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  1. I place emphasize on this and think most would agree, it’s not merely about a U.K. tax, the surgeons there aren’t at the level of others including in Europe globally. The difference between even top surgeons is large. This is a serious surgical procedure, when saying you just want to improve your confidence you’re drastically oversimplifying what you’re engaging in. The hairline they drew would have quite made you a repair patient if they performed the surgery as such. If you are looking for confidence, then travel for a surgeon like Freitas in Spain who will most likely make your hairline look like an art piece. Understand clearly you can come out looking worse even with legitimate surgeons.
  2. Put in another vote for avoid this clinic like the plague and look elsewhere. This hairline is an absolute disaster and any clinic that even in consultation would consider this is worth avoiding. It can be lower and more youthful with less recession than some in this thread are posting, but your design is a female hairline. Look at hairline clinics like that of Dr. Freitas in Spain, if you have the money for a U.K. clinic then you have much better options. Perhaps too far to travel but Hasson in Canada does probably the most youthful and dense hairlines globally. This clinic doesn’t deserve your time or money. I wouldn’t consult them further.
  3. No offense but photos of a hair transplant in this incredibly harsh bathroom lighting is worthless and only forces a bad looking result. My result would look terrible in this lighting too. Virtually 99% of hair transplant patients would have a bad result under this lighting. Take photos from slightly further away firstly as (almost) no one is going to ever see you from this close up, secondly only take photos in regular lighting as you'd have in the kitchen or sunlight, not directly under harsh bathroom light. I'm going to guess it would look decent for 5 months at a normal angle/distance and in normal lighting.
  4. I personally experienced sides after using for more than 2 years also, prior to that noticed nothing at all. I used to recommend basically anyone get on the drug, a few negative experiences with Tinder girls and a period of continuing issues even in the few months after getting off is enough for me to say that the vast majority of people shouldn’t take it. I see less risk in a cheap transplant with a decent clinic like Cinik’s in Turkey than finasteride, and my sides weren’t even that bad compared to what others had. Id basically recommend everyone budget and account for a long term approach to multiple transplants, potentially FUT being ideal if the patient has a larger than average balding area.
  5. A rating wouldn't be fair and its disrespectful between surgeons. Different surgeons excel at different things. They should just cut the cord when they have specific examples like this that warrant it. "JayLDD, you have said, "I don't say this lightly, but I am 100% sure that if I trained for less than a month I could produce equivalent results". Really? Well, I wish it was so easy to become a doctor and a surgeon. So, going with that logic, if you train for 2 months, then you might be able to do a heart surgery or a brain surgery. Right? You are talking "lightly" about a Surgeon with 28 years of plastic surgery experience and thousands of successful cases. A few 'not to good results' and 'anyone' can do a "better" job than him! Let's ALL become Surgeons.....takes just 1 MONTH!!!" I'm not saying I should do it, what I am saying is that I *could* do it. I don't think I should be performing brain surgeries, nor hair transplants after two months, and I don't think that a clinic that implants this sloppily should be recommended here. Total false equivalence and ignoring of the fact that the surgeries here aren't up to the level of other clinics on this forum. When I look at a result like this, the proposition of a "redo" by the same clinic is meaningless. If I had no knowledge of the clinic or doctor and someone posted this post/pre-op, I and anyone else here with knowledge of what other clinics are doing would claim this doctor shouldn't be performing surgery, when I look at post-ops like this I feel like I'm looking at a clinic that's set up shop basically as a scam operation. I don't think its fair on the other quality surgeons recommended here to have work like this on the same list as them. Add that to criminal actions by a "representative" and its well over the limit.
  6. You're right, I think its blatantly obvious they shouldn't be recommended and those experienced can see that. Its a bad look for any other surgeons recommended here or those that would consider looking to be recommended. Everyone has preferences and there are surgeons on this forum that are more conservative and some more aggressive, this however is just consistently subpar work.
  7. Over years and years and probably seeing over a hundred of his results, I have felt that Bhatti's results fell below the standards of I suspect virtually every other surgeon recommended by this forum. I see more bad results than good from his clinic and even the best results fall below the average of top clinics. Anyone with a discerning eye and appreciation of what other clinics achieve can see from post-ops that the density he places at falls below acceptable standards. I don't say this lightly, but I am 100% sure that if I trained for less than a month I could produce equivalent results. It appears to me nothing but laziness and an lack of desire to push themselves to high standards that so many clinics consistently deliver. Look at the placement in case like this. Its just totally unacceptable for any clinic in 2020. Poor growth is one thing, amateurish placement and consistently below-par density is enough to show this clinic shouldn't be recommended. Considering the other complaints of clinic ethics and blackmail from their employee, I seriously do not believe they should be recommended on this forum. A "representative" acting in this way would result in the company getting sued if this occurred in the United States, its not good enough to merely say they have severed ties. The fact that in a situation where a clinic representative acts criminally towards a patient and subsequently refuses to refund is a hundred nails in the coffin. I hope others can acknowledge this too.
  8. You went from this: To this: And are saying that ASMED has put you in a position where you feel suicidal. Go to a therapist and tell them your situation, show them the before/afters and see what they tell you in reference to your comments about feeling suicidal because of this. Look at Lorenzo cases for Norwood 6s with similar situations to yourself and see how many grafts it took to get them to a position of full looking density and perfect coverage. You aren't helping anyone with your comments because they're hysterical and coming from a place of poor mental health. Most importantly, your comments and mindset aren't helping yourself because you're not in a particularly bad position regardless, nor one that significantly below any reasonable expectation. You were never a one and done and with a similar yield to what you had in your first procedure would likely get results that anyone would consider life changing with a graft number that poses no risk to your long term donor management. Is a second procedure truly something to feel suicidal about? Absolutely not, a few more plane flights, another surgery and 12 grand is absolutely nothing in comparison to how you're reacting.
  9. Yeah maybe I didn't write it well but I was referring to the second procedure not the ARTAS when I said 2500 each crown and frontal. Tbh I'd be a nervous on another FUE procedure looking at any of those photos. I'd probably raise the potential of FUT with HnW if you're going to grow your donor a little longer like it is in these pics. Definitely don't think you get away with anything close to a skin fade even currently. I do think Couto is getting some of the best results in the world via FUE and doing so fairly consistently, but obviously they aren't posting any duds on their social media and there aren't nearly as many patient posted results as a lot of other well known clinics. Also I totally agree with your point on finasteride and had a similar experience, no reason to try it again. Also agree that its a very small amount of grafts in the hairline to get what you want. I'd consider Konior in the US in your situation.
  10. Its not that short on top, but this is maybe a week after the standard cut I get after the second procedure I think this second pic is about a week after a cut also but you can see roughly how short the sides are. The first pic of mine I don't think is a huge amount longer than your hair is here on top, actually very similar so you should definitely expect full coverage at this length.
  11. Talk about an unintentionally hilarious comment. Sorry, but get a grip.
  12. "Why cant you just say ok cool i had a great result (meanng you) but you know what they messsed up on this one." You *literally* made a comparison here. I recommend you find cases of patients with the same balding pattern of you and see how many grafts it took to get full coverage, then compare your results to them. Look up Dr. Lorenzo who has a huge wealth of visible high norwood results and Dr. Zarev, find patients with similar situations to yourself prior to surgery. I can assure you, your reaction is no way justified compared to potential and expectation. I think more grafts should have been placed in your hairline, but you had 5000 grafts and the yield looks reasonable for the most part. There are patients with less balding area than you had who have significantly more grafts all the time to achieve an ideal result.
  13. Yaz89 had roughly 4k grafts in the frontal third and maybe 1k in the midscalp and crown. He had a significantly narrower balding area and had an emerging NW 5 pattern but was roughly a NW3-4 with a reasonable midscalp and good crown. His temples were still very strong. You have a wider balding area, and an emerging NW6 pattern in an unconvential balding pattern that doesn't fit into either scales. Your crown is almost completely bare and your remaining native hair at the front was cosmetically insignificant. Maybe 1k healthy grafts worth. Your balding area is MASSIVELY bigger than Yaz's was. Your balding area is also significantly bigger than that of the average hair transplant patient. I can assure you Farsan, that 95% of people with your balding area are not getting full ideal coverage in a single procedure. Your hairline is clearly lacking in density and you didn't achieve full coverage, but you're dealing with a massive balding area and a graft number that is comparatively small to what is required to fill it. To expect a one and done, is quite frankly totally absurd. From looking here, its obvious that the hairline density isn't very high and behind it is a bit thin. Ultimately however, you have a fairly aggressive and aesthetic looking hairline and good coverage behind it. Even in your initial post you talked about a potential second procedure. You also made multiple (three?) accounts from what I can tell for no other reason than to make it appear like more people from the clinic are having problems than actually are. No one with your result from another clinic would be complaining in the way you are especially if they're offered a free touchup to a result that already matched the amount of grafts you had for the area. Again, comparing your result to that of Yaz is utterly ridiculous and shows you don't care about objectivity or realistic expectations. I'd want more density in the front if I were you also, but you clearly didn't have a huge amount of grafts in the front considering how large your balding area was. There are multiple Hasson cases with 3500 grafts in an area 1/4 of your balding area. That is the reality. "And yeh those pics look awsome why? Because i had so much native hair i can even now grow it out so much that it can covet the bad work." And to this comment: No, you clearly didn't have "so much native hair". You did however have a gigantic balding area that isn't a one and done with 5k grafts. I can't remember the name of the doctor, but there was a post on this forum a few days ago with a surgeon doing FUE graft numbers over 10k grafts, many of those patients had less area to cover than you did.
  14. Extremely happy with it, although if it’s damp or I brush it so it doesn’t layer it looks thinnish. Otherwise basically perfect, which is lucky considering I’ve been off finasteride for over a year. Do think the crown took a bit longer to develop, but at a year it was probably around the final result. Maybe 5 months and then a slow improvement up to 12.