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  1. thank you guys.... no,this is my post op day 5....i was pretty much concerned in following the after care instructions....still i devoleped a black clot like thing on the 3rd day of my HT and was literally tensed. i mailed dr bhatti with the pic.he told me that i wud propably have lost a graft and nothing was to b done except to follow the after care instructions carefully. my HT was almost painless,exept for some pricking sensations here and there occasionally. DR bhatti as keen to provide adequate analgesia throughout the procedure. i flew to my town the very next day afternoon after a wash in the morning. the slight numbness in your head will take some time to completly go off i guess. any conserns from your side can be mailed to dr bhatti and you will be replied promptly without much delays.let me tell u guys,dr bhatti and his team are really professional in their work and hospitality and i would surely recommend this gentleman .
  2. i am a 26 yr old guy from south india.started loosing hair from the age of 20 yrs. i din bother treatements to reduce hairfall,which i now regret.i have an androgenital alopecia(genetic).along with the hereditory involvement the chlorine water in my college may have added to the progression of baldness. recently i thought for a permanant solution for this and found hair transplant a good option.later my research went on to whether to opt for FUE /FUT.nowadays there are surgeons performing both combined also.anyways after my search i found FUE as my choice for HT.now it was to decide on the surgeon. first of all,guys the success and results of a HT purely depends on the surgeons expertise ,precission and passion to his job. now to find the best surgeon.i searched through the internet,hair restoration forum, reviews on the surgeons and much more.after my extensive research for about 8 months, i found Dr Thejinder Bhatti as the best choice .being from south india there were a lot of clinics performing HT in bangalore ,hyderabad ,chennai and mumbai. but i knew ,Bhatti was the perfect choice.he has been able to produce consistently amazing results ,at a resonable rate as well. i decided to meet bhatti sir.i contacted his clinic and got an appointment at 3:00 pm on last november.he welcomed me ,and discussed regarding the procedure.he drew a line on my forehead which would be my future hairline he estimated my requirement of grafts to be around 1800.in addition to hairline, i asked him for a crown transplant as well ,but he told not to do crown at present,since it may cause shock loss as thinned hair were still present there.it was pleasent meeting him .after discussion with Dr bhatti i was detailed by the staff regarding the cost and other queries.later i contacted the clinc for an appointment for my HT.they gave me a date which is convenient for me as well. so,guys i will be undergoing my hairtranslant on feb 9th at Darling buds.hope Dr Bhattis magical hands will do wonders again. shall post my updates ......