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  1. I keep hearing I need to check hundreds of results from doctors but I always struggle to do so? Even on this website, do you guys look for posts posted by the patients, or do you look at journals posted on the hairtransplantnetwork? Even on surgeons website sometimes they claim they have done 1000;s of procedures and I can't find that many!
  2. What is the difference between nape hair and hair on the side of the scalp? I want to make sure I don't make another mistake?
  3. I have done consultations with several top docs, Some of them have told me they can fix me with another FUT Others have said my hair is too thick which means FUE with nape hair is the only way? What is everyone's thoughts?
  4. Hi everyone, Who are the best hairline surgeons within the US? Thanks!
  5. Who would you guys recommend I see? I just submitted an online application for Dr Cooley. i am willing to get as many opinions as possible to make sure next time I don’t have to worry about anything
  6. Bill. I sent you a private message earlier, not sure if I’m doing it wrong or why you are not seeing it
  7. Thanks refine for all the answers i do not know about grafts being placed in lateral slits I do not use any type of concealer I will ask my surgeon to give me the prop pics and post them my hair looks dense as for now I only have loss in the very front, if anything I have too much hair on my crown and top which I hope stays that way since I am on propecia Who would you guys recommend I should go to to fix this? Dr Alexander is the first name on my list, but maybe I should go to Rachael, hasson? What does everyone think? I have seen dr couto’s results in Spain and I have never been so impressed with anyone else? Again I want you guys to remember that although he blames the new tech for triples only on one side, I have doubles all over which he stands by and I also have triples on BOTH sides so I’m not buying his excuse He is also telling me that he could easily remove the triples and hasn’t mentioned anything about scarring and finally yea, I had the procedure done while i still hair in the hairline. Although my temples were pretty much empty
  8. I do appreciate that my doctor is trying to make things right, however there is a difference of opinion that I cannot get over, he only wants to fix the triples or quads, he thinks that doubles are fine. However I think that given how thick my hair is it should only be singles, and even within singles only the finest ones should've been used. Dr Alexander describes how to get a natural hairline on his website and I agree with him 100%. Also he blames the triples on one new technician but I have found them on both sides which doesn't make sense I have posted a couple more pictures that I think illustrates better what I mean by it does not look natural. I have asked the doctor before how many singles/doubles/triples and quads but he hasn't provided a count yet. The doctor is extremely nice, and I do like him on a personal level. He even gave me 300 free grafts. I do believe he is trying to do what's right, I just don't think I agree with his ideas about hairlines. This is why for now I have a hard time revealing his name even though I really don't want anyone else to go through the anguish I have been going through I will message in private Again I really REALLY appreciate all the input
  9. He also said that at 7 months there is still a lot of growth to come so I’m hoping I will feel better after a year
  10. Thanks everyone for all the responses. The photos are pretty good quality, if you zoom in you’ll see that the problem is not just with doubles, there are a lot of triples in the front. The doctor said that one of his new technicians is responsible and that it should not have happened which is why he apologized and said he would fix it for free, he offered to either remove the threes, split them and put them back as singles or put singles in the front for free. As for the doubles he says that he doesn’t think those look bad and that he usually puts doubles and singles in the front. I just don’t agree with that! That is why I will go see dr Alexander, he has a full detail of how he does the hairlines and he advocates only singles in the front so I trust him more. I will post more pictures that show how pluggy it looks.
  11. I had an FUT procedure of 1600 grafts done about 7 months ago with one of the most recommended doctors on this website. I had full confidence in his ability since I had done a ton of research before going forward with the procedure. Around the 5th month I started noticing that I had a lot of doubles in the very front, then I noticed triples, now I even see some quads! It makes the procedure look extremely pluggy. What is everyone's opinion? Am I crazy. The doctor so far stands by his work, although he admits some of the triples were put there by accident and that he will remove them for free. But I thought even doubles should not be there? He says doubles are fine. I have added photos. I am flying to Arizona to see Dr Alexander in two weeks to get his opinion I do not want to divulge the Dr's name yet as I want to give him the benefit of the doubt still Thanks a lot
  12. Thank you so much for your response. The doctor assured me that after 10 days it would not be noticeable any more. I might try to take 2 weeks off to be on the safe side. What do you guys think of PCP to accelerate regrowth? Also how common is shock loss? And what is everyone's experience with FUT without shaving? And are there any of Arocha's patients out there who could give me some advice? Thanks so much!
  13. Hi, I recently consulted Dr Arocha in Houston Texas. Last year I noticed one of my temples was thinning and I immediately started Propecia. I believe that it has stabilized my hair loss. However one of my temples still needs filling and the front of my hair is slightly thin too. I'm not even sure I would be called a NW1 yet, my other temple is pretty perfect. My full hairline has probably receded half an inch since my tennage years, however it is enough to bother me. Dr Arocha suggested 1000 grafts to bring the hair line down and also thicken up what I have. He assured me that a week off from work would be enough for me to heal and for no one to notice. Does that sound plausible? I will be doing an FUT procedure. He also recommended I do PCP at the same time to speed up the regrowth. Is that a good idea? Also what is everyone's opinion of Dr Arocha, I have a really hard time finding anything negative said about him, and he actually made a really good impression on me. He told me if I go in on a Friday, then have the following week off of work, by the next Monday it would not be noticeable, also I would not have to shave my head which was what was bothering me with FUE. Is 10 days really enough for the surgery to not be noticeable AT ALL??? Thanks a lot Any Feedback would be amazing!