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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Dr. Wong does some of the best crown work in the world, I'd likely consider him over Konior for this specific case on basis of the types of results they produce, especially considering Konior's extensive waiting list I'd say its a no-brainer. Got to be the funniest list of options I've ever read though. One of the most highly regarded (probably most in the US) and meticulous surgeons in the world, an industry pioneer and the most referred to speciality crown surgeon globally, and then the dude who gets his license suspended for claiming he is Jesus Christ and attacking a patient. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/health/2014/11/25/hair-transplant-surgeon-claims-jesus-attacks-man/70123254/
  2. I might have mentioned this and read it from one of his (old?) reps on another forum, however the numbers suggested were from up to 70 in the past, and presently around 45-55 due to potential for growth and safety issues beyond this, but not 30-35.
  3. WTF? This patient has *literally* 5% growth in a 4350 graft case, at least judging from the frontal third. What does this have to do with styling or the topic of the other thread? This is not "disappointing, nor is it "lackluster", he's blown 4350 FUE grafts with sub 10% growth, and been offered only 500-1000 grafts by the surgeon. That is a disaster. Not sure why you feel the need to act like you have no sense of reading comprehension, no set of eyes, and a brain with an IQ below 65, I'm sure you are smart enough to figure this out. I don't get what your problem is, do you just enjoy disagreeing with me for the sake of it or coming across like a sarcastic idiot? Just for reference in case you forget while scrolling down the page, this is the result we are referring to.
  4. What on earth are some here talking about, virtually nothing has grown at the front, absolutely less than 10%. People are saying the crown took... well on what photos are people basing this? None actually clearly show before or afters of the crown. I genuinely have not seen a single good result from a first pass from this surgeon and have repeated that many times. Is this seriously what people would call "underwhelming'? No that's what 4000 grafts down the toilet looks like. "In no way is it an absolute disaster." He blew 4350 grafts on a procedure where literally almost nothing grew and is now dealing with an ultra low outline of a hairline that is getting towards female hairline territory in shape. In terms of growth this is a clear example of a disaster. Large amount of grafts via FUE, and under 10% growth with an ultra aggressive hairline. Regarding what OP said: " I expressed my desire for more density, and if it doesn't improve in that time frame, he was suggesting a touch-up between 500-1000 additional grafts," 500-1000 grafts to repair this is a joke. Realistically the number of grafts you'd need for reasonable density in the crown and frontal third here is quite literally around the 3000 graft mark. OP you should be consulting top FUT surgeons and avoid damaging what already looks like a below average donor with FUE any time soon. I'd look into Konior and Hasson/Wong in particular as some examples. Forget Nader and run elsewhere quickly before wasting more time + money and giving the knockout blow to your donor.
  5. In my experience it’s really not a big deal. Being able to walk around in normal circumstances looking like you have no hairloss to the average person like in wind, sun after washing and styling etc is good enough and mostly achievable. Extreme closeups, harsh overhead bathroom lighting and wet hair are issues that don’t matter 99% of the time.
  6. Hair transplants are an illusion and the nature of that relates to density, natural vs replaced. Hence it is the illusion of density. No trick or confusion here, you’re just being silly for whatever reason and playing nonsense word games. Have you had a transplant? Because it most certainly sounds like you havent. If you stand under harsh bathroom lights and look at your hairline after a successful transplant, you will be shocked at how thin it looks and understand the point. The point of the thread is obviously referencing HT014, Payam etc who post the most unflattering photos possible and make a deliberate effort to make results look worse with lighting, lengths, styling, not washing the hair, spreading it, extreme close ups etc. The photo Melvin initially posted shows this perfectly and I guarantee if a new poster showed that a lot of people would be calling for blood of the doctor thinking it was a bad result. Anyone who has had a transplant gets it, I personally can both make it look like I have a full head of hair or look like absolute shit through the above means. The reason is because of the level of density, and that is the illusion. Transplants often give you hair that can appear both severely balding or having virtually a full head of hair depending on conditions, a lot of people clearly refuse to understand this or the logic behind it. If people are posting crown results like that Couto in which the hair is combed for perfect coverage and never in opposing directions, while “wet” hair is with a spray bottle, to say that there’s no illusion proves a lot of people clearly don’t appreciate what illusion refers to. Clearly the clinic understands very well which is why they manipulate in this manner (although yes it is a terrific result). Not sure why you keep playing dumb, I guarantee you understand all this.
  7. When you say temples do you specifically mean the side peaks at the sides or also the corners? The problem I'm referring to is visible above, with each 3 sections distinguishable. Its very clear this person has had a hair transplant because of the jarring change at the side temple peak due to the drastic change in texture and colour of the hair. Imo a patient should go to a surgeon that has experience implanting and rebuilding the entire temple point, or should leave them alone entirely. In this case only half of the temple point on the vertical has been rebuilt with low density implanted into existing areas and its created a mess of a transition as you can see. If your temple peaks are completely gone and recessed into themselves, then find a surgeon who isn't just going to place a few hundred hairs at the front of the peaks or towards the corner, but replace them entirely. Rahal, Hasson, and Erodgan do this often and there is a great lupanzula case here showing what I mean. If they aren't all that bad you're better off avoiding altogether due to potential issues with naturalness and focusing on the frontal hairline as it is the best useage of grafts to begin with.
  8. It’s objectively an illusion. Do you think you can magically using the back of the head restore full original density to the top? Some of you people are being ridiculous. Try looking at a result post-shower (not the silly quick spray) with hair spread apart in different directions and you’ll understand. Try parting the hair in a manner like Payam or Melvin does in the original post for example and you’ll understand. Not to mention people are ignorantly ignoring hair and donor characteristics of Couto patients, which are mostly top-tier. The reality of the illusion doesn’t mean that you can’t expect with reasonable donor characteristics a head of hair that looks natural and doesn’t reflect hairloss, but it does mean that you have to find a way style it, wash it, get ideal lengths etc to make it look good. For a lot of people their personal idea of an ideal situation requires multiple procedures, period.
  9. In that case I’d definitely strongly consider Lorenzo.
  10. No definitely not, but I think it’s downright *moronic* to expect going into a transplant that you’re guaranteed a good result with any clinic, and that if you don’t get one you’re going to shit on the clinic. I show the poor Cooley results above because anyone who has done their research would understand that virtually any clinic no matter how highly regarded regularly gets poor results if you judge statistically (even roughly) across all surgeons. If 5-15% of results from virtually every surgeon are at a similar standard to Payams (they are and everyone should do proper research and stop focusing on top tier results) the hysteria here appears evidently insane. It’s also clearly not a disaster, the density is poor but he’s in a better position than preop and a 1500 graft touchup would likely get him in a very strong position. Payam has the right to complain his results are poor, but to say like he did on the other forum to everyone considering a procedure with Erdogan they “will be butchered” is ridiculous and reflects more poorly on him than the clinic. A normal person with basic understanding of success rates would have accepted and moved on or consulted rationally about a touchup/refund rather than shitting on them, being blatantly dishonest, often outright lying and then expecting sympathy.
  11. I usually like your posts which are consistently helpful but come on, this is silly. Marketing fraud for what exactly? The fact that Payam can't read and misses the email correspondence and website material that nowhere says Koray does extractions (common in europe anyway), and specifically mentions a surgical team engaging in this? You can't claim marketing fraud for a below-par result or in Payam's case being wilfully illiterate. Also you mention "how silencing occurs", what silencing exactly? How is this not tilting at windmills? Not to mention the fact that Payam deliberately parts and combs his hair in the video in the most retarded way possible to forcefully make the result look worse. Melvin did a great job emphasising this type of thing here and anyone else who has had a transplant will understand. No excuse for not understanding this from people who should know better. Also to the people talking refunds, Payam's potentially pushed hundreds of people away off the back of a hell of a lot of dishonest, misleading or blatantly false information. The guy still can't post regular photos that aren't extreme closeups or in harsh bathroom lighting, parted ridiculously to avoid layering etc. No business in the world should refund a client/patient/customer who does this because it encourages people to make things up or in this case potentially assume that because they don't have an eighteen year olds density that they got screwed. If he acted like a decent and reasonable adult its a different story but no business should support or give credit someone who goes out of their way to turn people away off misleading info. He's literally posting on other forums saying not to go to the clinic because they will "be butchered". Sorry, anyone who thinks he should get a refund after that there's something wrong with your head. Also maybe someone can explain to me why these results are passed over and no one cares whether or not they're below par despite Cooley having less than a tenth the number of patient posted results, but Payam's result is the end of the world. Genuinely want to know. I'm sick of having to repeat it, but this is not a dig at Cooley, but a question on why poor results are perfectly fine with some doctors but others people immediately jump to the "muh techs" and accuse the doctor of not caring or doing it for the money etc. Not hard to be reasonable or be consistent. Both with yields visibly lower than Payam's, and no one cares despite these two being half of the patient posted Cooley results on this site from the around the last yearish.:
  12. I would solely be looking at Lorenzo and Erdogan for FUE, but also consider Hattingen clinic and Hasson/Wong for FUT as a backup if you're not happy with either of those options. I think common Erdogan 5000+ graft type procedure would be ideal, and likely a second procedure worth considering beyond that also. I think relatively full coverage with a conservative hairline is easily possible. The main issue is time and money, also assuming that a first procedure goes well in terms of yield of graft survival.
  13. "less than 1 % of his surgeries attain less than optimal results, so I believe one should expect 90+ growth in most cases." I've seen enough results from virtually every major surgeon to know that is absolute BS. The fact they said this is probably the most negative thing I've heard about the Rahal clinic in this whole thread. "However, top class docs are producing excellent, consistent results" It depends what you mean by consistency though. For virtually every surgeon I look at success rates tend to be around 5-15% even among top options. For the 9/10 people that get a good result (which happen to be the ones people focus on when booking a procedure) that's definitely the case. For the 1/10 that doesn't have a good result suddenly its a whole different story, and with 200-500 procedures a year that could be anywhere from 20-75 subpar results in a year. I remember seeing four Cooley patient posted results last year for example, two of them were very much subpar. It makes zero sense that somehow patient posted results on this forum have a higher rate of failure than their overall broader pool of results. The fact is for a lot of people they don't get good results despite a top end surgeon, period. Again I'm going off what I see in terms of stats in patient posted results. I guarantee 100% if anyone added up all the Rahal patient posted results on this website from over the past 3 years they'd reach the same conclusion. Also I again have to emphasise that if you're looking at a clinic like Lorenzo's, Erodan's or Diep's which are absolutely churning out huge amounts of posted results, its not exactly a surprise its easy to find duds, or that when you're comparing Konior who has *literally* less than a tenth of their results to look at online he has virtually no duds. Its very unlikely that a tech at Rahal or any other top surgeon that uses techs is one day going to yield terrific results, and suddenly forget how to do their job the next day. Its much more likely that there are other underlying reasons for said poor result. Look at Keser and Lupanzula who have their share of poor results, despite the fully hands on approach.
  14. I read from one of Rahal's reps on another forum that Rahal has lowered the extent of his dense packing over the years as he felt it potentially compromised yields in some cases, while of course looking spectacular in others. In terms of recent cases, I don't think any surgeons are packing as Densely as Hasson in particular. Potentially 20% above what I see from any other surgeons in first pass procedures. OP, to be honest I think that at 6 months and looking at those close-ups it's unlikely this will down the track reach the point of an above par result, however I think the people that are being put off Rahal from this result don't understand statistics. More people need to wake up and do their research across multitudes of surgeons and patient posted results, because when they do they're likely to realise that the success rates in terms of above 90% yield hair transplants for 1-2/10 don't occur. This includes surgeons who do the full procedure themselves without technicians involved in surgical aspects, for that reason I find it extremely unlikely that bad results occur simply due to carelessness. Although I do find the slippery graft issue odd here. I lol every time I see someone mention Konior in terms of optimal success rates, he's an incredible surgeon and I myself would consider him strongly for a future procedure, but the guy has only 2-3 patient posted results each year. This isn't enough to make any sort of precise judgement on consistency when he's doing hundreds of procedures a year. Every surgeon that has 2-3x this many patient posted results similarly has plenty of sub-par results to look at, I doubt that's a coincidence. Tbh I also don't think Konior's hairlines are as aesthetic as Rahal's either, although both top-tier.