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  1. Same settings on the camera, same room, same lighting setup. What is difficult about this? Absolutely nothing. It's fine to experiment but every recent result is as Bill mentions. HnW do a better job than 99% of other clinics at this, but come on, it doesn't take a genius to get this perfect and its not as if there are money issues inhibiting a perfect photography setup. Agree it doesn't make sense to focus on HnW here though when looking at the majority of others that are 10 levels below that par, could never recommend someone go to a clinic that thinks blurry phone quality photos are acceptable documentation when they're collecting over 15k a day in revenue. If a clinic can't spend what is likely a days earnings on a decent photography setup for documentation they genuinely don't deserve anyone's business because they clearly don't give much of a shit in general.
  2. Baubac, Freitas, Couto, Lorenzo or Keser? All at the level of the top 5% recommended by this site. Agree with your point that the doctors here are by no means the average and are well above it, but that doesn't mean there aren't unaffiliated surgeons well above the average here and as good as even the best recommended surgeons. Agree with BaldingtimetoLdar that OPs losses are too extensive to be considering the UK when on a budget. There are better surgeons for significantly cheaper elsewhere when considering FUE. Minimum 3500 grafts for both crown and hairline, + the one drawn on there is VERY conservative.
  3. He has 25% at best of original density throughout; no hairline, a diffused forelock, barely existent crown and thin midscalp. That is not going to be even remotely fixed with 1500 grafts, you're utterly delusional. Looking at his donor I don't think he's a good candidate for surgery at all though.
  4. Your donor is well below average. Bad enough that I wouldn't be surprised if Erdogan rejects you. Honestly your best option is meds. For good results I think optimally you'd need around 5k grafts, problem is you have what looks like a lot of thinning in the donor and the crown area dipping further down. Also seems to be retrograde thinning (at the bottom of the donor). Not sure you're a good candidate in general, and a lower number like 2k might create more problems than it solves in the long run if you continue to thin at a reasonable rate. Finasteride is your best bet. I'd consult Erdogan but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  5. Agree around the 3000 graft number is accurate, the entire hairline effectively gone and you look to have very straight and quite fine hair too which makes perfect density in a single procedure difficult as well. I wouldn't say Konior is more conservative, but for someone like yourself he would probably suggest a multi-procedure approach if you want to ramp up to optimal density and doesn't tend to go over 2500 grafts via FUE. There is a correlative but not causal impact on results of doctor only procedures vs doctor making incisions (Koray). The reality is that the placement of grafts and extractions is mechanical and labour intensive; it requires skill, understanding of complications and extensive experience but not a medical degree. The negative of doctor only is that inevitably they'll become more fatigued and as a result have to slow the process down drastically to not negatively impact the results (obviously going to increase time spent in surgery and costs). The potential negative of Koray's approach is that you don't personally know the technicians and they don't stake their own reputation so may be less concerned of consistency. My experience at Koray's clinic is that this isn't the case and the reality is there are very few clinics globally with his consistency in FUE track record apart from Lorenzo and Konior (although Konior only has about 15 FUE results online and most is word of mouth). You can control the quality and training of technicians, you can't control doctor fatigue without dropping quality or speed of the procedure which is what US surgeons end up doing, further ramping up costs compared to a clinic without the fatigue issue that can split between 3-4 patients a day. Konior also uses a technique called stick-and-place also (unlike 99% of surgeons including Koray) where he immediately places the graft after making the incision which can result in more optimal results and growth particularly with dense packing. In terms of hairline design and naturalness Konior typically has an edge and I would consider that he uses stick-and-place as a major benefit Personally I would opt for Koray for a first procedure because realistically I don't think you're necessarily a one and done patient and don't see that Konior's edge on refinement is going to matter when you aren't going to be an ultra-dense pack case anyway. Saves a significant amount of money and you can always work to refine things with Konior and get density perfect with a smaller procedure in the future. Konior also has a 1 year waiting list which might be relevant. That's not to say Konior wouldn't give a great result right off the bat, but considering that most of the area to be covered is completely bare and your hair type isn't the best the higher graft count that Koray might provide would be beneficial and are you are unlikely to get perfect density without multiple procedures anyway. In terms of hairline surgeons in the US I'd also consider Baubac. Both being the only US FUE surgeons I would go to. Statistically the risk of travel to Turkey is still absolutely minimal, I never felt unsafe there although obviously would have rather been travelling to say Canada than Turkey.
  6. Post photos. Very much would base the recommendation on how bad your situation is currently.
  7. JeanLDD

    Surgeon missed a spot...

    Hard to know what goes through the minds of Bosely docs. 99% sure I could do a better job than this and that's not even a joke. And yeah, obviously they missed that "spot" in particular but in terms of appropriate density it's about 30% of what a decent surgeon is doing so technically they missed a lot of spots. Be prepared for it to look very unnatural and for you to appear in a worse position than you were initially. There's no way this won't require a repair surgery. Konior, Cooley, Hasson and Wong and Rahal are a few recommendations for US and Canadian docs for you (because even those approved here are at differing levels). Personally I would look at Rahal and Hasson n Wong both in Canada, I assume Bosely did a strip procedure so it's not a big deal doing another.
  8. About a 3.5 month wait for me. Check your spam folder too I left my consult response there for two weeks before I looked. They responded back a day or so after the initial consult details.
  9. I've had 2 procedures (check the links below my comment) so you can judge yourself on the first, still only 2 months into the second so no results yet and a long way to go. If the growth of the second is similar to the first I will be extremely happy with them. On DHI, without a doubt just avoid them entirely. No reason to consider a chain clinic with no-name surgeons and a clear marketing focus, especially when they're making up terms and lying about a lack of incisions in their procedure which is an outright lie. Makes sense that it's cheaper in India when obviously our wages for nurses and assistants is probably $50 an hour bare minimum while in India they could be getting a few dollars. Most of the cost is labour and rent/land cost.
  10. I'm from Aus and went with Erdogan, the travel isn't much of an ordeal when return flights were $1100 with an airport in-between that had a hotel to chill at on the way back and for post-op care etc. There isn't a single clinic that is remotely reputable in Australia regarding state of the art results, 95% are just plain butchers. Any chain clinic like DHI should be avoided, a quick look at their site and they're already making up bullshit terms (DHI) for their extraction technique and making false claims like that no incisions are being made. Also like you say the prices are absurd. If cost is an issue there aren't any better options at that price range than Koray.
  11. Koray maxes out in single procedures at 5k grafts typically, occasionally 5500. Honestly in your position I would definitely be strongly considering surgery and think it is your best option, but everything Melvin said should be very much considered also. Also you will probably need a second procedure to get it to where you want it and address micro-issues, around the 2k mark. This all dependant on your donor also. I would stay on the fina in case it stops further dropping back at the crown. But the reality is you're probably fairly close to your final hairloss pattern. Pretty much a fullblown NW5, but people at that level still often get good results. Honestly the biggest issue in your position is probably the financial one, but if that's managed I would certainly do it.
  12. JeanLDD

    HT Fanboy at Asmed

    Just in terms of the large-scale Lorenzo and Erdogan cases that are very regularly posted I think at this point ultimately we're beyond a "FUE for these circumstances, FUT for those" approach, unless we are talking a very below average donor or a NW6. Even someone like Melvin who pre-surgery you wouldn't associate with a potential FUE case got as good of a result as anyone could hope for, it's just harder and harder to find people who necessitate FUT. Especially when you see results like this.. Agree on your point about the likelihood of risks, however I regularly see (probably 1/20) FUT results where the scar is bad enough that it would significantly impact the donor and styling choices even among the best surgeons due to elevation, width, stretching, and shock loss in the surrounding area. I have never seen anything remotely close to this in the 5k graft and above Erdogan or Lorenzo cases. Of course the magnitude of scarring is worse in general with FUE, but I don't see the disasters I see regularly with FUT. For those 19/20 patients that are lucky enough to have no issues via FUT it's better than FUE in every way, but its hardly uncommon to see the 1/20 guy who has major problems. Also the other issue never addressed is FUT post FUE, there's no reason someone like Melvin or HTFanboy couldn't have an FUT in the future even if with a semi-depleted strip. Understandable on the factory-esque comment, but even Feriduni and Lorenzo opt for a tech driven approach, Lorenzo similarly more than 2 patients a day. If you can find and train one team of competent team of techs you can do the same with 4 of them, those at ASMED all attending relevant HT conferences and have regular training. Not as if any of the Belgians are opting for a more tailored stick and place approach anyway.
  13. JeanLDD

    HT Fanboy at Asmed

    I think it's a matter that firstly the first surgery simply yielded slightly better, and secondly and very clearly he's taken the vid in harsh lighting and with the hair sticking up so it misses the layering effect. Almost every crown result you see the surgeon will have the crown hair flat so it layers for an illusion of more density, unlike in this vid. If the hair was flat and not directly under lighting he would probably look like he has a full head of hair, similar to my situation. Considering how far gone he was prior to the first surgery as virtually a fullblown NW5, I'd say its a pretty good example of what can be achievable with FUE and for most in his pre-surgery position they'd be very happy with it. I very much doubt HTFanboy or anyone else who was in his situation is worrying at this point about whether or not he could have had a 10-15% improvement if they'd chosen FUT when he didn't have to endure the risks associated with it. Realistically he would be viewed at his age and going forward as a person with a full head of hair that can be styled as desired. No idea what Melvin's looking at, they were both in a somewhat similar position before surgery with Melvin having an extended bald crown moving into the NW6 area, and more in the frontal area and midscalp from the surgery with Behnam. He was nowhere near a NW3V and was closer to a NW5 than a NW3, what he had gave virtually no cosmetic benefit. For your case in the best case circumstances of not experiencing shock loss, back scarring etc. FUT is of course likely to give you the best results, but personally from my experience up to this point (and assuming similar results from my second procedure) I couldn't recommend anyone take even a 3-5% risk of excessive scarring or donor shock loss I regularly see on these forums from top surgeons. I also don't agree he would have got a "far" better result via FUT, the difference at best would be it looks full in harsh lighting, closeup and when not laying flat. That isn't worth for even the small likelihood but major risks of scar stretching, elevation and permanent shockloss from FUT. Even from Hasson and Wong looking at similar graft counts the reality is its inaccurate to say FUT is getting consistently better results than what Lorenzo or Erdogan are with these 6-8000 graft counts. Helps that Erdogan is half the price too. Final point is that HTFanboy could still do an FUT if he wanted. Of course the strip might be depleted 30-40% in original density, but the option would still likely provide at least another few thousand grafts down the track. Once you've had an FUT and been unlucky enough to endure bad scarring or shock loss there is no going back. He's a NW2 now, but importantly a NW2 with good density and a natural looking hairline that doesn't suggest to the average person he has any hairloss, which for most at his age is really as good as you can get.
  14. 15% improvement after 8.5 months. Most of that up to 10 months, beyond hard to tell. The small micro issues I had didn't improve, just the overall density, texture, hair thickness etc. Certainly no visible new sprouts beyond 10 months.
  15. JeanLDD

    Surgeon missed a spot...

    In that case big improvements are definitely possible, although realistically I haven't seen a single patient posted Bosely case that isn't a disaster or looks much better than yours does now tbh. Would still definitely do some more research on proper surgeons and 100% don't spend another dollar or your donor at Bosely again. At least your starting position isn't too bad and a fix isn't difficult with a good surgeon.