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Hair Loss Overview

  • Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
  • How long have you been losing your hair?
    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood III
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. There are plenty of older guys in their late late forties and fifties (many of them in very recent posts here) who have had transplants to give themselves a hairline while leaving the majority of the crown bare or thin. You'll see the same often even for much younger guys but typically their desires are more aggressive and that inevitably means more procedures. You use the term goofy, whenever I see fully bald guys in their 20s and 30s typically the state of their looks is a disaster. Its incredibly unattractive, they've aged 5-10 years minimum and they look ridiculous. If I see a large bald
  2. "That means that by the time I'm only 45, I may look worse than if I had just shaved or somehow styled it accordingly in-between those years." Most of your post is totally reasonable, this on the other hand is very likely to be false. For the vast majority of patients their process involves complete rebuilding of the hairline and frontal third, then moving front to back in order of importance. A bald crown, a thin midscalp and conservative hairline for example is a perfectly natural look that men in their 50s+ have. It also looks significantly better than being slick bald, having a framed
  3. Its you making false or entirely disingenuous claims and expecting not to be called out for it, that's the problem and it has nothing to do with apologism. Grow up, its not hard to avoid dishonesty.
  4. Dr Mwamba is nowhere near the level of even ASMED and the results on this forum prove that. Anyone who questions this including yourself ought to look. Dr. Villa is competent and does good work but they don't have a particularly long term track record and they don't engage in the process any more than Koray at ASMED does. There are certainly options in Spain and Belgium who do very good work, specifically Freitas, Lorenzo and Couto, and Feriduni and Bisanga. Your comments and those of Unbald Eagle however are clearly disingenuous and aren't based on facts.
  5. This is really, really, really low level work. I would brace for the worst and heavily research on forums like this for potential future surgeons if you require repair work. This surgeon is a nobody that shouldn't be in the industry within serious retraining to lift his standards. Best case scenario in my opinion is it will look very thin but natural. Worst case is a low growth rate with a pluggy appearance. At least your donor doesn't look terrible but I hope you have enough grafts to correct the situation.
  6. Sometimes when I look at hairloss Youtubers with 10k+ subs like this guy I get jealous of their success in the realm of hairloss information when I feel I’m personally vastly more knowledgeable, intelligent and helpful than they could ever be but I lack the platform and efforts to develop one. Then I see disasters like this and the envy stops, I immediately just feel bad for them and the vulnerable people who get advice from people like this. Even worse for him all of his multitudes of treatments seem to be failing.
  7. To suggest Doganay as an option but recommend against ASMED is mind numbingly absurd. It’s fine to think another clinic is better but when you say “techs doing all the operation” no you’re being totally disingenuous and jumping on a negativity bandwagon without knowing what you’re talking about.
  8. For a multi-millionaire soccer player who was only a Norwood 5 and close to THIRTY years old, you think he was turned down by surgeons of a caliber that could have basically given him a full head of hair and have results in their catalogue to emphasize that possibility? You think Konior or Couto would have turned down the marketing opportunity? The chance is less than zero. I know it’s a meme on the forum to pretend that it’s dangerous to operate on anyone under forty five, but even highly regarded and top-tier clinics like that of Hasson/Wong and Konior operate on men in their early twe
  9. Read what I wrote again, I didn’t say he’d only had 1000 grafts done, but rather he has roughly that or maybe even less currently on his head which implies that the clinic/s did a less than stellar job when it came to growth. There are photos across the years subsequent to all his transplants where he has no concealers and it’s clear he never had good growth. Someone suggested the grafts fell out over the years, there’s no evidence of that. When I mentioned 1000 grafts it was in context to emphasizing that the clinics did a piss poor job when you look at his state without concealers. Some
  10. Spex had a hair transplant with them where virtually nothing grew or changed and it would have cost more than 10k USD. I also wouldn't consider him a good source of information, the guy literally pushes trashy supplements for a buck that have no scientific basis for aiding hairloss. Yes they are a poor clinic. And no Rooney was not "doomed", he's filthy rich and roughly only NW5. He literally has less than 1000 grafts on his head, there are photos from years back that show that even within a year of the transplant he had virtually no growth and relied on concealers. Look for yourself, th
  11. The hair that you think thinned out never existed, he's been using massive amounts of concealers since day one. He had ultra low graft numbers from a dogshit clinic that isn't equipped for anything other than marketing. The UK and Australia are the number one destinations for an incredibly expensive, incredibly poor quality hair transplant from doctors that haven't learned the depth of their craft. The hair didn't fall out, the hair was never implanted. No offense to sporting figures but most of them and their surrounding agents are meatheads outside of their own work, you often read abo
  12. Disagree with waiting, OP has less than the equivalent of 1500 grafts across the whole head and the remaining hairs are largely cosmetically insignificant and heavily miniaturised judging from the top angle photo. Those hairs are destined to fall out whether or not he waits and currently aren't providing enough to be overly concerned about. If he had sides with fin its not worth risking further issues with topical and minox on its own is objectively useless for more than a few years at maintaining hair without an effective DHT blocker. OP imo you should likely consider FUT and go with a
  13. He literally refused to post his own results after I prodded him five or six times. If someone is complaining about multi-grafts and complaining about a specific surgeon but unwilling to post photos their feelings are good as worthless to make any empirical judgement over. You believe what he said is true despite the fact that he refuses to post proof after asking for it 6 times? Unbelievably naïve but you do you bud. I would absolutely advocate for microscopes, reality is however that they're a tool that isn't a necessity for top-tier results. Its not a binary means of deciding whether
  14. The patient you bring up here probably isn’t a NW7 to begin with, the classifications are rough so it’s debatable but he’s closer to a NW6. The sides have dropped but not significantly. He also has extremely thick Indian hair. The OP here also has very clear retrograde alopecia and potentially diffuse losses in the donor, either that or it’s naturally extremely thin. I’ve had 6k+ FUE grafts removed and my donor appears to have more density than his does. The only option I can think of worth pursuing is FUT to create density in the front and mid scalp with a conservative hairline, an
  15. As a basic rule, the clear association here is that younger doctors + younger clinics are more interested in digital marketing. Not exactly a surprise. Various older surgeons have already established a reputation and therefore don't require the same level of marketing or are simply adverse to newer forms of technology, or don't want to invest in someone to manage this aspect of a business. As you say, many can't hold up to modern top Youtube surgeons so it doesn't make sense to contest against them. I would also consider that younger surgeons who have learned their craft from the most mod
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