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  1. Thank you for your replies. I now have a concern that Mp96 brought up concerning ethical clinics. I visited 2 clinics. One of the visits was with a doctor that is recommended in this site. Should I be concerned that he did not turn me away? I want to believe the reason why was based on his analysis of my scalp when conducting his miniaturization evaluation.
  2. Now I am seriously thinking of cancelling the 1000 grafts procedure I scheduled. But the only reason why I did it was because the doctor was optimistic about the rest of my hair based on the miniaturization exam he performed on me. I just dont know what to do.. I am thinking of trying the medication for a while now.
  3. Does anyone think I should start on fin and try that for a while?
  4. Hello, I have been noticing that my hairline has been receding since I was 20 or 21. I am now 27 with a desire to fill in the corners of my hairline. After a visit to two hair restoration doctors, (one of them being a recommended doctor on this site) both came up with a range of about 800-1000 grafts to achieve what I want. My question is..is it too early to get a procedure done? Should I try meds for a while? I have attached some photos and I would appreciate some feedback. Thank You.
  5. It would FUE. I did ask the doctor about the progress of my hairloss. He performed a miniaturization exam on my scalp and hairline. He confirmed what you have been telling me about the fine hairs in my hairline eventually falling off. He seemed optimistic about the rest of my hair based on his miniaturization analysis. I've actually seen one of his former patients in person and he seems to post here sometimes. His results looked great, granted his case was different than mine. Thank you for the advice.
  6. The doctor said he was comfortable in doing a procedure on me at this time because he was comfortable with the miniaturization exam he performed on me the day I went to his office to speak with him. But now that I read your comment I am more concerned. What other questions should I ask Dr. Mohebi in your opinion? Should I mention that it may be too early to have a procedure? Thank you.
  7. Hello. I am a 27 year old male and noticed I was receding since I was 20 or 21. I think it may be time to get a hair transplant to strengthen my hairline. I consulted with Dr. Parsa Mohebi and he came up with an estimate of 1000 grafts to fill in the corners of my hairline. Some opinions would be greatly appreciated. I have attached photos. Thanks.
  8. He is based in Los Angeles. I heard about him because he apperantly worked with Dr. Rassman and Dr. Rassman is apperantly respected in the field. I am in the process of scheduling more consultations with other doctors such as Dr. Mohebi here in LA.
  9. Hello, I have gone to a consultation with Dr. Jae Pak and wanted to know his reputation on this site before committing to anything. Has anyone ever had a procedure done by him? Were you satisfied? Thanks. I am a 27 years old with recession. He told me that he would recommend 800 grafts to fill in the corners of my hairline.
  10. Hello, I have gone to a consultation with Dr. Jae Pak about filling in the corners of my hairline and just wanted to know if anyone has any opinions on him. Thanks for your help.
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