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  1. Is it the same with nicotine? My post op care mentioned alcohol but nothing about nicotine?
  2. I noticed hairloss 4 years ago and got immediately on prophecies. The hair loss has not progressed since and has always been only in the front. Never had crown or midscalp issues. How many people have had long term no more hair loss with propecia. I’m hoping it’ll keep what I have with it. A couple of doctors recommended here have told me that they see no thinning at all
  3. Other than this website what are other forums that people use to research hair transplants. I have seen a couple of people mention an international forum. What is that?
  4. I completely agree with JAYLDD that if you are completely bald already only a hair transplant and propecia are for you there are a lot of good surgeons that can be looked up in he recommended section
  5. Which clinics quoted you? First thing I would do is make sure they are recommended on this website Also I am curious to know if you started all these treatments when you were already bald or if you started them when you were already bald. Usually propecia is pretty good at keeping you hair just not at regrowing old hair how old are you?
  6. I keep hearing I need to check hundreds of results from doctors but I always struggle to do so? Even on this website, do you guys look for posts posted by the patients, or do you look at journals posted on the hairtransplantnetwork? Even on surgeons website sometimes they claim they have done 1000;s of procedures and I can't find that many!
  7. What is the difference between nape hair and hair on the side of the scalp? I want to make sure I don't make another mistake?
  8. I have done consultations with several top docs, Some of them have told me they can fix me with another FUT Others have said my hair is too thick which means FUE with nape hair is the only way? What is everyone's thoughts?
  9. Hi everyone, Who are the best hairline surgeons within the US? Thanks!
  10. Who would you guys recommend I see? I just submitted an online application for Dr Cooley. i am willing to get as many opinions as possible to make sure next time I don’t have to worry about anything
  11. Bill. I sent you a private message earlier, not sure if I’m doing it wrong or why you are not seeing it
  12. Thanks refine for all the answers i do not know about grafts being placed in lateral slits I do not use any type of concealer I will ask my surgeon to give me the prop pics and post them my hair looks dense as for now I only have loss in the very front, if anything I have too much hair on my crown and top which I hope stays that way since I am on propecia Who would you guys recommend I should go to to fix this? Dr Alexander is the first name on my list, but maybe I should go to Rachael, hasson? What does everyone think? I have seen dr couto’s results in Spain and I have never been so impressed with anyone else? Again I want you guys to remember that although he blames the new tech for triples only on one side, I have doubles all over which he stands by and I also have triples on BOTH sides so I’m not buying his excuse He is also telling me that he could easily remove the triples and hasn’t mentioned anything about scarring and finally yea, I had the procedure done while i still hair in the hairline. Although my temples were pretty much empty
  13. I do appreciate that my doctor is trying to make things right, however there is a difference of opinion that I cannot get over, he only wants to fix the triples or quads, he thinks that doubles are fine. However I think that given how thick my hair is it should only be singles, and even within singles only the finest ones should've been used. Dr Alexander describes how to get a natural hairline on his website and I agree with him 100%. Also he blames the triples on one new technician but I have found them on both sides which doesn't make sense I have posted a couple more pictures that I think illustrates better what I mean by it does not look natural. I have asked the doctor before how many singles/doubles/triples and quads but he hasn't provided a count yet. The doctor is extremely nice, and I do like him on a personal level. He even gave me 300 free grafts. I do believe he is trying to do what's right, I just don't think I agree with his ideas about hairlines. This is why for now I have a hard time revealing his name even though I really don't want anyone else to go through the anguish I have been going through I will message in private Again I really REALLY appreciate all the input