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  1. Hey guys, sorry for such a late update, just hit my 2 year mark, everything went as accordingly to growth as it should. The middle of the hairline grew in thinner then the rest but thats only a small part, im also my own worst critic. So here are some long overdue pictures from the last year and current. Let me know what you think overall, and also about the small thinner part in the middle. thanks
  2. Hey guys, im just a few days past 5 months post op and things have improved, there is some areas that are thinner then others, but i believe the temple and side grew faster then the rest and everything is slowly catching up, let me know what you think! Thanks
  3. Hey guys, here is another update as i promised, im one week out of being 4 months post op. Things are starting to thicken up nicely, the side and temple is quite denser then the front of the hairline, and im hoping the front fills in just as nice as the sides in the next few months. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks.
  4. Hey sorry guys been busy with life, but heres an update 1 week out from 3 months post op, the side and temple seem to be growing in quite nicely, the front of the hairline is a little sparse and im wondering if thats normal? Quite anxious as my previous hair transplant didnt yield good results at all. I know im still pretty early in the game and am hoping these spots fill in over the next few months. Let me know what you guys think, thanks!
  5. Thanks guys i truly do believe i made the right choice with the right doctor this time.
  6. Currently 10 days post op. All the crusts have fallen out with proper post op instructions only thing im noticing is there is a few little spots where it seems to be bare, im assuming this is due to the hair coming off with the crust? Correct me if im wrong. Here is photo
  7. Here is second pic as it wouldnt let me upload both for some reason.
  8. Ok here is 2 pictures. First one is pre prp and on propecia about 2 years. After is about 3 treatments of prp spaced between 5-7 months. First prp treatment didnt do much second one thickened my existing hairs significantly..
  9. Hello guys, i have recently recieved a hair transplant with Dr.Victor Hasson. 2146 grafts to the frontal hairline. I have been on propecia for 5 years which has grown my hair back quite a bit and stopped my hairloss. I recieved a few PRP treatments which to my suprise thickened my hair up lots, i will post pics. Finally i did lots of research and decided to book with dr.hasson, my surgery was march 7.2017. 2146 FUE grafts were placed in the frontal hairline area. The surgery took a long time. Everyone was great and helpful, i was just glad to be having it done and fixed finally. I went to the clinic afterwards for 2 days to recieve hair washes and after that i followed post op intrustions for washing. I am currently on day 6 post op still have some scabbing and crusting, tomorrow is the first time i can use shower pressure to help loosen the crusting/scabbing. I will be updating this as time goes on and hoping for the best. Thanks for looking and hope to hear from all of you! First pic is 6 days post op. Second pic is pre-op, you cant see the one side as much because my hand is covering it but it went back maybe 1.5 inches more then the other side/temple.