, so focusing purely on the crown would not look natural, especially as you lose your forelock. I don't believe for a second that your hairloss is stabilised either. Very obvious norwood 5 pattern, people do not just stop losing hair indefinitely when they're thinning throughout this area. I suspect that the only reason you're noticing less hair fall because you've already lost 85% of it at this point. That shampoo you bought should be fine. The active ingredient is obviously the ketoconazole so beyond that it would just be preference in terms of how it makes your hair look.
  9. JeanLDD

    3 month mark

    Almost certainly still ugly duck, your best bet until at least 5 months is growing the surrounding hair a bit to cover it if possible. I'm about a week after 6 months and only felt past the ugly duck a few days before 6 months. Prior to that its still not presentable, maybe even worse in the sense as the hair grows out a bit but lacks the density to blend with native hair in any sense and still has a lot of redness. Also the texture of transplanted hair can be ugly which further stops it from blending even up to 6-7 months. Such a long, shitty process.
  10. My close friends already were aware of the procedure and have been impressed, same with my hair dresser. One thought I was joking when I told him I'd had transplants, I think he still does. I've only recently started wearing my hair with the hairline exposed because there's no remaining recession unlike after the first procedure which I wasn't comfortable with, so we'll see what happens. Because I'm young and my hairloss proceeded so quickly there are a lot of people who never noticed I had hairloss to begin with (long hair with a strategic combover helps too). A lot of people genuinely thought (and said) that I had a "bad haircut" when I was diffused NW3 and refused to accept I was balding, so presumably now just think my hairdresser upped their game.
  11. I will do detailed 6 month photos in the next day or so with a proper camera. I realise that the lighting was poor but like I said in the post that wasn't the point, it was just to show the emerging overall shape of the hairline rather than the exact details. I'll post a few more recent phone photos here, I know that again the lighting image quality isn't perfect but again that's not the point. I think most people who take selfies or general photos when they're on the go want to see how the transplant will look in photos or how it appears at a reasonable distance and without a professional camera. Just as relevant as detailed, close-up sunlight pics imo.
  12. I'm not going to post a single other response on this issue because I do see that its a waste of time and the responses are made by irrational people who just want to complain, but read Payam's thread, and look at HT0146s results and comments. If you don't think there are separate personal or anxiety related issues at play then there's nothing to say other than that how hilarious that is, and I feel bad for you. Keep supporting the childish, ignorant reckless and dishonest comments if it makes you feel better. I never suggested anyone should be censored or shouldn't speak their mind, but a stupid comment based on lies and misleading comments that are made with the intention of hurting someones business is wrong, and its childish, period. You're deliberately trying to make others feel uncomfortable about going to the clinic based on a small number of cases, despite the fact other major clinics have equal or more poor results and pretending to them that every result should be a home run. Payam who is the loudest one complaining isn't even at 9 months. You then have the audacity to complain about feeling uncomfortable when someone presents facts to the contrary. A forum isn't a free for all for one side to act braindead and irrational and censor anyone who suggests that, most people (the vast majority, well over 50 from the last 18 months) with positive results from the clinic aren't going to be comfortable entering the madhouse here and responding to Payam who is clearly irrational and doesn't want to change his mind which was set from day one if you read the thread. You say you aren't a professional reviewer and don't have time to review all their cases, no but the fact is that you can check over 150 in a few hours, which is reasonable if you're dropping 10 grand on a hair transplant. Pretending you can't do a Google search like any other adult is pathetic and dishonest. It is silly for me to go on about it because the comments of the those who I rightfully said were childish and had psychological issues just get more and more unhinged, thinking they are some type of martyr. Better to just ignore them, which I will.
  13. Telling people to look at his history of results on as many resources as possible rather than listening to two who scream louder and more dishonestly than anyone else (and not even at 8 months) is not what a "bulldog" would do, its what any rational human being would. That's a pretty shitty and ignorant thing to call someone for basic common sense. Its not hard to find bad results from any alternative top surgeon you could suggest from the last 12 months. Not sure why the same two people slandering and trying to drive people away from the clinic should be accepted but presenting facts from people who have experience with the clinic is "a problem". You shouldn't ignore bad results from ASMED, but you also shouldn't ignore bad results from top surgeons like Feriduni, Cooley, Rahal etc etc which is what its obvious people are doing, because there are just as many poor results over the last few years from those clinics yet people say absolutely nothing about it. A rational person and someone who has done their research would be aware from this that not every result even from a top clinic is a home run, but at least ASMED offer touch-ups for below-par growth. None of the cases in question has the surgeon rejected to help the patient, even when they slander (and make things up, and post photos in the least flattering way possible) on a popular public forum. I agree with Melvin that for patients if they don't feel comfortable then move on, but for personal benefit apply the same standard and reference of poor results to every clinic, not just the ones with the people complaining the loudest.
  14. I won't link it just in case its against this forums rules, but you can just google international hairloss forum then use translate tool on Chrome.
  15. lol "some", over 40 strong patient posted results across here and the international forum during the last 18 months. None of the complaint results are anything close to disasters either. The only clinic that has as many good results posted online as ASMED on a regular basis aside from Diep's who churns them out on his Youtube channel. NONE have the same amount of strong patient posted results. With the 2 poor Cooley results I've seen and can show from the last 12 months, or poor Rahal or Feriduni results I mentioned, or the poor Reddy results I could find, is "something obviously going wrong over there" too? Be rational about your research, why is it that Payam's result at 7.5 month would make you reconsider about ASMED, but not about any of the bad results from these other clinics? Which as well as every other top clinic in the world have plenty because that's the nature of hair transplants. Its not a risk free surgery. The difference is that patients from those other clinics don't scream as hard as Payam and HT0416. HT0416 didn't even have a bad result, he refuses to take proper photos, won't post post-ops, and deliberately tries to make his transplant look as bad as possible in the pics he takes. Read Melvin's thread on this and you'll understand. If I had 3600 grafts and Payams result, I would be upset, but the clinic offer a free touchup for growth below 90% and the reality is that he'd be one of the rare cases that didn't get a great result. Blaming the clinic or spreading his hair apart to deliberately make it worse when complaining is childish and irrational. The clinic makes it clear that they work to rectify a situation with subpar growth so the idea that they're irresponsible or don't stand by their work is just wrong. I think you should do what ever you feel safest doing, but it would be flat out dumb to expect that by going to Reddy your result will automatically be good by default. Like any other surgeon he has poor/low density results and on top of that doesn't have even 10% of the patient posted results Erdogan does here or elsewhere. If you genuinely think that a great result is a guarantee with any surgeon you should call off a transplant entirely and do proper research.