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  1. I do think that this is the best hair transplant I've ever seen, particularly because it was into almost completely bald scalp, involved front to back coverage and was a set of multiple procedures with high graft numbers. The thing I've never seen people mention in regards to Aftermath that I think is the major reason why he achieved and was able to get a result this good is the narrowness of his balding area. Typically on a NW5 pattern there is SIGNIFICANTLY more exposed scalp, on Aftermath the sides extend much higher than usual and the width of midscalp and crown exposed by balding i
  2. Imo on price and graft numbers this patient should consider a clinic like Eugenix who are competent with body hair work. Depending on laxity Hasson/Wong would be my other main consideration. If the goal is simply filling the current transplanted area I still wouldn't even consider 2500 grafts viable. To fill that full NW6 area that was a job for 8k+ grafts, even with the crown completely bare this case should have been 5000 grafts to begin with. To add to that, the growth was mediocre, pretty clear from the post-ops that not everything grew. Not terrible and likely straightforward to re
  3. I've always felt this was the case simply off the basis of surgeons specifically like Wong himself, Konior and Lorenzo for example who seemed to prove that the opposite was true. Coverage is much easier achieved in the crown by virtue of how the hair sits compared to how it does for an exposed hairline. My own is bordering on bald which is very apparent when wet but the placement makes it unnoticeable. Height of the hair is the only way someone can easily tell, which the average person is unable to. In the case that I do need to remedy further losses over the next few years though Wong
  4. I don't mean to piss on anyones bonfire, but to pretend this result is a disaster is a bit delusional. Marginally different lighting, but it was very clearly a seethrough, unnatural mess prior to the ASMED procedure. Post-op it looks natural, frames the face properly albeit a bit of thinning. You're also not on finasteride and I assume after the first surgery that not all of that hair is the result of the transplant, you almost certainly lost most hair over that time period. For reference, I think you should take a look at what 3500 grafts over that area can actually achieve. T
  5. As far as I'm aware for both minoxidil and fin there isn't a good amount of data to draw conclusions on for your questions. Standard practice is no minox for a few weeks prior to the procedure to avoid excessive bleeding. I have also heard some clinics state to avoid for a short period after, but plenty of clinics don't say this. My assumption is that you'll be 100% fine starting up minox early, and for fin I've never heard clinics say to stop taking fin for that period, so I wouldn't worry about that at all. The donor doesn't look great for those graft numbers but at the end of the day i
  6. Problem is you might end up with an unnatural result that looks worse than you did prior to a hair transplant. From your initial photos it’s somewhat hard to conclude but your hair looked decent already. 4K grafts before you look bald in the back from FUE is absolutely false as an average, even a NW6 will almost always achieve more than that number. For NW5s the average would be closer to 7k. if you were worried about your long term donor utilization you should have chosen a clinic that is taken seriously on a forum such as this one and probably gone with FUT. In this case, if
  7. This is a *terrible* result and anyone that says otherwise doesn't have a clue. Macro design is totally unnatural and as others have said the graft number looks overstated. Probably not the worlds most difficult repair, but I guarantee most surgeons on this network would acknowledge that this is a poor result and whoever did the work is incompetent. OP, based on this post alone you absolutely do not have unrealistic expectations. There are plenty of surgeons on this network that would never put out a result like this. Bad yield is one thing, below par density in placement and strai
  8. If you're happy with FUT these are arguably the best two clinics at it, Hasson in particular for larger megasessions. At the end of the day if you've come down to these two clinics I'd assume you already have a good sense for decision making, you really just have to look at their results yourself and decide who you think produces the best results to your eye consistently and in terms of aesthetics. On top of that the price, I'd also consider budgeting for a potential touch-up, not that you will absolutely have to but its worth considering in advance. Personally I do think Hasson produces more
  9. If he or others have the money to go to a surgeon that uses stick and place as well as being more meticulously hands on in general like Konior or Keser for example, then absolutely I'd recommend going elsewhere. In reality unless he has the money to do this its probably the best option to go back with Ferreira. I don't consider Ferreira at the absolute top end for hair transplant surgeons, but he's no clown. I would give him the benefit of the doubt. Also has been said, I think he's likely to get some further improvement that leaves a position where a touch-up will achieve a good result.
  10. There's no means to find out why unless you have some kind of specific physiological condition. Other surgeons who didn't take part in the surgery would almost certainly be lying if they try to give you specific reasons. The surgeon who conducted the surgery to begin with might have theories as they're the one that conducted it but even they are unlikely to have anything close to concrete answers. Its worth taking it out of your head completely because there's no means of getting concrete answers here. I understand in an ideal world that you would know, but that's not reality.
  11. Realistically I think its unlikely that the growth will ever be a home run if this is the situation at six months, however its definitely possible it can improve reasonably substantially over the next three months or so. As Bono said, the responses from Ferriera are well above average for patient aftercare, and the fact that he is he supporting of potentially remedying the situation at twelve months if still not satisfied is as close to as good as you will get anywhere in the industry. "One thing I will do if after 10 months my hair transplant has failed ( and yes i am jumping the
  12. When I say their marketing is a redflag, I'm saying that even the cases they're advertising often look unnatural. If the cases they're advertising don't look good, then the average case they're not advertising is unlikely to look even baseline level. I have no idea how you drew that conclusion from what I wrote but ok.
  13. I don't know the full reason why (bad vibes?) but Spex was always one of the most unlikeable people I've ever come across on an online forum or hair related environment. I think he is the type of person to think he can simultaneously help people through directing people to decent clinics while making a buck doing it (which is partially true and he's probably a net benefit to the industry) but ultimately I don't think he's all that bright, weak ethically and certainly lacking levels of each enough to be a great patient advocator. Probably also I'm just a little jealous of him making money
  14. Dr. Bicer isn't in the league of ASMED. Their marketing and instagram are approaching trash tier. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLUTFJHDv3t/ Sorry to the people recommending on this thread, but this looks terribly unnatural in every way. An Instagram should be the place for the clinics deemed top results. This is nowhere near par. Sometimes I feel like I'm too hostile in my critiques but recommendation of Bicer just reminds me that indeed a lot of people just lack any level of aesthetic judgement. It sounds like your budget isn't endless, in terms of the mentioned clinics ASMED
  15. Would go for FUT in the case of a future procedure. Assume at worst I'd be able to get 3k grafts to cover lost midscalp and crown that is still native hair. Probably closer to 4k, 1000 of which to perfect density in frontal third. For FUE, I think if I really pushed it I could get another 2000, but I don't think that's the best choice, especially considering any potential donor thinning over the next 30 years. In the meantime things are fine, crown placement from ASMED was good enough that it still appears to have very good coverage despite being very thin in reality. No interest i
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