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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood III
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. This is less grafts and on a slick bald head with with similar hair quality. With a photo in broad daylight and the density looks stronger than in this post. Just my opinion but I don't think surgeons using the ARTAS should be endorsed here. The machine has had a long enough grace period to accept that it does not produce good results on a consistent basis, and most certainly isn't a means of producing state of the art hair transplants. It might be a problem for surgeons also producing good FUT results but ultimately from the regular results I see its unethical. Consider that if this is the advertised result, what is the average result?
  2. Not 100% sure from the photos but it almost looks like the hairline from your Dr. Wong procedures was shocked out by this current procedure, and if it hasn't returned at 6 months that's very worrying. You definitely look significantly worse off.
  3. What was Dr. Wong's opinion on why the growth was poor?
  4. In the current circumstance it actually looks like you have a reasonable amount of hair left and a decent crown, most would agree when you aren't on finasteride there is a very high risk of shock loss and inevitably with progressive loss regardless it would be very difficult to obtain a result in the current situation that looks good long term. I suspect if you had surgery now you could end up looking worse than you are now in 12 months. The body hair in my opinion is a flat bad idea, other surgeons and people have different opinions but I've never seen it look good when used in large numbers. It's a shame you can't take finasteride, almost undeniably I would say the best option at this point is to wait until the loss progresses further and the safe zone of your donor becomes more obvious.
  5. Unless you're a fan of 50 grand + to get results that won't give you full coverage and are likely to look unnatural if you go the body hair route, you should skip hair transplants all together, especially considering you're not on finasteride and look to have thinning in the full NW6 area with a family history of high norwoods. That photo of your current state on top is more coverage than body hair will ever give you. "The only option I can act upon is to assume that I will reach an NW7 and plan transplants to cover the top completely." Especially when you say this your expectations of what hair transplants can do isn't viable. A bald head is going to look better than unnatural chest hair growth with poor density. You should look at as many body hair cases that you can find because it typically looks awful unless its specifically beard hair to be mixed in with majority scalp grafts in the crown or midscalp, and it tends to grow very poorly. With aggressive hairloss, no finasteride, a lack of beard hair, what looks to be a poor donor thinning in the NW6 area and being 25 year old, you are one of the worst surgical candidates imaginable. The only quick fix solutions that aren't going to be money sinks with almost certain poor results are the hairpiece route or scalp micro pigmentation (basically temporary hair tattoos). Unfortunately hairloss is something that you will 100% experience getting worse every day without finasteride.
  6. JeanLDD

    Should I start taking Propecia?

    It could definitely be the nature of the whorl in the crown, to be sure you'd have to get it analysed by a doctor or hair transplant surgeon with the ability to check for miniaturisation. Easiest way to get an idea is to take a pic when the hair is wet.
  7. JeanLDD

    Should I start taking Propecia?

    It's definitely possible it wouldn't progress further but at the same time family history is tricky in that something from far up the chain can be passed down that isn't immediately obvious. The cause of age of hairloss isn't well known either, for example almost everyone in my family is a Norwood 5 like myself but they started balding 30+, I started around 18. Probably a warning sign if you can't recognise your situation in the experiences of other family members to assume for the worst. To be honest your crown looks like it might have a bit of loss also but it would be easiest to tell when its wet. If there are competent transplant surgeons in your vicinity you could contact them and see if they could test the area behind the hairline for miniatursation, and see how far back it goes to get an idea of how the loss was likely to progress. Personally I've been taking 0.25mg which quarter from a 1mg tablet for 2 years and think its safe to say at this point hairloss ceased. Also some minor improvement in the first 5 months of use (after a big shed for the first 2). You're about a NW2.
  8. JeanLDD

    Should I start taking Propecia?

    Having been in your position, I would strongly suggest you try finasteride, even a micro dose cutting a `1mg tablet into quarters (the efficacy at that level is actually very similar anyway) . Simplest way to look at it is such that male pattern baldness tends to occur in a linear fashion, so consider how much hair you've lost now and if you're thinning throughout the entire scalp you could be slick bald in not so long at all considering how aggressive your hairloss is for your age. The option is you can not take finasteride and potentially in 5 years you'll be virtually bald, or you can try it, see how it goes with likely a 95% chance of no side effects. If you do get any, just ease off the drug and at least you can know you didn't let yourself go bald without even giving it a chance. For me being completely bald before I hit 25 was a significantly scarier thought than trying a pill for which only 2-5% of people had side effects on. Transplants are definitely an option in your present state but a poor idea unless you're taking finasteride and further losses have ceased. If you don't take the drug and go slick bald, also consider that its significantly harder to get good results out of transplants working on a fully bald scalp than just filling in a hairline.
  9. "Like why can't a clinic state upfront what kind of density would be achievable. If it has figured out the graft numbers, it has measured the area to be covered, density then should be a matter of calculation. If not with pictures, at least on a personal examination, a surgeon should be able to give that figure." The coverage value system used by ASMED and Lorenzo is the best mechanism I've seen for that calculation at this point. This vid on recent improvements to it and use of a new robot for recording and calculating these is quite interesting. Looks like it would be extremely effective at counting exact growth rates which will be helpful too. Obviously graft numbers also dependent on the type of hairline and area to be covered and most top surgeons have differing approaches to this so it will never be exact from surgeon to surgeon. I suspect the reason behind the different graft numbers you're getting ultimately relates to the total area they want to cover. Without in person consults examining your hair and asking exactly what you want to achieve its impossible to get these numbers anywhere close to exact. Also the guarantee of Cosmedica or ASMED isn't a guarantee that they'll definitely grow, just that they'll offer a touchup if it is below that number. Maybe the clinics misunderstood the question, better to just ask them if they will provide a refund or touchup of any kind in the case of growth below a certain point.
  10. JeanLDD

    Dr Koray Erdogan vs Dr Acar

    That certainly sounds very bad but if its true I don't get why you wouldn't post photos of it. Nothing more I can say about it.
  11. JeanLDD

    Dr Koray Erdogan vs Dr Acar

    Don't act like this has anything to do with surgical details, you're complaining about a botched result and haven't even posted photos which is dishonest plain and simple. End of story.
  12. JeanLDD

    Dr Koray Erdogan vs Dr Acar

    I just don't think its honest to bash a surgeon saying your result was "botched" and not even post proper photos or preops of the result. Especially with comments like this, what do you even mean? The only pics of your hair laying flat in your thread looked fine, and again virtually everyone in the thread agreed. I hope you're happy with your second runthrough but suspect you won't be. Transplants can't bring back your natural, original set of hair with prehairloss density. Also another thing, you say the hair was supposed to be packed at 70 FU per cm2, that's just false and I guarantee the clinic never said that so why keep bringing it up. I think you're mixing up the density with the area.
  13. JeanLDD

    Dr Koray Erdogan vs Dr Acar

    I mean if the result is really that bad, I really can't understand why you wouldn't just post clear photos and preops to show what you mean.
  14. JeanLDD

    Dr Koray Erdogan vs Dr Acar

    I totally understand that, but it would help a lot if you posted pre-op photos and HD shots of the hairline so people can see exactly what you mean. Especially when a thread full of people couldn't see a serious issue either.
  15. I'm not saying this? What are you talking about? Not sure if you're referring to what the other person said but I'm specifically saying its obvious that shock loss has not occurred based on the pre-op to the 4 month. Nothing about the result so not sure how you interpreted it that way. And the donor thinning is obvious, you don't need a microscope to see it. No reasonable person would disagree with this.