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  1. Here are my 3 month post-op pictures. I feel my donor is now looking really good. Just waiting for my new hairs to grow....
  2. This looks great, especially for 8 months. The hair should mature over the next 3-4 months and will look even better. I had my third surgery with Dr Reddy. He and his team are really good.
  3. The crown can be really difficult to fill. I think I had over 3000 grafts inserted into my crown in my first three operations, and it is still not full. Have you considered SMP? That is something I think I might do, after seeing the results of my 4th op. There is a great thread on microneedling by @CosmoKramer that is well worth checking out. His crown looks great:
  4. Thanks John. My recovery was a little slower this time, but that's probably due to the amount of grafts I have had in total. I'm really pleased with how my donor area is recovering. I knew it was a bit of risk taking out out another 3k + grafts, but the surgeon was confident that it would be fine. Just the waiting game now..... I will post again at 4 months.
  5. Good question. Not sure, to be honest. Probably not as good as some people on here. The front of my hair looked pretty thin 12 months post my first surgery, but I think Dr De Reys is pretty conservative, given other doctors estimated double the amount of grafts. I was happy with that area of my head after my second surgery with the same doctor. It’s quite a big area that I’ve had filled - looks bigger in real life, as I’ve got quite a big head. . Excluding my fourth surgery, I’ve had close to 4000 (surgery 1, 2, and 3) grafts in my crown. I do have a massive bald patch though, and all doctors have said it is pretty big. I guess I’m lucky that my donor area is good. I’m beginning to think I could take more from the sides, if needed!!! It’s looking really good.
  6. Cheers John - I've read your story too. Yeah, I am not expecting full coverage of my crown, but hopefully some improvement.
  7. Wow, wow, wow @CosmoKramer!! I've just seen this after you commented on my post. This is amazing!! Your results from this are outstanding. I am now 2 months post HT, so will probably wait a good few months, but will give this ago using the pen. Thanks for sharing - this is awesome! 🙂
  8. Cheers CosmoKramer! The picture from behind is when I am stood directly under a light, so I think it looks better in normal light. Once I get a bit of length at the back, I think it will be fine. Really happy with the sides too. Now it's just a waiting game.....been through this three times already, but I don't think it gets any easier 😞
  9. 2 MONTH UPDATE Here is my 2 Month update pictures. As you will see, my donor area has improved since my one month update - particularly the sides, where it looks pretty thick, even under harsh light. The back of my donor is improving too, but it is just taking a little longer - especially the bit near the nape of my neck. I am now confident, that when I grow it longer, that it will be fine. In terms of my recipient area, I've got lots of bumps and spots, but I've had that before and think it is good sign. I started taking propecia again - for a week - having been off it for almost a year since trying to conceive (and on and off since 2005). I have now stopped taking it. I will see what happens with this HT, before making a decision. I will get back on the minoxidil though, but my scalp is still pretty irritable, so will wait.
  10. I’m doing that too. My missus loves my hair short, but I prefer it longer. Happy growing!
  11. Are you taking Finasteride? I’ve been on and off it for years. Never feel great when on it, and always seem susceptible to colds. Going to try taking 1mg three times a week. I do respond well to it, but getting a cold every month in the winter puts me off a bit.
  12. Hi is the link to my pre-op pics, before my first surgery, back in 2013:
  13. Looks really impressive. Will you keep it short like this, or grow it out?