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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Rogaine Foam

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  1. Yea looks like shock loss, the trauma of the surgery can knock out adjacent hair. It did in me also. Just give it time. 6months it took for most to come back in my donor area. You can try to put minoxidil on donor area to potentially speed it up
  2. When I got off rogain for a few months I had a major thinning out. So that along with shock loss prolly not helping the situation. I got back on rogain and seen improvement again so u can hop back on.
  3. at the end of the day doesn't matter. u most likely will be fine if their was no blood but at this point you cant change anything and just have to wait for 12 months.
  4. lol dam this guy had 6k beard graphs available? that sounds incredible. also since beard hair is usually much thicker than scalp i don't get why he doesn't have more coverage for nearly 6k beard graphs and 11k graph total even starting out norwood 7? for me 6k beard graphs would equal like 12k scalp graphs since my beard thickness is like 2x my scalp
  5. Minox will help sprout hair than never emerged from under your cheek skin. Cant hurt to try for 6month to a year. Results vary of course.
  6. while extraction pattern matters. what matters way more is using least invasive tools. which are non motorized extractor to cause less trama to avoid post op shockloss and the smallest punch diameter without risking too many transections to miminise scarring. but most docs just slap on a 1mm punch and a drill and go to town. this is the easy way as you promote higher yield using 1mm because margin of error is high and also this speeding up the process by helping not to let fue graphs stay out of body for longer time imo it does more harm than good overall. also when u speed up the process you might be able to do 2 patients a day now and who doesn't like extra 20k in their pocket
  7. +1 on that. asmed and hasson and wong donors are so clean and small. i could show u post op pics of my donor area from my doctor that would make ur jaw drop. night and day difference but the doctors will of course take the credit when the donor looks non scar'd up but blame the patients body when they are scar'd to hell or suffer bad shockloss. its deff not the fact they use a non motorized extractor and and smaller diameter punch. 🤔
  8. it absolutely should be. it would be hard to implement.You would need the program they use to analysis donor and like augmented reality glasses point out which graphs to extract. which slows the process down some. most doctors/techs just eyeball it which can lead to problems. in a perfect world u would already know the optimal extraction pattern tailored to each patients donor density to get maximum coverage leftover in donor.
  9. do not get a beard transplant before you tired minoxidil beard journey first. 6 to 12 months. minoxidil works to grow facial hair too if you apply it to beard area.(i have personally done it) you can also try in addition derma rolling or 10% tugain if 5% not working. hell even a cycle will promote facial hair(use finasteride if u do of course) google is ur friend if u never heard of minoxidil beard journey beard transplant are very hard to make natural def try the natural way first and see what u end up with. ur head hair is so small compared to beard thickness a scalp to beard transplant would look off. best u can do is neck beard if u got one to cheeks to fill in gaps as last resort
  10. Why not clip it up in after pictures too to be equal. No need to be deceptive even if not intentional. Presenting before and afters like this will make it appear more fuller than beforr even if no work was done by clipping and releasing hair. Have to clip both or clip neither imo. Same thing when doctors buzz people's heads funny right before surgery then in after pick they got their hair grow out. Obv it will look fuller from a buzz to a long style
  11. Hasson donors areas and hairlines look great from pics same as diep. I personally had diep 2.9k graphs and my results are not as good as the ones people show here or on his YouTube. His extractions left bigger scars on me than I would prefer. Said he used 1mm. I think you'll be fine with either tho as when they hit a homerun it's amazing but they are not infallible. They all can have just ok to meh results picking a top doctor should just give you a higher potential of an ok to homerun result
  12. Dude ur hair looks fine in the pics and I would never in million years think u were planning to get a transplant. I know pics can be deceiving tho. Your on fin so hopefully you wont have shockloss thats the major thing you need to worry about because you'll be transplanting in areas that have bunch hair left even if thinned.