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  1. Hello all, after making a thoroughly extensive research. I have decided to go for Adem Havva medical centre in Istanbul. I feel more comfortable of their professional communicating way when I talk to them either on phone or through WhatsApp. The sent me a medical history form to fill in and made a phone call with me with one of the internal doctors at the centre before deciding if I need hair transplant or not. Even when I asked them about the procedure and how many hair follicles they can take from my donor area, they gave me a medical and scientific answer (not like others who just gave me numbers without explaining why!). They offered me a complete package that suits a first-time visitor to Turkey and Middle East. To sum up, they treated me in a professional and medical way not in a commercial way; that is to say, I was a human to them not pocket of money! I will go there the second half of April, and i will keep sharing my experience with them: confirming whether they are really good or not. Will write to you soon.
  2. Yes I was doing that. But what about that there is a minor chance of this medication to develop some kind of prostate cancer?
  3. Hey, the problem is that after I knew the side effects of it, psychologically I had erectile problems, plus, my girlfriend got panic knowing about it and she is afraid that may have any effects in the future. So I stopped it but I know I have to use it again later. I will re-consult my dermatologist in this regards, thanks a lot. :)
  4. Really thanks a lot for your opinion and suggestions, I am aware now that I won't be able to have the full coverage in one session. And I like what you have suggested about the hair line first, I can cover the rest of the scalp later. As for Finasteride, I used Proscar but I stopped after the side effects of it and as I was informed by the dermatologist that I need to use it after the hair transplant procedure. However, do you think I need to re-use it again? Thanks a lot.
  5. Hello, I used Proscar before, but I stopped after knowing the side effects of it!! I may need to use it again after the hair transplant procedure. Thanks a lot.
  6. Thanks a lot for the advice. I totally understand that I have a big baldness area and after reading and reading many experiences, I realised I may need 2 sessions of hair transplant. My goal is to have as much natural look as possible. I started doing sessions of mesotherapy and PRP injections also. I do appreciate your advice, thanks a lot.
  7. Dear all, is there anyone is planning to have hair transplant in Turkey so we can share information that can help me out? Thanks a lot
  8. Maybe FUE is new to me .. As you're right, even in Turkey it's been long time they've been using it. Thanks for the advice, I am gonna consider it as well.
  9. That is why I am consulting this reliable forum. Thanks a lot for your recommendation and I will keep updating this post with wot I am encountering. :)
  10. Thanks a lot for your reply. I will check the names you suggested. For the names I mentioned, they are everywhere in Google ads and social media. And i read many good reviews. I will keep searching and evaluation the results. Again, thanks a lot.
  11. My name is Steve and I am 30 years old. I started losing hair about 5 years ago when I was in my twenties. I tried all the medications and the alternative medicine prescribed by dermatologist, and even folk medicine I tried. My hair is still falling and I am gradually becoming bald more and more. I have decided to go for hair transplant with this new FUE technique that everybody is talking about. But you can see from the photos I have attached to this post how big my baldness is and some have suggested 2 sessions of hair transplant procedures to be able to cover it all, so is it right? After searching the internet I found that Turkey is the destination to be. I tried to narrow the many search results I found and I have to the conclusion of these 3 names: Dr. Serkan Aygin, Adem and Havva Medical Center and Esteworld Clinic. So am I heading for the good ones there in Turkey? Or would someone please recommend me and share with me some information or experiences or even suggest any other hair transplant clinics or doctors in Turkey? I am planning to get married in a year and it will be great to have much hair in my head in my wedding photos!  Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
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