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  1. Hey Mikey thank you as always for the kind words. Now I have learned to recognise new hairs from the transplant. They are not a stubble like the one you get after shaving your beard (that's what I was looking for at month 3-4...), but very thin blond hairs. The only way to see them is to comb your hair very slowly backwards with a dark comb. The short hairs are the first to come up on the front of the comb. At the moment I have still quite a few that are about 1 cm long, so it seems that I still have had new growth until about month ago. Unless these are my old miniaturised hairs... hard to say. Anyway, I will post my next update at month 8.
  2. Thank you jbl2093. By the way, for those interested, here is a link about the risks of topical corticosteroid withdrawal: https://www.dermnetnz.org/topics/topical-corticosteroid-withdrawal/ And for those interested in Nizoral, I found the posts jbl was talking about: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/135193-nizoral-shedding.html http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/173206-dont-overuse-nizoral-after-hair-transplant.html I might still have a go at Nizoral after I stop Clobex (soon!), but I'll keep an eye on my skin's reaction to it.
  3. Hey jbl2093, the plan was to use Clobex for a short period of time, just the time for the redness to subside... After that I was planning to use Nizoral. I am aware of the risks associated with strong corticosteroids, but is Nizoral really dangerous months after a transplant? Do you have any link you can post about this? I have searched a bit online, but found nothing, for now.
  4. Hi Mickhah, I'm afraid I cannot be of too much help, as I don't know much about surgeons in Turkey. Even though my hairloss is very different from yours (it only picked up later in my life), I really feel for your situation... Since money does seem to be an issue for you, and since you say that the shaven look does not suit you, my impression is that you should consider doctors that also perform FUT. At consultation (especially if in person) they may be able to advice you. In Belgium there are a few of them (Feriduni, Bisanga...) well known for being very ethical. Another important observation: if your pattern of hairloss is so special, it may be that this is not androgenetic alopecia. Have you asked a dermatologist to have a proper look at your hair? There may be other reasons for hairloss, which can sometimes be detected with blood tests (e.g. thyroid malfunction). Last question: I really like Erdogan's work (should I need another operation, he'd be first on my list), but I'm also concerned about his donor management, and surprised about what you told about his old technicians founding a new center. Where have you seen this? I'd be interested in reading about it... Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. Do not take rushed decisions, and I'm sure that in a few years you will be able to look at this time with a smile.
  5. This is extremely interesting and promising. I am surprised nobody has answered this post. It is now 4 years since this post. Is Dr Mousseigne still applying this technique?
  6. Hi everyone, here are some pictures I took in the last couple of days. It is now about 6 months and a half since I underwent the transplant. As you can see the angle, light and way of combing my hair can change a lot the appearance, but I must say that over the last month there has been a definite improvement. The dandruff-with-hairs-attached thing is now happening at a much lower rate than before. Maybe this is thanks to the Clobex shampoo. But I am a bit less worried about it: even if these were indeed dead follicles being expelled by my body, and even if I did not notice all of them, I think we are talking about at most a few dozen follicles, which is a small proportion of the 3000 I was implanted with. Please do comment, and feel free to express your sincere opinion. Cheers!
  7. Hi there... I keep thinking they are rejected grafts. This morning I woke up with another one sitting on my head. This one was pretty big, see the picture below. If they were dandruff with hair stuck in it, I would not observe multiple hairs attached to it. Plus, every single time I saw one of these lumps, there was at least one hair in it... Don't know what causes this. Perhaps they were implanted too shallow. Perhaps my body doesn't "like" them... Anyway. Dr Bisanga was kind enough to see me earlier on this week. He noticed my scalp still looked a bit too red... He prescribed to me Clobetasol shampoo to apply twice a week. Let's hope this helps regrowth...
  8. Hi guys, could this below be a dead follicle? Is this normal to happen at 5 months post-op? Has anyone experienced this so late in the process? This is the fourth or fifth time that I find something like this sitting on my scalp in the past couple of months. Once it contained a 2-hair follicular unit :mad: I did not worry too much the other times, but if this keeps happening, this is certainly a cause for concern. I am going to visit Dr B at some point this summer, he'll probably be able to tell me...
  9. Impossible to say anything without the photos!
  10. As you can see the shock loss is now virtually back to normal. As for the recipient zone, progress is slow...
  11. Absolutely. Mikey on your profile it says you are 41. But you look 25 !!! :eek: :eek:
  12. Thank you Mikey! Those are great results, and even at month 3.5 you can see a very definite improvement. If I could have your results in double the time I would consider myself very satisfied. But you did start from a better position than mine, so it is hard to make the comparison. A second procedure at 11 months?! Why? I've always read that one should wait for the final outcome of the 1st procedure to be complete.
  13. Yes Mikey it would be really nice for "worried slow-growers" like me if you could post some pre-op, intermediate and current pictures, if you're satisfied with your current result