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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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  1. Its physically impossible to achieve. Simply put, how the fuck do you expect that the top of the head which is of similar size to the donor to achieve density at the same level that the the donor is to begin with? Its common sense. You may as well be believing in magic. At best most people can get 40%ish on average of original density across the entire NW5 area if they've lost it to begin with. Hasson is the surgeon I've seen that is closest to achieving natural density, but even his density is going to be significantly lower than what is natural, and even if it is possible to get close in the hairline it is an impossibility across the whole scalp. The entire premise of hair transplants is that you are able to extract from a donor without making a significant negative cosmetic impact while transferring to the front, only an idiot can look at that situation and not understand that there is an illusion going on in comparison to nature. Couto has many stunning results, but it should absolutely be considered that 95% of the results on his channel have incredible hair quality. Hugely above average. Even with 100% yields which many of his results appear to achieve they are significantly less dense than pre-hairloss. He's one of the best FUE surgeons in the world, but not a magician.
  2. "pseudo wet hair" This is underestimated and not well considered enough. In Couto's case (and I'm not bashing him as a surgeon) there is a conscious decision to mislead. The damp hair in his cases will show virtually no more information than dry hair and they clearly aren't stupid enough to not understand this. 90% of even top surgeons do similar things but inexperienced noobs like Wally (which is the vast majority of those who haven't had transplants) can't understand this sort of thing.
  3. I agree with Konior, also Nadimi who works at his clinic. I know you mention that HnW as using large graft numbers which is true, but Wong in particular is extremely impressive in terms of his ability to create coverage with a lesser amount of grafts. Their ability to extract a greater number of grafts than average via FUT and their success with high norwood cases also worth considering and they have ample to view, as well as very few cases with below par scarring. Hattingen in Europe another clinic that are very proficient with high norwood cases and often more conservative hairline design. In terms of clinics that achieve the best results with high norwood patients these are the three I'd consider most, all being FUT also. If you're particularly concerned with your donor in the long run FUT is the best option.
  4. The size of her forehead is significantly smaller and more feminine, the temple areas which before appeared masculine and recessed are visibly filled in. The contours more symmetrical, in the before photo the forehead virtually looks like a mans that is being slowly eaten by hairloss and lacks the pristine quality of the after. The afters look like a models hairline. Yes perhaps if the hair was pulled right back to expose the entire hairline (some of it is CLEARLY already exposed regardless) you might get a more complete picture but that isn't how the hair naturally sits, you can still see the central hairline and the style looks normal. You also see the transplanted density at the part-line to compare behind in native areas. Long story short, this is a very strong result and if you can't see that from the photos you have poor aesthetic judgement. Sorry.
  5. If you particularly like the work of Bisanga, I don't see how it makes sense to consider the Athens clinic when you could simply see Bisanga himself in Belgium, especially when cost isn't a large issue. The doctors are trained by Bisanga himself and likely highly skilled along with using very similar protocol, but again you're going to find much more specific information and before/afters etc on the Brussels clinic, so stick to that.
  6. Look for yourself on the international forum where most of the results are, and where his reputation is still huge. I’ve had personal experience with the clinic and therefore did huge amounts of research, and continued to do so up until mid last year. A recent look at the international forum suggests the vast majority of his results are still at a very high standard. There are at least 30 from the last 12 months Rather than deny off the basis of a shock loss case where the poster is complaining after 4 months, take a look at *all* of his results from recently rather than finding a result where someone complained and jumping on the negative bandwagon. I have sympathy for and empathize with anyone that doesn’t receive the results they wanted, I also support touch ups or refunds for those that genuinely have issues. 4 months in and complaining about shock loss is not a realistic scenario for these sort of complaints. If at 8 months it is still very noticeable I’ll post on this thread that he ought to be fully refunded for the second procedure. stop ignoring statistics and focusing on a select few cases. He has more patient posted cases than any other doctor in the world. If you looked with a statistical mindset at virtually any other surgeon you’d conclude that apart from 18-6 months ago he is among the most consistent in the world, and for FUE megasessions he is one of the most successful.
  7. Nonsense post by someone who doesn't understand how hair transplants work. The same you suggest here could be said of Rahal, Lorenzo, Hasson/Wong, Freitas and Feriduni, all of those are very high level surgeons that perform FUE, some of them at the very peak level. None of them perform extractions or implantations, so by time spent performing the surgery they also do "less than half the work". Yet no one makes this argument for these surgeons. The product he sells is one that anyone who chooses him knows they are receiving. If you have a problem with that, especially considering its industry standard you are thinking with bias and not rationality. I prefer surgeons that do the entire procedure themselves and use stick and place particularly for smaller hairline cases, but this is not one of them. The expense of surgeons that perform FUE extractions and implantations is typically drastically higher than those that do not, and the speed and amount of grafts they can do in a session is significantly lower. Do I think that people would likely get optimal going to a doctor like Konior that has full involvement? Yes I do, but he does significantly lower graft numbers in a session and is four times the price. You can look yourself on the International forum which has more cases than here, the vast majority of ASMED procedures are very positive at the moment and some of them outright spectacular. There are many surgeons performing FUE including extractions that get significantly worse results than ASMED and clinics like Hasson/Wong who also leave extractions and implantations to technicians.
  8. The previous posts I responded were deleted and I explicitly posted it in reference to something the banned poster said, not your case. Of course I don't think posting a positive result has anything to do with your specific case, they were in reference to this other person saying Koray is a "scam" or not a top surgeon. However your specific case is at 4 months, shock loss often takes months improve, at 4 months to make a negative judgement is senseless. I understand that its an incredibly uncomfortable thing to have to deal with but you aren't at a point where you know whether or not the judgement is accurate. I doubt any of them said "6 months is the limit to understand the state of your donor" but that is a broad comment regardless. They're not claiming there will be no improvements, simply that before that point you can't make reasonable conclusions. If other doctors have told you 6 months, then why not wait it out? I'd be incredibly surprised if it hasn't drastically improved over your 4 month photos by 8 months.
  9. These photos are terrible. You seem to have angled the hairs in all different directions which makes it hard to know what is going on. A distinction between native hairs and transplanted 6 months in is very typical. Especially when keeping the hair this short all flaws will show. Imo if you want it to look good you should grow it out until 10 months at least, at that point you’d be in a better position to keep it ultra short. if you want an accurate observation, brush the hair in the manner it naturally flows and take photos from straight angles that aren’t wide angle closeups. You want a natural representation of what someone around you would be looking at.
  10. He wasn’t on fin i explicitly said that, it’s also not an “average“ result and you know it full well.
  11. Personally I think this hairline is overly conservative. For small refined hairline work like this I would absolutely consider Nadimi in Chicago over Panine, the other posters mention of Pekiner is worth considering too along with Keser in Turkey. In terms of the binary you mentioned I would certainly choose ASMED.
  12. I'll admit it when I cease being more impressed with the vast majority of his results than 90% of the other work I see on forums. On the International forum for example his reputation is still huge, and he is the most posted surgeon. There are probably more than 30 positive results you can see in the past 12 months. I think you should be sued for defamation if you're indeed HT014 and creating multitudes of accounts posing as different people.
  13. I am fairly sure this guy is a poster called HT014 or something like that. He had a reasonable result from ASMED and went off the rails, he's created about 10 accounts from what I can tell and does this every time pretending it is multiple people. I don't know it for sure, but they have a specific way of writing and its the same thing every time. They did this only a few days ago with another account first time posting.
  14. http://www.international-hairlossforum.com/ken13-5714-fue-koray-erdogan-asmed-2018-t8927.html I know we aren't meant to post other forums, but I think this is very relevant when you make claims like this. There are no FUE clinics other than Couto's that I have ever seen produce a result this impressive in a once off FUE. There are other surgeons who have preferable hairlines imo, Freitas, Konior and Keser for example although none of them are delivering huge FUE mega sessions like this. His clinic for large scale FUE cases is undeniably one of the best in the world. There are many, many other very successful cases on the International forum at the moment also that anyone who doubts ought to look at. You call it marketing, having more patient posted results than any other surgeon is absolutely not in any sense paid marketing. This case did not involve finasteride: The guy has incredible donor, but regardless 99% of people with great donor don't get results at this level. There are very few surgeons that could have achieved this.