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Your Hair Loss Story

Hello friends!!!

This is Ashish Joneja, 37 years, Pharmaceutical businessman,from Daryaganj, Central Delhi.

Like many of you I had the irony of baldness. After a good amount of hardwork I could establish myself in my non familial Pharma business. Like any young man I chased my dreams of establishing my name amongst the top names in my field. I am a social person who wants to enjoy the company of relatives, friends, partying with pals. While I was busy in establishing my business, I started loosing my hair from frontal head which gradually progressed. I tried many things including all types of head massage oil, Ayurvedic stuff, Finax tablet, Minoxidil lotion and many indigenous things. Very soon I realised that in my case nothing is working and the baldness is progressing at it’s will!
I sought many consultations for this hair issue. I was prescribed medicines and advised to go for Mesotherapy and other treatments. All the efforts used to rouse some hope in me but later alas! Everything proved to be futile.’

After tired of everything I lost the hope of getting my hair back. Gradually I put on weight and became regressive in my social circle. Even though every thing in my life was ok; good business, beautiful kids, caring wife, blessings of elder brother, bhabi and parents, there was something that I was lacking in the depth of my heart and mind.
In the meantime my cousin brother started reading about hair loss treatments for his baldness. He read a lot about hair transplant procedures in the net. Also find many clinic for hair transplant in Delhi. He realised that hair transplant results vary a lot depending upon the expertise of the treating doctor. He passed on the information that FUT is a cut technique and now better techniques are available. Even my common sense said to me that the end result depends upon the expertise of the doctor.
We get loads of advertisements everyday in each newspaper about best hair transplant in Delhi NCR including packages like Make my trip! Since hair transplant is a surgery and it involves a sizeable money I was not moving any step further. I had a doubt about the genuinity of the procedure because of so much commercial advertisements. Even though I hail from pharma business I was dubious about choosing a hair transplant centre.
During my business trips I came across one of my associates with a sudden look change after a 6 months of gap! I jumped to ask him what has happened to his hair! He revealed the story that he has got a hair transplant done on the frontal bald scalp 5 months back and hair are growing. I checked his donor area which was the backside of the head as well as the transplanted area. All was well. No marks on either area and my friend had no issues of pain or any problem. I took the name and contact informations of the Doctor from him. Fixed one appointment with the Doctor over phone for a meeting. The meeting was cordial. The Doctor was beaming with scientific knowledge. He revealed the limitations of the procedure. The most important thing which was conspicuous was that the Doctor was not pushing me for the surgery. He was giving me a holistic approach and trying to educate me about the scientific aspects of the procedure and left me to take the decision. Since I had already seen the result of his work and now seen the non commercial approach of this poised and confident doctor I intuitively realised that this is the Doctor ! My search was over. My decision made me travel away from Delhi to a distant city where the Doctor was established at that point of time.

I should admit here that I being a little sensitive person I was expecting a lot of pain during the procedure! The Doctor and his team explained the details of the hair line, the position of it, the artistry of the design, practical hair density in transplantation. After proper scientific documentation of the pre treatment pictures the procedure started under local anaesthesia. I had the feeling of initial few pricks which anyone can negotiate the whole procedure was painless. I received nearly 3000 grafts on that single day and travelled back to Delhi at night. I was getting proper follow up calls from the team and Doctor as well for the initial 7 days. After around 3 weeks a lot of transplanted hair started dropping! I was a little panicked but the Doctor assured me that the roots are inside my scalp and they will produce a new hair soon. Then the period of status quo maintained till the 4th month. I was getting calls and mails from the office of the Doctor about my wellbeing. But I was having my fingers crossed because I was almost like before the procedure!

I got a call from the Doctor after the end of the 4th month about my hair. By this time I had grown a lot of hair and they all were growing and giving me a new look everyday! I gave this good news to the Doctor.

I got what I wanted after completion of 6 months ! New look! New confidence! A new life!

The most amazing thing was that no one in my close circle could make out that I had planted hair. They were so natural in arrangement !
With such a natural looking hair and confidence I decided to loose my extra kgs so that I could get my body shaped up once again. Truly speaking the new hair gave me a renewed lease of life with a lot of enthusiasm! I again started socialising with a lot of energy and enjoyment. Everything I pursued in my business life was full of enjoyment. I started loving myself! I became stricter in healthy habits of food and exercises. My whole family started following my habits!
Since my baldness was of advanced grade the top of the head was not covered in the first sitting, even though it was covered well with the grown hair. After around 8 months I decided to do some more plantation on the top. This time another 3000 odd grafts were planted. Some 1000 grafts were also taken from my beard. Again another 2300 grafts were planted on my crown to cover it. So in total I received close to 8300 hair grafts on my bald scalp area. And after 6 months of my last sitting I am writing this post for fellow bald friends.
Over the last 2 years I came across a lot of people who were really searching for hair transplant in India. The amount of advertisements has increased and so also the confusion regarding the quality and the pricing. One Advt says they charge 50 thousand rupees for whole scalp and yet another one has Diwali offers! Depending upon the grades in the quality consciousness of the person he will get allured and confused in the myriads of websites, discounts and newspaper advertisements!
I started getting a lot of calls from my circle about my story in hair transplant. Believe me they were not as lucky as I was in choosing a doctor. Most of them were in the higher strata of the society with good business. They all were confused! But when they all saw me in person and heard me speaking about the procedure they all got confidence. They gave one encouraging feedback to me that I am good in giving the scientific informations and clearing their doubts. Most of them were thankful for the informations I passed on to them. I felt better that even though I am not a doctor, people are trusting me, thanking me for my invaluable help! There were many well established national level businessmen and page 3 personalities who got the counselling from me and are grateful to me for my advise! All these encouraged me to take up this non commercial venture to guide prospective hair transplant patients to take decide upon hair transplant in India.
Since my baldness was of advanced grade the top of the head was not covered in the first sitting, even though it was covered well with the grown hair. After around 8 months I decided to do some more plantation on the top. This time another 3000 odd grafts were planted. Some 1000 grafts were also taken from my beard. Again another 2300 grafts were planted on my crown to cover it. So in total I received close to 8300 hair grafts on my bald scalp area. And after 6 months of my last sitting I am writing this post for fellow bald friends.
Since hair transplant is a surgery and we all have a limited source of donor hair on our body for one life time we should do it at the right place in the first go. I have seen many people getting their donor hair damaged at wrong, inexperienced hands because they found the cheaper option. Second thing in hair restoration is the natural look. Only growing hair is half of the story! The most important is the natural look of the transplanted hair. Only an experienced thinking doctor can do it.
One more important thing in hair restoration is a holistic approach to baldness. Some times the early baldness does not require a hair transplant, only medication help it. And in most of the cases hair transplant in addition to medications to prevent the ongoing hair loss is required. To take judgements upon these issues needs a lot of experience by the doctors.
It is obvious that a doctor who does hair transplant as a part time work in addition to other cosmetic practice will have less expertise than a doctor who does only hair restoration. At many places the doctors don’t do the procedure themselves! It is done by non qualified people, mostly technicians under the umbrella of the Doctor. These centres usually allure patients with a lot of advertisements for offers, discounts and packages! So, it is very important that patients should meet the treating Doctor before getting the procedure. The bottom line in choosing a doctor is to get a lot of references of people who have got the surgery done from that place. If they have many happy patients then they will be providing a lot of numbers. If these patients are willing to talk to new patients and meet also then that shows that they are happy patients.

I volunteer myself to help any person who want to decide upon hair restoration.