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  1. I would count on the MSM rather than the Rogaine. Ive seen couple guys who got awesome results and used MSM. I believe it feeds and helps grafts to survive.
  2. I don't think its an illusion. There is a difference between good and bad ht result. If you have an average result, the way you style your hair could change the look drastically. Of course no hair transplantation can bring your 18 year old density but if the growth rate is around %90s and densely packed, no matter you comb the hair in any way the look wouldn't drastically change. In this video I don't think there is a lightening trick that you can understand how dense his hair is by looking at his hairline and the location is not that dark. Plus, seeing the scalp with wet hair doesn't mean that the hair is not dense enough and there is an illusion.
  3. Melvin what do you think about this result, do you think its illusion as well? https://youtu.be/Vafx7zabs8k
  4. Thanks for the info. Happy for you. Curly hairs will straighten after 12 months its all normal. I asked for the photos between 1-3 months when the transplanted hairs shed, you didn't put them in the thread. There is only photos of 11 days and after that 3 months. Anyway you don't have to put them, congrats.
  5. One of the best results of Dr. Erdogan, maybe the best. You are really lucky. Could you please put some pictures of 1-3 months? Did you experience shock loss and how was it. It is important to see those to know if small shock loss helped this kind of great result. And I believe you took dutasteride throughout this period, did you take any other supplements or vitamins? Thanks.
  6. Guys, if you want to get a top result, do not go to any surgeon in Turkey except Erdogan and Keser. They are really top surgeons that I believe Erdogan is the best in Europe. However, the rest are not guarenteed. Don't risk it.
  7. It looks great and will get better each month. You've made the right choice, Koray Erdogan is the king of hair transplant.
  8. yes, he does not take every graft completely. for some grafts, they cut them half and leave the other half on the donor that after one year, some of them regrows. you can send an email and ask the detail.
  9. I would trust Dr Erdogan and go with him. He plans for the future that he won't waste your grafts if you have limited for the future. He is professional and ethical enough don't worry. Also with his extraction method 30% of the donor grows back. I believe for the temples he is the best aesthetically.
  10. It has been 45 days, in the ugly duckling phase. Waiting with patience
  11. The pain in the donor area lasts for at least 10 days.. I took 2 or 3 strong painkillers everyday at that time. It was really annoying and painful without the painkiller. 4700 grafts from Erdogan.
  12. This is a great result congrats man! No one can tell you had a hair transplant, its really natural. Did you take biotin to promote hair growth and health?
  13. I am not going to go through this and enter into an argument. I said what my opinion is and still think that way. I hope everyone gets the result they want at the end.
  14. No, not only in the frontal. 1000 to the vertex and 800 to the sides. I agree strips maintain density but still I would not prefer having a scar on my head in my whole life. The photo is taken just 10 days after 0 blade cut and under professional lights that is taken by the clinic. Even the untouched hair might look like that if its that short. You wouldn't recognize it in real life that no one realized I had a hair transplant after the peeling. Everybody thought I just had a buzz cut for summer And when you grow it out its impossible to suspect any thinning on the donor area. Whatever I don't want to ruin Ernie's thread, if you guys are happy its the most important thing.
  15. The post op photos were posted by the client, but its obvious that the result is a success even though its dry. Why would it be ridiculous, are you blind? And he always plans it for the future. For example in my case he counted by donor capacity as 8000 grafts and saved the other 4000 for the future. So I don't think he uses too much grafts, its all planned and I believe using as much as grafts makes it more natural..