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  1. what did you thik of the crlab stuff>did you thik it was worth it
  2. hang on in there bro,all good things come to those who wait;)
  3. I can see good results for you man,some good work done there
  4. hi deanoo78,ive tried contacting dr saifi a few times but havent received a reply,how did you fair out in this regard.
  5. eirealainn12

    1600 fue Dr Saifi, Poland.

    nice one dolph,id imagine you are relieved to see some progress.should look great come the end of summer
  6. eirealainn12

    Tour of Leading Clinics in Europe - Spring of 2007

    does anybody have experience of the Dr turowski hair restoration clinic
  7. cheers dolph for your reply,i believe im at the stage you were at 3 years ago, analysing ,researching, contemplating.il be watching your posts to see how your regrowth is coming along
  8. eirealainn12

    Late Life Hairloss for Consideration- Bush 43

    can i ask how much your HT cost dolph.i was thinking of going with dr saifi
  9. nice result mkIDK ,so i gather you would recommend dr saifi,have been thinking about aquiring his services.can you post more up to date pictures