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  1. Here are my 4 week photographs. My donor is a little patchy towards the bottom and is still quite sore. I’ve been applying savlon to this and it’s really helping. I think I’ve got a bit of shock loss in my donor - which I had after my first op. At this stage, I’m a little concerned with the bottom part of my donor. I will use SMP if required to add density Really happy with my recipient area despite all the shedding that’s occurred
  2. I've got the burnt feeling too!! My donor is definitely much sorer than my other surgeries and is still pink in places, nearly four weeks post surgery. I did not experience shininess or bruising, but my donor is still quite pink, whereas after my manual surgeries, there was very little pinkness. The surgeons were different, so I agree this will be a factor. Just wondered if others had noticed this.
  3. I had my fourth FUE surgery three weeks ago and have suffered some discomfort in my donor area. My grafts were extracted via a manual device in my first three surgeries, and by and motorised device in my fourth surgery (similar graft extraction in my first and fourth operation, and the same punch diameters .8mm). My recovery time has been substantially slower after the motorised extraction. I have been very sore and the discomfort has impacted upon my sleep. I've had a follow up examination and there is no infection in my donor area. I was just wondering a) whether there is any research on this, and b) if there is anyone who has experienced both type of extractions to see if what I'm experiencing is normal - and thus recovery after motorised extractions takes longer to recover from. I understand that the soreness maybe due to the number of operations, but I thought I would raise this. Cheers! 🙂
  4. DAY 14 - My donor area is very itchy and still a little sore towards the bottom part. My hair started shedding on Day 8, and I am losing a few hairs each time I wash my hair. My donor looks a little patchy at the bottom, but I am hoping this will be fine once it grows out. I prefer my hair longer and will be prepared to get some SMP if need be in my donor area to make it look a little denser.
  5. I can see it and add pics. I emailed admin over the weekend, but I can see my message has not been read yet.
  6. Fewer than 10. I created a post last Friday on the FUE forum, but my post is still pending approval. Not sure why! I’ve uploaded lots of pics too
  7. I'm 5 days post an FUE operation, and I noticed the same thing (top picture) - with a scab around the hair. There was no bleeding. I was just wondering whether I will have lost these hairs, or whether they will be safe after 5 days. I think I might have rubbed them whilst I was a sleep. I am a little concerned about it....
  8. I'm day 5 post an FUE now, and I've noticed that I've lost some hairs in the night, which were surrounded by a small scab. Did you experience this? I'm just a bit concerned I've lost a few grafts! There was no bleeding though.
  9. DAY 5 - I noticed some bits of skin with hair shafts in them this morning on my pillow. Fortunately, there was no bleeding, so I am hoping everything with my HT is OK! A bit concerned though.
  10. You could potentially use SMP at the crown. I've just had my 4th FUE, totalling 9133 grafts and plan to use SMP in my donor and/or crown if required. I have seen a few pictures of SMP among patients with long hair and it can look really good. I really hope your anxiety has subsided and that you are feeling better now, it can take time to get over chronic/clinical anxiety. Your hair looks great!
  11. Here is my Day 4 recipient and donor area. The donor area is a little sore towards the bottom. Really please with my recipient area.
  12. I've changed the formatting of the pictures, so I can now upload the photos from immediately after my operation. You can see I had quite a bit of swelling around my left eye socket - this had settled down by the time I woke up the next morning.
  13. Here are some pictures of my donor from the start of Day 2 (transplant on the 15th of August, today is the 17th of August). I took the bandages off yesterday evening. My donor area - Overall, I feel a lot better than yesterday. The day before my operation I had a heavy weights and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu session in the hope I would sleep durning my operation the following day. In hindsight, I regret that decision, because I feel it contributed to me feeling quite stiff and lethargic. I am currently taking 40mg of Prednisone and Co-amoxiclav three times a time. That is upsetting my stomach, slightly but nothing major. I was also given a plentiful supply of ibuprofen and paracetamol, but I am not sure if I need that today. You can see from my donor that Dr Arshad went much higher than either Dr De Reys or Dr Reddy. He said I had no miniaturisation in those areas and that those hairs will be safe well into my sixties. If some of those hairs don't survive until then, so be it. As you can see, my donor are is pretty much used up now. Dr Arshad said my back up plan, should I ever need it will be to use beard grafts. I've got a very dense beard, so should be easily be able to get 1500 grafts, if I ever need it. I will also consider SMP in donor or scalp area should I need it in the future to add a bit of density. I've seen that it in long hair and it looks pretty good.
  14. I am so pleased for you and this new result. How many grafts do you have left for the back? I think your new head of hair looks great!!