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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Tends to depend on where you’re from whether that’s an acceptable hair style but personally I much prefer seeing this occasionally than everyone getting the same fade with the front spiked up. Also seems to suit your face. in my experience the longer it gets the more of an issue one has with bad and good hair days though. Hair transplants tend to work best in a middle ground but yours looks very good for this length.
  2. I felt like most of my growth occurred between 4 and 6, peak change period being around 4.5-5.5. Which is fairly typical imo. Definitely including bare spots.
  3. I would say reassess at around the 7 month market, typically at that point the vast majority has sprouted in 99% of cases and is at a reasonable length. Beyond that I'm very sceptical of drastic improvements but 5 months is still in the middle of the most productive period for the average person. Preop pics would certainly help.
  4. Also I thought I'd just explicitly mention in regards to what I've mentioned before, none of the North American/European clinics I've mentioned in regards to success rates are intended to attack or suggest that they are overrated/not producing good work, but rather that when people see a poor result from a surgeon the best practise is to compile a list (even mentally) of every one of their results you can find across different percentages and look at percentage success rates (!) rather than a few individual cases, and which ones make the most noise. The reality is that in doing this you'll find is that no clinic has a perfect or even a near perfect track record. Every top-clinic has its share of below part, average, good and great results, if you look at the statistics (which I have) it is easy to see that ASMEDs yields are consistent with global standards of big name FUE clinics. Anyone who does their research will come to the same conclusion. Part of getting a hair transplant is accepting that the doctor you're going to no matter who it is has poor results, importantly I would consider what the clinics are prepared to do in the case of a patient not being satisfied, ASMED, Rahal and HnW are examples that do have examples of standing by their results post-op. Especially impressed recently with Hasson who readily who put it in writing for Legend and his case on here. When you're arguing against records of post-op care and statistics you're not helping yourself or anyone else.
  5. Ok I’ll avoid using a certain persons name this time: Someone who spends ten grand on a surgical procedure in a Turkey without reading a single patient review or questions whether a doctor is doing all surgical work when it isn’t explicitly mentioned anywhere and is actually implied otherwise is probably not worth taking seriously on their opinions of hair transplants, or anything of great importance at all for that matter. A person who does this and on top of that doesn’t believe in statistics, ignores them or doesn’t apply them universally is probably an idiot/dishonest person, and should be listened to with extreme skepticism. A person who does this and doesn’t think it’s racist/sexist/ageist to keep mentioning “young Turkish girls” in a derogatory fashion, or that mentioning them as having low intelligence as racist is all the above plus a rather shitty person. Maybe someone should tell PFG FC that the the two hundredish mil they spent on Mbappe was all a waste, didn’t they realise he’s only 20 years old!? Add to that telling people on the other forum “you will be butchered” if you go to ASMED, yeah, it all does add up to a fairly shitty, dishonest, vindictive, and untrustworthy person that I wouldn’t recommend anyone take too seriously. Not mentioning names this time of course, because we are all being civil here, because of course telling people they will be “butchered” going to this clinic is oh so civil and reasoned.
  6. Lindsey is more conservative than surgeons I prefer, but it’s laughable and very telling you mention him, because he has his share of poor results that are easily available to find despite not using techs for extraction. Of course none of these matter if it’s not tech based right? If you asked a member of the general public to look at both of their work, I absolutely guarantee you that in terms of cosmetic even Lindsey’s best results wouldn’t be at the level of the average Erdogan result to them. Again that is likely because Lindsey is much more conservative, but this is cosmetic surgery after all and appearance to others is virtually the entire point.
  7. This is from a PM I got. Why even lie about this? You know you did it and are open with your criticisms, did you think I’d let you get away with you calling me a liar lmao. On my own hair, don’t see how anyone could call it anything other than a full head of hair at this point
  8. Everything you wrote is dogshit, dishonest and thoughtless garbage though. The problem is people like myself, Gas and Lordbaldwin offer detailed and fact based analysis and retorts and others like yourself ignore it all, and write more idiotic, dishonest and vindictive posts that aren’t helpful or accurate. Look at Payam blatantly ignoring statistics or making numbers up. On top of the fact he rejects statistics, makes up numbers or says they don’t matter, ignores all bad results by top North American clinics, this is a guy that didn’t read a SINGLE patient review or ask any questions prior to spending ten grand on a procedure. He’s emphasized over and over he’s not of the intellectual capability to take seriously, problem is he screams like a child louder than anyone else and decides he’s always got to get the last word in, and ultimately if you scream loud enough even if it’s dishonest, childish and objectively false garbage people will listen and be influenced by it unfortunately. Read his initial posts, or those saying the procedure “ruined my life” on the other forum or that others who go there will be “botched”, he’s either dishonest or not of sound mind, my bets on both. I’ve had multiple Rahal patients message me this week about problems with growth and graft angles, there was a period within, 2016-2017 where there were more bad FUE results from them than I’ve seen in total from Erdogan. From both the major Canadian surgeons I’ve seen necrosis cases, of course no one talks about any of this or mentions their bad growth cases simply because they’re North American. Funny enough both of these clinics use techs too. The people that are pretending that ASMEDS yields are not as consistent as other top clinics are flat out ignoring statistics, haven’t done ANY research on hair transplants or are just plain dishonest. I am not bashing these clinics either, both are among about 10 globally that id ever consider going to, however they aren’t magically free from bad results, and they’re easy to find. When you’re saying that people responding to you should stop and only your opinion deserves to go without scrutiny, you’ve lost the the argument, however you have made a good case for yourself being a logically illiterate narcissistic piece of shit though. People who have personal experience with the clinic and have talked to them and questioned about their process know that Payam makes things up, this isn’t an agree to disagree situation, why does it make sense that he should constantly bump the thread and write dishonest or objectively ill considered and statistically false comments which will ultimately influence people, just because he wins the war of who last commented.
  9. JT has over twenty years experience in the industry and has worked for top clinics (including those recommended by this site, Rahal and Hasson/Wong), networks with top-tier surgeons and regularly attends industry workshops etc. Also has high level production values in his vids and the majority of surgeons he supports for money are top-tier, most are represented by this website. Obviously its his work and he does it for money, but he does have high standards and is backed by experience, also as a repair patient who fixed himself up. He might be a shill by definition, but there are shills who want to shill for helping people get the best results (and making money doing so), and shills that don't care whether they're helpful or not.
  10. I honestly think this guy should be banned, Lord Baldwin literally did as detailed of a statistical analysis as is possible in this industry on his results with a larger sample size than you will be able to find with any other doctor and there were a significant number of positive results over 80% were from good to great. Over 50 patient posted in the past 18 months. I've looked and there are more good Erdogan results than with any other surgeon, of course the number of patients he does aids this and he also has more patient posted results than any other surgeon routinely posted here too which will up this number. For HT0 to outright say there aren't "any" acceptable results isn't helpful to anyone, he knows its dishonest, and everyone else who has looked around knows it too. All it serves to do is concern noobies and put them off from the get-go when they start researching which is obviously the intention. 'I got butchered when they were doing 4 surgerys a day in 2016, 6+ surgerys is just ridiculous." Literally everyone that saw his resulted when he posted it said it either looked good apart from minor concerns with the hairline design which is easily fixable and they consult you on 3 times at the clinic. Again this helps no one, you flat out weren't butchered. You'd get deservedly sued if you said this about a surgeon in your home country. "I think what you finding with Asmed/Erdogan people are not believing the lies anymore and people shilling" Another good technique for misleading people is to pretend there is some kind of bandwagon effect here, it was literally you and Payam who created the hysteria, no one else. Your surgery was from over 2 years ago. I've seen more bad Rahal and Cooley results in the past 3 years than Erdogan and both have less than a fifth of the amount of patient posted results, there isn't a tenth of the same hysteria however. Other clinics have the occasional bad results but they're lucky enough not to a select number of patients who are in the top 0.1% of extreme complaints and littering them for two years on a public forum. Your result isn't even below par in regards to growth either. 'People disappear from the site because they are too embarrassed to post finished result," Who? I've seen very few examples of this for Erdogan surgeries. " Doctor doesn't even have time to speak to his patients about their concerns!!!!!" I'm saying this in an objective sense from a companies perspective, you're an absolute nutjob and would only waste his time. You're constantly dishonest, have publicly made dishonest and harmful claims about his business including PMing multiple people to tell them to avoid the clinic (that have told me so), you've also rejected going back to the clinic for a touchup and have spent over two years criticising the clinic despite them offering to help. What is a phone call of him listening to a dishonest asshole that tries to trash their business, who will never be happy and doesn't want to go back going to help you? I think in 99% of cases a clinic should do their absolute best to help patients that aren't satisfied even if the patients expectations are too high because its in their best interest as a business and morally its a good thing to do, but in your case you're just flat out dishonest and vindictive. You deserve to be ignored.
  11. If worried about further losses and the hair is typically at that length, FUT with either HnW or Rahal definitely should be top considerations.
  12. There have been many of them, especially around late 2016-2017 there were a lot of poor growth cases including some prominent posters with issues including one with a botched donor after under 2000 grafts. I had someone PM me about some density issues on one side and graft angles being off literally a few days ago (although the case was done many years ago). Another recent poster here is still only at 6 months roughly but says he sees very little growth. I think you're mixing up how loudly someone complains (Like Payam) vs how many problem cases there are. I know saying this sounds overly negative, but I find it incredible how some people are masters of finding problems with one surgeon but apparently forget how to do a basic Google search with others. Tbh I would also recommend HnW.
  13. "Patients are still getting multi grafts in hairline in 2019" lol
  14. "This means that the technician working on your procedure may have a week of experience (10,000 practice grafts), or he/she may have ten years of experience with hundreds of patients under their belt. Some technicians obviously have more experience than others. Which ones am I going to get on surgery day? Am I getting the most experienced technicians? The least experienced? Who knows. You hope for the best." Dr. Erdogan's exact words were: "Each team member is trained using the K-Head (a life-like training model) placing and extracting a minimum of 10,000 grafts before placing or extracting any graft on a live patient." You ignored the second part of the quote after this and left it out for whatever reason though. It doesn't imply a paying live patient, it specifically says they go onto placing 50 grafts and then increasing this number. It is also a fact that their techs all had over a year of experience at least prior to the two new rooms which they've said, so to imply for no particular reason it might be "weeks" is silly. Why would they risk reputation of putting techs on the job after "weeks" after spending literally millions on a new clinic and prior to that having techs with multiple years experience? Its a dumb thing to think, no one makes ludicrous assumptions like this about other European clinics like Lorenzo's for example which utilises a similar approach, its purely because its a Turkish clinic and you've had a tiny number of patients that scream very loudly that anyone is saying things this ridiculous. I think you'll get a very good result with Rahal and personally he's one of the few doctors I'd consider, but your reasons are reactionary and not logical. You hope for the best with any clinic, I could give easily find over 5 terrible Rahal FUE results from the past 3 years. Or that many bad Lupanzula results, and he utilises no technicains for extractions or implantations. Both of those are also indisputable. You don't magically get a good result because a doctors in a first world country or does the entire procedure.