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  1. "Pretty bizarre how you concluded that from my entire post... why do you think I just had surgery with Keser?" This was what you said and I replied to: "Nebulosity, what I will say is, a patient of whom I just had my second HT with, Dr Keser, was absolutely fuming and criticizing the doctor on every HT forum on the internet, " Read what you wrote before criticising me for not mind reading due to your lack of writing skills, I thought you had surgery with him because that's what you wrote, moron. On the other point, I appreciate that you're not a particularly observant person, but lets compare post ops of Bhatti and a Keser case, because if you think the precision or density is similar your intelligence and understanding is two low to bother arguing with. Once the hairs are implanted you don't magically increase density from directly after post-op. What is done is done and in the case of much of Bhatti's work there is a lack of refinement and density from day one. Are the hairs going to duplicate themselves? Some kind of sorcery going on we aren't aware of? If a surgeon implant 100 hairs across an entire balding head, are you going to meme "Wait 12 months"? Or more realistically in terms of Bhatti's work, maybe 70% the density what top surgeons are typically doing. We can't pretend this is going to magically look good after 12 months if it doesn't on day one. Here is a Keser case of 1700 grafts Here is the Bhatti case Level of precision and density not even in the same league. Cut the "Wait 12 months" bullshit, looks like a child's work in comparison, the gaps are gigantic.
  2. Everything Neb has brought up and expressed dissatisfaction about he has done so based on facts, that is key. There's a major difference between someone talking about growth issues at 4 months when the day 1 photos look perfect, compared to this case where the day 1s look around 50% of typical density from top surgeons. Someone complaining or getting angry isn't what is relevant, its whether or not the concerns are legitimate, in this case they are and the complaints should be taken seriously. The density was clearly implanted well below acceptable levels, particularly with that ridiculously low hairline and the pushed forward temples. Absurd to consider this acceptable. On the donor issues, I think its plausible that it will improve, on whether or not the work is refined, thought through and an acceptable density for natural results, absolutely fucking not and its visible from the post ops.
  3. Compare a post-op of ANY Bhatti case with ANY Keser case, if you think they're in the same league, or even on the same planet you need your eyes checked.
  4. Your concerns aren't misguided and you will be proved absolutely correct by twelve months, as will I and those that asserted these various issues again. You're correct at 4 months, you were correct at 1 month, and you'll be right at a year. The problems are visible in the photos from day 1, anyone who has looked at a reasonable amount of transplants can see them.
  5. Hattingen in Europe stack up to any FUT clinic in NA, but as a generalisation you're right.
  6. "can I ask why you didn't just stick with shaved though? Really suited you" I know some people love to try and be nice/positive in all circumstances, but do you really believe this? The reality is that most people (importantly women) would look at the before shot and think he looks below average, potentially even somewhat creepy and a decade older than his age. For a guy in their late twenties the before shot looks outright terrible, no one in the world would be happy looking like this with the choice. Looks aren't everything and one can have a decent life as a bald guy but lets be real about what people find attractive. In the after shot he looks well above average for his age and significantly younger than the before's. You'd be hard pressed to find better hair transplant advertisement than this pairing. If you feel that you'd worry over it being picked out as a transplant and can't see the reason to get one in these photos (plus by the sounds of it the money might not be justified".
  7. Going to be an absolute home run. Top-tier result.
  8. Or back in the real world, 3. not everyone has the same amount of money to spend but there is still demand in the market for a slightly lower tier of service. It really is ridiculous to pretend not to understand this, its complain for the sake of complaining. If money allows I'd certainly be recommending an option with more doctor participation, but its not realistic below a certain price point. The fact is that even if you have the best surgeon in the world located in India they cannot charge the same rates as a top surgeon surgeon in the United States can because of demand and their potential customers willingness to spend, so they ought to act accordingly to market demand. If people want the service and results are good enough to keep customers happy and coming back, there's zero reason to criticise beyond elitism. If the demand exists and they think they can still provide a reasonable service to more people and make more money, only a complete idiot would pretend there is something wrong with this. Based on results these surgeons easily do the best work in India on top of that, its not even close.
  9. Typically I think Cooley does extremely natural work, but I honestly don't see how anyone can think this looks natural without kidding themselves. This patient would have NEVER had is temple regions that squared off, and there's a very obvious distinction in texture between the recipient in front of the native temple hair and the natives. The frontal hairline also looks somewhat artifical in shape and very, very clearly lacks the softness of the hairline in the preops. I don't think most people have very good observational or aesthetic judgement skills especially looking at this thread of people who have likely seen a lot themselves and don't see any issues, but this is a result I would easily pick on the street as a hair transplant. Especially with this thick, curly hair i'd be cautious with minor adjustments like this especially in the temples when considering naturalness.
  10. I find it so intriguing that your temples grew immediately and seemingly with a higher growth rate than behind the hairline, same with the forelock perhaps also. Honestly some of the best temple work I've seen anywhere which is strange considering the lesser growth areas. At least that's the impression I get from these photos. Realistically, I think you'll get slight improvement to 12 months from here but will likely need another 1500ish grafts to fill in those problem areas.
  11. Imo the majority of cases I see this either its a few strays in extreme closeups that in the real world no one would notice but shown in a manner that makes it look far worse, or the more fragile singles at the very front didn't grow leaving the appearance that they didn't pay attention to placement. Especially considering its an FUT and microscopic dissection of the grafts would have occurred, its unlikely that it was the result of simply not paying attention or a newbie tech. Still a possibility of course, double digit numbers of multis sounds very large. Definitely need pics to get an idea either way. If overall growth is good but there's only a multigraft issue in the frontline its an easy fix. You can't expect a refund for this and I doubt there's a clinic in the world that would give one unless its a true disaster, but they should do a touchup. If I had a particularly bad issue with multis I'd ask for a refund (expecting that the answer would be a hard no), name and shame on the forums and look for a clinic that skilled with very refined hairline work. Hasson/Wong, Baubac, Freitas and Keser being a few options. Also OP you mention behind the hairline being thin, this likely has nothing to do with allocation of grafts imo especially if its only a few dozen multis at the front as you mention, its very feasible if your transplant was into areas that were completely bald to do a buzz cut and individually count grafts to check growth percentages.
  12. I'm not going to put together a side by side myself, but if you look at where OP was at 4.5 months for example compared to now he's pretty much a textbook example of a slow grower. I wouldn't be happy with this as a final result but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if OP was happy by around 10 months. His growth seemed to all start a month after the average patient including myself. You can look at Cosmo's result to see a similar occurrence. Even if it doesn't work out, a free touchup under 1500 grafts would likely leave OP golden.
  13. Sounds like the doctor you're considering is incompetent or misleading you. I'd recommend sending an online consult to Hasson and Wong and getting their opinion as one example of a top clinic that is skilled at high norwood cases such as 5-6. The graft numbers you're raising are miniscule for the area needing to be covered, and only an incompetent and dishonest surgeon would suggest them. Its highly likely you could get 4-5k grafts via either FUE or FUT in a single procedure if you have even an average donor area.
  14. This is a horrible thing to say to someone considering its completely unfounded, to believe this you have to have very poor skills of observation when looking at post-op results. Surprising considering how long you've been here, this comment says more about you than it does the OP. I've had others mention the same to me about this surgeon but few seem to want to openly admit it for whatever reason. The density placed in this case and others by him is visibly significantly less than any of the top surgeons. The damage to his donor is very clear too, and placement angles of grafts do not look precise. Neb clearly has a good sense (better than most here) of observational standards, HnW certainly a top notch option for future repair work also and I'd trust them to clean up the mess.
  15. lol. You can clearly see those same stray hairs in the same location in the pre-op and directly post-op photos, he's just done a bad job of shaving them in the one you're looking at. They also look nothing like hair fibers, and you can clearly see from the closeups in the hairline there are no fibers. Look particularly at the first photo, you see those stray long hairs quite far below where the transplanted hairline was placed.
  16. I’m not implying anything by saying this, but I’ve never seen crusts like that.
  17. Tbh I find it more likely that this was written by someone who dislikes the clinic considering they still have plenty of good results coming out visible on the other forums, utilising one of these fake ads with bad spelling seems unlikely. Admins should check the IP address of poster and clarify where they're from.
  18. Mine looked awful in sunlight at 5 months, that's also the reality. Same case with most people. I'd wait until 7ish months before you have a good idea of what you're going to end up with.
  19. I'm typically not one for scientific suggestions without scientific evidence, but I find it strange that some of the most emotional and stressed out posters that complain very early on subsequent to a procedure seem to find themselves with a self fulfilling prophecy. Seems to be a lot of this recently. Either way 5 months is still relatively early and obviously you've made a conscious effort to present your current result in the harshest condition you can.
  20. For 2300 grafts you ought to be able to expect a lot more. The photos are admittedly poor though so hard to tell.
  21. This type of extremist rhetoric tends to push moderates further to the right because of how evidently ludicrous it is with even just a bit of common sense. When PC moves to a point where you deny basic statistical facts on the basis of people getting offended, you ultimately help elect people like Trump and Bolsonaro. You're also overcomplicating a problem that isn't complicated; on the hair colour hair issue, how many Sudanese people for example are born with red hair for example? https://www.worlddata.info/average-penissize.php Out of interest I assume you consider the above data a result of culture and not biology then? To be honest the issue isn't completely off topic either, its a relevant consideration to who are the top surgeons when judging results. There's a certain surgeon in India for example who typically achieves good cosmetic results on Indian patients however is packing at significantly lower density than other well known surgeons, and it shows visually from the work he does on white patients.
  22. Unfortunate that its one of the stupidest things you've read on the forum, because it also happens to be true. Obviously as a generalisation of course.
  23. The point isn't what you're suggesting it is. Payam has quite literally said on other forums for example that you'll get butchered if you go to ASMED, they don't stand by their work, the majority are getting bad work etc. Absurd and factually incorrect criticisms. The fact is there are still hundreds of happy patients who have received top-tier work, in terms of the 5000 graft FUE cases there are no other surgeons *period* that are doing this type of work, still with immaculate donor areas. That's all highlander is emphasising, countering the ludicrous suggestion that they're a bad clinic and don't back their results. There are a significant number of people that are very happy, Payam is clearly trying to steer people away from the clinic and often with dishonesty, its fair enough that people who are happy offer an alternative view of their experience with ASMED. To pretend that its "attacking" anyone is silly. If your result isn't up to standard (even your own personal standard) imo especially when they're working on 6 patients a day they should and would be willing to find a remedy. In Payam's case they were and would be willing to do so, however he turned the option down and decided to continue attacking the clinic often with information that's downright false. If you go to the clinic and get a poor result, then don't accept the help they offer (I suspect the touchups like in PlanetS's case are completely free) then go somewhere else and get the issues fixed. Payam says he has the money for a fix and has surgeons who he much prefers, at this point it appears he enjoys complaining more than he desires a better result. Its a small amount of grafts that would get him to a very good result, there's no reason in the world for him not to proceed with that assuming he's truthful about the financial aspect. The other criticism is that Payam in particular only shows the hair from one angle in his videos, extreme closeups in very harsh lighting in photos, often has wet hair, combs the transplanted area in the opposite direction to the flow of the rest of the hair, and in general clearly wants to make the result look worse. If you have nothing to hide and the result is poor, then show it like a normal person. Its not hard. His result is below par no one denies it, but its helpful to stop hiding reality. In your case I would certainly expect more growth, however you're still a long while from final results and I don't believe for a second that if you're unhappy and it doesn't improve they wouldn't be willing to offer a remedy. You aren't crazy to complain, but to pretend that below-par density doesn't occur occasionally among every surgeon on this forum including the cream of the crop makes you most certainly sound uninformed.
  24. Interesting that you (maybe a rep) started to reuse this account specifically to criticise Erdogan results, two in particular where the lighting or angles literally don't show a even close to enough information to suggest the results are pluggy. Not getting as many customers as you'd like lately? I wouldn't have mentioned it because there are certainly surgeons who I think do more refined hairline work, but here are some of your own recent examples of hairline work: Pretty pathetic having to resort to making false judgements based on photos in poor lighting of another doctors work (that realistically are top-tier results) when these are the results you're putting out for the public to see. Comes across as pure jealousy or worry about your own business, because certainly the criticisms are absurd. I'd recommend spending a quarter of the profit you're making from a single procedure on a decent camera and training a staff member to take before and after photos that don't look like they belong in 2005 also Dr. Mwamba.