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  1. Hair transplant is very unique unlike any other surgery and must be performed by a plastic surgeon and Dr. Mayank happens to be one of the few board certified plastic surgeons in India and has performed over 1600 hair transplant procedure on men and women. He is also an expert when it comes to other cosmetic procedures like liposuction, male breast reduction, breast enhancement, breast lift and breast reduction surgeries. But hair transplant happens to be his signature treatment and patients get the most natural looking hair growth after just four months after the surgery. Being an expert in both FUE and FUT patients also get maximum coverage in just one sitting.
  2. In this clinic, you will get the maximum hair coverage possible because the doctor is the best when it comes to follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplant (FUT) hair transplant technique along with Direct Hair transplant or DHT. Also in this clinic, you will get platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment which is state of the art hair reclamation procedure. In Radiance Cosmedic you will have all the option to stop hair fall or if you need cover the bald spot just go for the hair transplant because the cost for best hair transplant in Delhi is only this clinic.
  3. Hi guys, has anyone used Ultra-D process for Hair transplants in Delhi, India with Dr. Mayank of Radiance Cosmedic Centre for a their hair transplant. Its look like latest technique.
  4. Hi Somit, I am not too much into it. However, one of my friend Saurabh had a hair transplant from Dr. Mayank, you can visit to him at RADIANCE COSMEDIC CENTRE. According to Saurabh, Dr. Mayank is quite good and cost effective too.
  5. In every service, particularly hair transplant procedure transparency is the key with regards to price, quality, and efficacy of medical services. This is important because it goes a long way in helping a person to make the right decision after all it is their money and their future. Therefore, transparency must go together with for hair loss patients because many are not given the full information or get enticed by such low cost they forget the competency of the doctor. This is one service in India that has seen a rise in competition and great big advertisement can be seen on newspaper with photos of celebrity endorsement to lured the public. Hair transplant is a procedure which must be performed by a plastic surgeon, period! This is a cosmetic surgery and there was a time when this procedure was very expensive in India but those who could afford would often travel to western countries to get it done. However, in the last five years’ things have changed and there are many clinics in India offering quality hair transplant and the fact is people from across the world are coming to get hair transplant in India to some specific clinics for great results and cost. But there are several clinics that are running parallel operations with unqualified doctors and to catch “customers” (they do not treat then as patients but as customers) they quote exuberantly low cost.
  6. Hair transplant is a procedure that can make or break someone’s life because when we start to lose hair we start to feel insecure because it alters our personality. That is why when a person decides to take a bold decision and gets hair transplant he or she’s expectations are very high. Now one thing must be made very clear, hair transplant is a hair reclamation procedure and it is not possible to have the same level of density like it was before because it is simply not possible. The reason for that is the availability of donor hair on the back and the side of the scalp. So it is not possible to cannibalize that hair to give more density because it will not look good. Fact is hair transplant is a “camouflage technique” to hide baldness. Those who say they can give complete coverage in most cases are not being truthful. Why good clinic and a terrific hair transplant doctor are needed? In India pretty much any doctor can become a hair transplant doctor and many have because it is very lucrative business. But the price should not be paid by the patient because if the results are not right the new hair will look unnatural and it will not match your facial symmetry. The fact of the matter is hair transplant is a procedure that must be performed by plastic surgeons because this is a cosmetic procedure. So imagine a doctor who is trained to be a dentist or orthopedic surgeon decides to do hair transplant, they will fall short and the desired results will not be met leaving the patient sad, angry and disappointed. Hair transplant is an investment, nay long term investment so if you are careful about which mutual fund will give you maximum profit the same logic applies here. So if you have decided to get hair transplant choose the right clinic that has the right doctor to give you the best results.