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  1. I was really impressed with Dr Arshad and his team. He lead tech has over 20 years experience and was trained by Dr C, and I know that he goes to quite a few conferences on hair transplants and invests in the latest tools. I think it is good that there are other options in UK for those seeking a HT. I know Dr Arshad is heavily involved with another HT forum, so it would be a question of whether he would want to pay the fee for this website too! When I had my first HT with Dr De Reys, he said he was reluctant to pay the fees on here, because he was busy enough. He eventually joined and was
  2. Some interesting points regarding Farjo. I only live 50 minutes away from his clinic, but personally think his results are not consistently good and he is very expensive - NOT a very good combination! When I had my hair transplant with Dr Arshad, I paid £2 per graft. He has now put his prices up to £3 per graft. When I last looked, Farjo was charging about £6 per graft (FUE). In regards to aftercare, Dr Arshad is far superior to Dr Reddy or Dr De Reys. I received a phone calls, texts, and had several face-to-face appointments to ensure everything was healing well.
  3. I had surgery with Dr Arshad from Hair Dr - Dewsbury (near Leeds). He was previously a consultant surgeon (specialising in head cancer surgery) in the NHS, so is a highly trained surgeon. There are not many results from him on this forum, but lots on other forums. I have also had work with Dr Reddy and IMO his work is just as good.
  4. Will do! I guess my concern is that tattoo ink is permanent and SMP is semi-permanent. Are you still micro-needling @CosmoKramer? Still not got round to do that yet.
  5. Cheers @CosmoKramer Funnily, enough my HT surgeon said exactly the same thing! I will probably get that done this summer. My only concern with SMP is the safety issue regarding the ink, and it entering your blood stream. Have you heard anything about this, and do you know whether it is safe or not?
  6. Dr Arshad has a surgical background in Ear Nose and Throat surgery, where he was a consultant cancer surgeon. He has also received some training in cosmetic surgery. I found limited information on Dr Arshad on Forums, but I did extensive research about him (research gate, other forums, and journal publications) and his credentials prior to booking a surgery. Dr Arshad is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons - which awarded to surgeons passing the exit exam after years of training (and should not be confused with being a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, which is the entr
  7. Ummm, that might always be the case @hairlossPA regarding women being happier with less attractive men, according to this study that tested the matching hypothesis theory (regarding physical attractiveness among gender): https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0146167211409947 These researchers at Berkley, found evidence for matching among couples on physical attractiveness. This could be whole new thread in itself! 🙂 I wonder if this has changed in recent years given the number of people using dating apps/websites to attract partners.
  8. Ha ha - this is brilliant! 🙂 I guess it almost depend on your head shape too. My missus likes the shape of my head and thinks I pull off the shaved look really well.
  9. Surely looks aren't everything @hairlossPA? Aren't other things important.......? I can see why that would make them feel more secure. There is also evidence in many relationship journals that women are attracted to intelligent, funny, and charismatic men. The point I was trying to make is that not every girl is shallow to worry about whether a man has hair or not, and that we (men) probably worry about it much more than women. Further, if you end up with a girl/guy who is that shallow, you are with the wrong girl/guy.
  10. Thanks @Melvin-Moderator It's just the back of my head where there is a visible line where my thick hair is that bothers me a little, which contrasts with my crown area and thinner hair (don't know the exact terminology for that). When my hair is a bit longer it is much less noticeable. I am quite pleased with my donor area, from a normal distance that most people would stand it looks fine, it's just the contrast between the thick part of my hair and thinner/balding area. I imagine SMP might help with that if I wanted to keep my hair this short.
  11. Ha ha! She's 36 and I am punching well above my weight with her. We've been together since 2011 and I had my first HT, back in 2013. Although she has always supported me in getting my hair transplants, it has been something she does not think is necessary, and probably a waste of my money - but she has never said that. The surgeon who did my last HT, Dr Arshad, told me his wife does not care about his hair either. I think we (men) place much more emphasis on it that many others. It is something that bothers me though, and always has done. I would be a NW6 now without any work, so have probably
  12. After posting the pictures a few days ago, I decided to shave my head! My hair was getting a bit long and I was unable to get to the barbers due to the Covid19 lockdown. Besides, my partner has been wanting me to do this for a while, as she much prefers a shaven head. Interestingly, she really does not care whether I have hair or not. I quite like the shaven look, although some SMP towards the crown might improve it. I think I will grow it back over the next few months, so I can see how it looks 12 months from my HT.
  13. 7 MONTH UPDATE Here are my 7 month update pictures. There is a definite improvement, even though I am no longer taking any hair meds. I have noticed some shedding recently as I have been taking a high dose of a medication abs there is clinical evidence of hair loss. Hopefully I won’t be on that for long. I’ve definitely noticed my hair is not quite as thick as it was.
  14. Cheers @JohnCasper For the positive comments and encouragement throughout. Really pleased with density in my hairline, even though those new hairs are very fine. Looking forward to seeing the final result....just a shame you have to wait so long!
  15. Thanks for your supportive words @Melvin-Moderator It does not get any easier having gone through it three times before and knowing what to expect. I’m much happier with my hair now, as I was very worried about my donor area and whether it would be thick enough to look normal. Those worries have now gone, so any improvements from here on in will be a nice bonus.
  16. Thanks @CosmoKramer not started micro-needling either. I think I’m going to wait until I’m 9 months post HT, just to be sure. Looking forward to starting it.
  17. 4 MONTH UPDATE The new hairs in my hairline having been coming through for a while now. They are much shorter and finer than my existing hair. My donor areas is continuing to improve. I think I might be tempted to get some temple work done in the future.....
  18. I think this is one of the most natural looking hairlines that I have ever seen on this website. Congratulations. Amazing work!
  19. Hi @CosmoKramer how are things going with the micro-needling? Has your hair continued to get better? I'm now 3.5 months post HT, so am keen to give it a go, but will give it another few months before trying.
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