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  1. He got solid results for the amount of graphs. He could have gotten the same results without doin the donor like that tho. A hair transplant is both recipient area and donor area results. In some of the short pics its noticeable. From the ear to the top of head. I mean if he cant wear his hair shorter than a 4 like he said why not just get a fut then. Just do 850 each side to avoid this issue and hell have a great outcome overall.
  2. Diep will claim it's "to prevent scarring from the donor for future transplants". But literally look at the results. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that one side will forever be thinner than the other and stick out, that is so dumb unless you tell him yes I'm gonna have back to back surgeries do one side at a time if that's gonna help a shit ton. He just takes the liberty to do it without approval. He could have just split the graph equally like every other doctor under the sun. He did the same thing to me but not as bad. He just took graphs from my right temple ear area and not left and when I questioned him on it that was response I got and guess what my right ear temple area is obv thinner and scarred up than my left untounch temple to the human eye.
  3. Ur balding hair should be thin so make sure ur comparing ur donor hair when u say you think ur hair is incredibly fine. I bet ur donor hair is more avg thickness that you think. As far as diep I also had him. Hes a doctor so he will have some homeruns and some strikeouts. I unfortunately didnt get Melvin type results from diep. I would rate my ht 3.5 out of 10. 10 being homerun. As far as scars once again idk its variable. Me and Melvin are perfect example. We both got diep ,both got 1mm punch both hair black hair and light skin and his scars are less noticeable than mine from how I interpret his posts, I swelled alot after surgery and idk if Melvin did too but maybe that's the cause idk. I could post some narly post op pics but dont wanna scare u lol. Thing is with scaring tho their is a certain point where they will be unnoticeable. Some ppl are lucky and can buzz it to half guard and their good while other need to have longer and their good with 3 or 4 guard With doctor selection it is what it is. Their is no absolute right and wrong choice it's just a choice. You just pick person you feel best about after researching and hope for the best. Would I have gotten better results from hasson and wong or asmed we'll never know because they all have homeruns, avg reaults and blunders from time to time.
  4. My advice is ur doctor should be ur best friend post op if hes worth his salt. He should be very use to ppl asking him all types of questions post surgery. If its concerning you still he should be ur go too not this forum or anywhere else online. You paid him and post op care is part of the package. Feel free to call or fire another email with pics for his response.
  5. Yea 200mg per week is just TRT dose nothing crazy. It's the HGH that interesting. 2iu is once again small dose. It crossed my mind to use hgh before surgery as to help mitigate scaring and improve outcome. I didnt end up doin it and just stayed natty. Makes theoretically sense that it will help and like I said from the few cases on youtube where people admitted or are obv on juice or hgh then got ht they seem to have lower recover times, lower scarring and good results.
  6. Wow impressive job. A+ On a side note where did they put all the hair they got from the strips he is slick bald
  7. 5 hours is blazing fast. It looks to be 2400 by eyeing the donor and recipiant area and its def not like half that (1200) so I would trust them it's what it says it is. The couple cases I seen of ppl on anabolics and or HGH literally end up with no scars and good growth so this will be interesting case study on how it ends up. Happy growing. P.s. if your not on cycle than disregard my comment.
  8. What ethnicity are you if you dont mind me asking. I'm italian and Lebanese. Our skin tone hair texture hair loss pattern(mine is like a thinned out half moon like urs was but not as advanced yet but I see a similar blueprint) and half of face in one of the shots all kinda resembles. H.W. are prolly my number one choice atm for HT number 2 and they finished #2 to for ht number #1 and kinda kicking myself now i chose other guy.
  9. Trust me man ur ok. Your not some abnormal case that got some bad donor results. I know its ur first time so ur expectations might be off. Take it from me a person who has this exact experience and went thru this just like you with the same worry and unknownness. The simple answer is you got shockloss.its more common than you think. The surgery trauma and swelling made adjacent hairs freak out and shed. This happens to alot of ht patients. The donor area will absolutely improve over time. I personally had a 2inch by two inch completely bald spot near my ear in addition too a thin donor like urs. And it all came back in by 3 to 5 months. What's done is done nothing you can do about it now except for wait the 4 months more and reevaluate. Just wear a hat til then if ur uncomfortable how it looks currently
  10. Dont let these guys scare you. I had a ht, my donor looked like absolute shit similar to yours. Its caused by shock loss. The trauma of the surgery made adjacent hairs freak out and shed. They will absolutely grow back in the donor area. Prolly about month 3 to 4 you'll be back to normal. Trust me you'll be fine I went thru it just give it time and dont worry about it. Wear a hat until in comes back if it bothers u.
  11. Yea any updates, I had diep and I had same shockloss in donor and recipiant area, it will improve over time but I cant say 100% it all will come back. Its just a tradeoff with with him. He constantly has patient reviews with bad donor areas in exchange for his homerun hairline work he sometimes gets. Hes obv doing something different than the other top docs because his donor areas are crushed after surgery compared to his peers. Most recover just fine but it imo his ratio of stuff like this occuring is far higher than baseline.
  12. I mean the white dots on side of my head are absolutely noticable even at a 2 guard unfortunately. It's not like I'm trying to get a skin fade. I mean I would take the scars if I got a homerun on the top but that wasnt the case. I rarely see a bad donor from asmed or hasson\wong and they go smaller. The doctors will play it off two ways. One being they need a 1mm punch because ur hair is thicker or it has a slight wavy so a bigger punch will increase yeild. Or they say hey its ur body look at this other patient he has 1mm punch and no dots. Except for the fact that they have different skin tone hair color. So anyone else out their have first hand exp for the problem I'm concerned about. Getting ur second ht produced far less scarring than the first.
  13. I got 2.9k fue grahps from dr diep. Been near two years now. He used 1mm punch supposedly and left pretty noticable scars. I would like to get a second ht as the first was imo is like 3.5 on scale of 1 worst 10 best. My major concern is more of the same scaring. Have anyone of you had experience where your first ht got noticable scars but the 2nd didn't? Like if I go to asmed and get non motorized Manuel .7 extractions for round 2 compared to dieps 1mm drill extractions. I would like to hear from ppl that personally had a second fue from a different doctor that used different size punch or motor non motor tool and if their scars came out any different or of it's mostly just your way ur body heals and came out the same even with different sizes. Thanks for the insight
  14. Yea looks like shock loss, the trauma of the surgery can knock out adjacent hair. It did in me also. Just give it time. 6months it took for most to come back in my donor area. You can try to put minoxidil on donor area to potentially speed it up