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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. It's unfortunate ppl don't come back and share what happened for the sake of others. But let's also try and understand all the pain and anguish ppl have ie imagine someone putting all this time, hope and money into a procedure thinking they are going to get their hair back only to be disappointed. When your that down in the dumps a refund on the condition of going ghost is understandably not a bad option.
  2. Yes he had a poor result, got refunded, and moved on with his life...This is a lot more common than we would like to admit. There are no guarantee's in life
  3. Month 3 and 4 had big booms of growth and thinks looking great ,month 5 basically stagnant and thats where I'm at now. Even with my hair pre-HT I'd have my good months and bad months depending on shedding, hair cycles, haircut and length etc. I find in general but especially with HT hair the shorter and cleaner cut the healthier the hair looks overall.
  4. What do you mean no refund or litigation and you will get it fixed? Get that refund ASAP and go to a top doc in the world, even then you are in a tough spot because all those wasted grafts...good luck man If a top doc says they cant perform on you and if your current clinic wont give you a refund please make it your mission to out the bastards who did this to you, no one should be going to them
  5. Ya does contrast quite a bit, keep us updated on what the clinic has to say. Doesn't really seem like a growth/yield thing, maybe just placed at a certain angle with a certain density that doesn't match aswell with natives? I'm 4 months post op and just buzzed to a 1 and one temple looks perfectly blended while the other slightly different, so I think it just depends on where in the growth phase it is (good temple grew out immediately post op so already more mature) Overall though your hair is fkn sick and after 3 procedures the donor still looks great even cut that short (looks about a 1 guard).
  6. Of course everyone looks considerably better with hair, but if you are not willing to take finasteride then I do think it is a good idea to just accept and embrace baldness man, your head shape seems solid. But when you do make that leap just understand there is no going back. SMP probably wont provide you a satisfying outcome, and you could never get an HT unless you were on finasteride. With your age and hairloss I would definitely either just 1) shave move on and accept 2) try and fight it but only if you are willing to take fin, if not then forget it and stick to option 1
  7. You deserve a refund my friend. A refund plus some more money for your wasted time and energy to be honest!
  8. You still got great hair so I would go the fin/avo route, best to start with fin and see how that serves you. HT is always a last resort!
  9. 3 months and zero results = chill no worries 4 months zero results = a little worried 5 months zero results = worried 6 months zero results = panic
  10. Tough choice man but I would say either way you are in good hands, and as you've alluded to It depends on what is most important to you ie getting it done in one procedure, hairline/crown etc My personal philosophy with respect to Hair transplants is to operate out of the assumption that no new treatments are every going to come save the day, and we have to be very meticulous in planning ahead, managing our donor etc. I'm in my 20s as well and have been on forums for almost a decade so seeing virtually no progress with respect to treatments made me adopt a more conservative approach for HTs Lorenzo was more in line with my personal approach so I went with him. Had I needed a large number of grafts and been on a budget, I probably would have gone with Erdy. Both have consistently great yields and overall results, and it seems like the main differences/concerns in the eyes of forum goers between the two are the large graft estimates of Erdy, the conservative nature of Lorenzo, as well as some concern with the aesthetics of Lorenzos hairlines. The thing I weighed most heavily was which Doc do I think gets the most out of each and every graft ie in the event i have more extensive loss down the road who can make best use of my total lifetime donor. From experience I can tell you the conservative hairline talk with Lorenzo is not true at all. He was willing to be much more aggressive than I anticipated, and I ended up going somewhere in between his most conservative and most aggressive hairline design. I think most guys my age with my loss would have chose the most aggressive one but personally I didn't want to get greedy. A guy I met when I was there was in for his 10 month follow up, he was in his 20s and in show business so needed that perfect NW1 hairline and his results were awesome.
  11. Listen to what people are saying mate - don't be stubborn here! You are making a poor decision I think you need to take more time, do more research and most importantly consult with more doctors. Be willing to travel too, you will be much better off doing so. The cost and quality is not in your favor with your current decision, you could absolutely get better for less.
  12. Np. Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia aka donor hair sensitive to androgens just like the rest of MPB hair.