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  1. It's finally done, now for the waiting game... http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/188309-dr-radha-3463-grafts-fut.html
  2. I Finally did it, Im in pain and i feel disfigured and a little jet lagged but i know that this was the only way to have a chance of breaking out of the reclusive way of life i have been living for these last 5 or 6 years. i chose to go with Dr. radha because of all the research and advise i had read from this forum, i hope it is going to be worth it and i am trying not to even think of the possibility that this transplant will fail. Dr. radha was the nicest person i have ever met and she listened to all my concerns and i believe she gave her absolute best effort she could for this transplant. As you can probably tell from the photos she added more density to the frontal hairline because of the fact that i previously had smp performed and the goal was to have the front dense enough so the smp isnt so noticable. Im hoping the number of grafts implanted into the area she worked on is going to be a good enough density for me to be happy. i will keep posting updates in future...
  3. So here I am laying on a bed in a hotel in Visakhapatnam, india the night before my first ever transplant and i cant explain the feelings im going through, Excitement, anxious, worried, i feel so many different emotions at the moment its making me sick. To start off with ive never been overseas before so coming from a country like Australia and travelling to india well.. this whole thing has been quite daunting to say the least, i landed last night at the vizag airport and once I cleared immigration i immediately had some random homeless looking guy approach me and basically demanded that he help me carry my luggage, he wouldnt take no for an answer so i ended up letting him and he took me to a seedy lookin guy and said he was a taxi man to say i was scared woulda been an understatement, he then put my bag in the cab "3rd world shit box" and stood there looking at me thats when i realized he did that for money lol so i pretty much jumped straight into the cab and off we go, the drive was, well... let's just say I really didn't think I was going to make it to the hotel, there are basically no road rules here and this guy was weaving in and out of trucks at high speed with motorcycles crossing our path and everyone is constantly beeping at each other WTF!!! I literally thought i was going to die!! Ive been here about 24 hrs now and have not seen one "white person" anywhere!!! i stand out like a pair of dogballs at this place. I decided to walk to a near by shop this morning and i got half way around the corner and noticed every single person kept staring at my brand new white shoes i was wearing so i decided that if i want to live long enough to get a transplant then i need to get back to the hotel and swap em for my flip flops which i did very quickly. i also took off my sunnys and changed into some older less newer clothes and headed back out there, After i got back, without going into detail let's just say I refuse to go back out into those streets unless it's for needing to go to the surgery which is across the road and even getting there is like playing a game of fogger across 4 lanes of insanity. Im absolutely shitting myself!!! And on top of that my mind is racing just thinking if this transplant is going to go well. OMG KILL ME NOW!!!!
  4. There is some current photos of how it looks, and thats being indoors, if im outside in the sun its just a big shine. some people may say it looks fine but im not happy with it what so ever, i was told it would be a lot more darker and detailed by the idiots who performed the smp. At first it was quiet good and i was happy with it but it only took a few months before it started changing. An interesting thing is if i expose it to sunlight for even as little as 20 minutes or so it fades very badly and goes very light and then for some reason it slowly returns to its previous "darkness" within about 2 weeks . One day last year i went on a bush walk out in the middle of nowhere and took my hat off for about 45 minutes to an hour and then put the hat back on, When i got home and went to jumped in the shower i took my hat off and looked in the mirror and nearly fainted, it basically looked like i never had smp, i couldnt believe my eyes and it sent me into a huge bout of depression. It slowly returned but it took nearly a month. I have no idea why this happens and i am just completley over it i just cant wait till this transplant comes and the hair grows in im just hoping it doesnt look so 'thin' that it looks stupid.
  5. Having trouble putting any pics up because of "Size limits" ill have a look later when i have more time but looking at these current pics compared to the ones i put up earlier in the year it does look a little more faded. I first got the smp performed at a place in brisbane and the guy told me i will be fine for up to 5 years before maybe having to get a touch up but it was less than 12 months before it was so faded that i needed to get another one, the second time i went to a place here in sydney because i had lost any faith i had in the other guy and this guy told me the same thing "you'll be right for 3 to 5 years" pffft absolute load of crap!! both times the detail in the pigments faded away within 3 months and within 5 to 6 months it looked like SHIT!!! In harsh light "especially in the sun" you can barely tell there is anything there just looks like a big shiny bald head. Definitely nothing like how they advertise it on their websites...
  6. Thanks for the advice people if it wasn't for that then I'd probably be doing the fue with dr. Bhatti and only receiving a little under 2500 grafts and potentially damaging the donor area for future procedures. Hey mattj i seen your question on the other thread about having any current photos, ill try to put some up in a minute but it really sorta looks the same as it did in the previous ones i put up, maybe a little more faded if anything. Also how much of a difference in density do you think it would be between having 2500 vs 3500 grafts?
  7. Im happy im going with dr Radha, and the reason for me asking the question was more out of curiosity than anything, personally im very surprised "and happy" she offers such a low rate per graft whilst being so highly recommended, im just so nervous because even though she is highly recommended i have seen a few cases on here where her patient's have ended up with a very low density result and even though i spose every dr has atleast a few negative results i just really dont want to end up as one of those. On top of that ive never been overseas before and having my 1st trip ever being a 22 hr flight and the thought of not knowing how anything works while being in a different country is freaking me out.
  8. Funny thing is you mentioned Dr. Radha and it is her that im probably going with and she charges $1 per graft.
  9. Hi, Im just wondering if anyone could provide a list of Dr's that charge no more than $1usd per graft. Im nearly booked in to a dr in india and this dr charges $1 per graft and although im pretty happy and sure i will lock it in i just want to see if there is any others Dr's out there that are as cheap with such high quality results that i could have a quick look at. Thank you...
  10. Hi guys, sorry for the "very" late reply, i had problems with my password and sorta just gave up for awhile. Anyway thank you for the feedback i have booked in a transplant with dr. Radha in india and hoping to get 3000 to 3500 fut performed in november, thought i better get the ball rolling because im just wasting away atm not doing anything with my life because of my situation. Hope she pulls a rabbit out of the hat for me.
  11. Hi transhair, im from australia and i had smp performed about 2 years ago, from my experience i would strongly advise against it, although it may look good to begin with it doesnt take very long before the detail in each pigment starts to deteriorate, this happened to me within just a few months and now at 2 years it just looks like a smear of grey. Within 3 to 4 months i was finding myself grabbing for my hat everytime i walked out the door i now wear my hat basically from the time i wake up to the time i go to bed. Smp should be outlawed imo. I've booked in a transplant with dr. Radha from india in early November and hoping shes good enough to give me back some quality of life, Fingers crossed.
  12. I was able to find a photo of my hairloss which was taken right before my first smp treatment, this photo was taken over 2 years ago. I feel like the hairloss hasn't got much worse except for maybe the front area in the middle which is nearly gone completley. I understand i wont be able to get my hair to match the normal hair in density but im afraid it might look very thin under bright light and really stick out. When i started losing my hair i had "friends" point out that im "going bald" especially when i was under bright light, i dont want to go back to that stage i want it to look acceptable enough to a point that it won't make people look at my head and I've got my doubts that 2500 grafts will do that.
  13. Thanks for the replys, The reason im worried is that I've seen a few before and after photos of people with a less hairloss area and more grafts placed and they still look quite thin after it grows in. As for the hair left in my hair loss area i would say there is next to nothing especially the temple areas, the upper middle area has maybe 20 to 30% left but I'd say it wouldnt add much to the density. My donor area i would say is quite good, before i shaved my hair everywhere apart from the thinning area was quite thick funny thing was before i started losing the hair i used to get annoyed with how thick and fast it grew lol. To answer ur question det9925 about smp id have to say from my experience its a good quick fix if your waiting to save for a transplant but the problem i have with it is it just doesn't have the same look as it does when i first had it done, the first few months are great but the individual "dots" start to fade and have a washed out look as time goes on and this doesnt take very long to occur. I had my first smp over 2 years ago and it looked great for about 3 to 4 months but as time went on it started looking very pale snd washed out so i got a top up about a year ago but that has already started to fade aswell and adding more "dots" just adds to the washed out look once they start to fade aswell. The worst is when im outside in bright light it just looks like im completely bald because of the shin. in my opinion its just not worth it unless your planning on getting a transplant within 6 months or so it could bye you some time.
  14. Hi, I have just recently had a consultation with a hair transplant doctor who only performs FUE and he said i should have around 2500 grafts maybe even a little less and it should give me a "reasonable" desity. I am 30 years old and this is going to be my first surgery, im just a little worried that once its fully grown in 2500 wont be dense enough to look "normal" i am afraid that people may think im thinning. I have had smp treatment done twice now but i am completely over the look of it, i need hair again but i dont want to spend a ton of cash to make myself look like i did before i shaved it off and got smp. Ive marked where the hair line has receded too and am wondering how much density 2500 grafts will roughly give me? Any feedback will be appreciated.
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