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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood III
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. I think it is also important to note that what matters, is how much hair we are left with as we continue to progress in hair loss. When moving a large amount of FUE, you are inevitably extracting from a larger area and consequently an area that is not as DHT resistant. When you start with FUT, you minimize this greatly which allows you to utilize that 'sweet spot' of DHT resistant hair. Then you can move over to FUE as the adjunct procedure. The other factors you mention about the skin stretching and the change in direction are interesting and i look forward to Dr Bisanga answering them.
  2. Did you do the laxity exercises before you did your FUT's? A 4 guard is still good for a stretched scar.
  3. what is the lowest you can go before the scar is noticeable? How was your laxity before you started the journey?
  4. what is the shortest you can go to cover the stretched scar? what do you think contributed to the scar stretching?
  5. If you are not on FIN, then it is most likely the lack of medication that made you progress further. Without pictures, it would be hard to give any input as we do not know the gravity of the situation. Also you may want to re-think going for an FUE since you aren't on FIN and your hair loss will continue to progress as it most likely already has to a noticeable extent. It's fair that you are frustrated with your situation but if you need our input, we need to see some pictures.
  6. Are you on FIN? Do you have any pictures? Any pictures of the scar?
  7. If you are able to completely cover it with a 4 guard I think that a 3 guard will be doable as well as the scar has time to heal even more. Ya I wonder if you had performed scalp laxity exercises to begin with if things would have been different. I guess Dr Gabel can comment on that. Still, things turned out manageable which is great.
  8. Looks really good What guard can you get away with in the back now without the scar being visible? Do you think you will have to go back again in the next couple of years due to the laxity being tight? (Did you do laxity exercises before the revision?)
  9. The result looks good. Is it me or is the patient still suffering from redness?
  10. 2069 was split between the front and crown? Can you tell us how many grafts in the front and how many in the back?
  11. That is extremely impressive... Is it as impressive/undetectable in real-life as it is in the picture? Is the before picture with the scars from 4 years ago? I am trying to visualize the appearance from 'initial' SMP to year 4 when the touch up is needed.
  12. Work looks good. Can you provide a picture of the scar/donor area when you get a chance
  13. Nice Work. How many grafts do you believe it would take to cover his crown as well ?
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