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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. Why not clip it up in after pictures too to be equal. No need to be deceptive even if not intentional. Presenting before and afters like this will make it appear more fuller than beforr even if no work was done by clipping and releasing hair. Have to clip both or clip neither imo. Same thing when doctors buzz people's heads funny right before surgery then in after pick they got their hair grow out. Obv it will look fuller from a buzz to a long style
  2. Hasson donors areas and hairlines look great from pics same as diep. I personally had diep 2.9k graphs and my results are not as good as the ones people show here or on his YouTube. His extractions left bigger scars on me than I would prefer. Said he used 1mm. I think you'll be fine with either tho as when they hit a homerun it's amazing but they are not infallible. They all can have just ok to meh results picking a top doctor should just give you a higher potential of an ok to homerun result
  3. Dude ur hair looks fine in the pics and I would never in million years think u were planning to get a transplant. I know pics can be deceiving tho. Your on fin so hopefully you wont have shockloss thats the major thing you need to worry about because you'll be transplanting in areas that have bunch hair left even if thinned.
  4. BlessUp

    IS it shock loos

    i had exactly the same as you but not as much in recipient area. that box that is on the side of ur head i had one and it grew back in about by 2 to 4 month post op if i recall. my recipient area did not or not all the way and im at a year post op now. like melvin says use TOPPIK it will help camouflage the thinnest and help hold you over til it hopefully regrows in a few months time or just wear a hat for time being remember whats done is done their zero you can do about it now except for just give it time to resolve so don't worry its out of your control. let your body do its thang and heal and don't sweat it. hope this helps (p.s wheres that poster that says shock loss doesn't happen from the other thread)
  5. BlessUp

    Avoid Jumping To Conclusions

    Pics would work. Anyone got pics from month 12 to month 18 that show the difference
  7. BlessUp

    FUE 1 vs FUE 2

    how big was the effect very minor or dramatic. my hair is not where i would hope it would be and im coming up on a year myself. seems like u were happy at year. just trying to compared it to my case where things might come together from 12th-18th month hopefully. ur thread was one of the reasons i choose diep.
  8. BlessUp

    FUE 1 vs FUE 2

    melvin did you personally see any changes in your hair from month 12 to 18th month?
  9. What I'm getting at is doctors should stress getting on finasteride leading up to surgery. They know that most likly it would help or prevent this issue but they dont make a point to say hey get on finasteride 6 months or 1years before surgery because if not you could have xzy happen Some doctors do stress this I believe and wont operate if your not on finasteride. They all should be doin this and I feel we all would be better off if this is standard
  10. Well u have minor shockloss then. And I can attest to me personal being on the medium shockloss category after surgery for recipiant with the same doctor. I'm not blaming him just saying my experience. I had major shockloss from donor area but it came back. I had a 3 inch by 3 inch empty hair box in my donor area. It been a year and recipient new thin spots that appeared after surgery never came back like my donor did. I was not on finasteride prior to surgery were u on finasteride before ur surgery. I call it the ugly duckling phase because you hair is fried and looks like shit after the traumatic surgery you get from punching 3k holes around existing hairs. This inevitable can cause you to be much thinner afterwards telogan effluvium until that hair hopefully grows back.
  11. Progressive hair loss? The dude said he been that way for 15 years. 15 whole years and they happen to just fall out on their own after traumatic surgery. Come on Looks at the first pics and look at month 5. It obvious his native hair took a hit during the surgery. 5 months is enough time for hair lenght to be the same. Theirs also shockloss in any transplant man why do you think your donor area looks like shit after fue. Or what do you think we call the ugly duckling phase for. The thing is the donor almost always comes back where as the recipiant area not as often. Obviously their varing degrees of it but everyone has some for of shockloss from minor to major. When a transplant knocksout native hair it will accelerate the balding process. Even if it does come back it will be a degree thinner. That's how you bald, your hairs naturally shed in a cycle and come back thinner and finer the next time around the telogan phase is sped up and the anagen phase is shortened
  12. This guy had shockloss of the recipiant area. All those hairs that were their before disappeared. I wonder if those came back. It's the dark side of transplants no one talks much about what's the point to transplant 2 7k hairs if you lose at least 10% for fue yeild and then lose ur native hair their like another 500 hairs like him. Doctors never preach to customers about this. They should make it more of a point.
  13. U have to give it time either way it's out of your control what's done is done to the poster above. Use toppik or another concealer as it works wonderful to cover the thinning spots until 12 to 18months for hair to fully mature or wear a hat to get by then get another transplant if need be. Like you I got alot of shockloss unfortunately. U can also hop on minoxidil to help get some more density if you havnt yet
  14. his post ops pics do not look like 8k grafts i don't get it but amazing result